Are black people progressive enough?

It seems like progressiveness is mostly white culture. Black people are absolutely the least progressive race. We can never have a true socialist revolution with black people ruining all our hard work. They need to be purged first

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progress is a spook

I agree

Let's just forget that the most widely known progressive activists / leftist groups were black. Nice b8 though

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more evidence that you can take a Zig Forumsyp out of Zig Forums but cant take Zig Forums out of the Zig Forumsyp. You're just a confused kid dealing with something way over your head.

Blackness is the site of ontological death for the bourgeois narrative of redemption, that is, progress.

BLM is mainly upperclass white liberals

Nah we need to purge Zig Forumsfags like you first

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Blacks are absolutely holding us back. They simply haven't evolved to our level and can never progress as much as whites. The most successful socialist countries are mostly white. Socialism/Leftism can never work with black people. Most leftists in America are white anyway and we would have been more successful if blacks weren't holding us back.

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Then what do you think of pic related?

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Definitely. Just look at the average black íQ. There isn't even one successful black country in the world. They are holding us back. They always ruin our hard work. We

When real revolution comes. Blacks, transgenders and every weak person holding us back will be purged.

When the revolution comes, all Zig Forums falseflaggers and shitposters will get the wall, starting with blackflag-poster

Yea. Unfortunately black people are a lost cause. I really tried but there's just no hope for them. They will always hold us back

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What country is that in?

Not America. Black people in America would rather kill each other and riot over shoes than actually rise up. They just hold us back here. There's absolutely no hope for them.

OMG so much this.
Negroids haven't been able to suppress their natural instinct to steal, so how can they live in our socialist utopia?

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A stance so retarded I actually want to start posting about settler colonialism and J. Sakai shit in a response to your retardation and fragility.
Yes blacks can be stupid and skeptical of outsiders but so can whites just as much if not moreso be hard to organize.
Shit thread OP. Study history

Blacks must destroy their culture so that they can better suck the mighty penis of Karl Marx.

Anyway there is no such thing as black anything, because race does not exist.

shouldn't you be jerking it to interracial cuck porn Zig Forums

I 100% agree. We will never have a real revolution or socialist utopia with lesser evolved blacks holding us back.

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Jewish Asian Hybrids would make the perfect politburo members of a one world communist utopia.

Sage and report

How do we make that happen? Most Asian women only like right wing white men

All the europeans are incredibly progressive.

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There is no such thing as race so asian Jewish hybrids are inevitable

Even though i appear to be a white girl. in fact i'm a black Jewish man. Race does not exist. The Universe is a social construct. Men get pregnant all the time. My aboriginal girlfriend is the daughter of the late Stephan Hawking. Communism is god.

Some are good. But most blacks overall hold us back. Socialism and leftism in America can only work with white people. But like 99% of leftists here are already white so we're on the right track

I'm sorry I haven't read enough, is that from Marx's capital or from Maos writings

I've had to give up on black people. We simply can't succeed with them.