This Futurology/Techbro shit is a stupid religion

I fucking hate these people, fucking cowards, too smart to believe in an afterlife or god but too cowardly to face the inevitably of death, watching the future of ecological collapse and the end of human civilization and praying to their god Elon Musk that he either whisk them away to another planet or make some magical technology to save them.

It’s revolting, it’s like one of those apocalyptic cults that form when civilizations die, except instead of it being supernatural it’s these dorks tightening their grip on their worship of capitalism, literally begging capitalists to descend from the heavens like gods and save them from their fate.

The saddest part is that, even if this somehow happened their “salvation” would simply be to serve as slaves or nourishment for the techno-capitalists.

Techbros are fucking pathetic, brainwashed class traitors

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What's the point of working for communism if it won't happen in our lifetime?

Epic self-fulfilling prophecy bro

Do you think putting on a flag will save you?

That's where you're wrong, meatsack.


Communism is technological.

No, they are just people who understand hard science because they decided to major in Chemistry, Biology, or Physics instead of in social studies.

Well in the postmodern frame objective reality and with that science is negated, technology no longueur is the result of knowledge but instead anthropomorphised "techno-magicians"

I would question your assertion that this is a organic formation of cults it seems that this might be part of directed effort of Brand management.

The "simulation hypothesis" is Christianity for techno-monks. The narrative of technological redemption, regardless of the variant, is deeply Christian, the socialist sort included.

anprim gang we out here doin bad shit unga bunga nigga

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t idiot who never looked into the science of this shit
It’s just protons, neutrons, and electrons. How is it so hard to wrap your hear around this idea?

There were people with physics degrees rushing to Chernobyl knowing what will happen in excruciating detail and still they did it because they believed homelessness shouldn't exist and you're bitching about some cringe you saw on normiebook or wherever, self criticise yourself.

I noticed there is a thread about Chernobyl, a TV series. Of course all that American shit is brain Ebola so I didn't even open it, but I can recommend the book Chernobyl prayer, by Svetlana Alexievich.

It's just interviews from people who stayed in the Belarus zone, I thought you people would like it. I don't know if it's in the book thread so I didn't add a file but it's easy to find .

But the Birthmark Devil lied too, I don't know if it was sabotage and people say it was but it seems too risky and far-off, the West would have covertly bragged if it was, I think.

But the shitty pizzaman did a lot of shit wrong and there were horrible crimes.
The show is fascist propaganda and I don't want to discuss it, I just recommended a book since Chernobyl's all the rage now.

Jesus fuck people really missed my fucking point, didn’t they? Obviously this isn’t against technological advancement you fucking retards, I’m talking about the dumb motherfuckers that suck the toes of Elon Musk and freak out over climate change yet are religiously adhered to capitalism and continued capitalist accumulation.

And I’m sorry, I really fucking am, but every single thing we do as an Industrial society comes with environmental costs, and if you believe the road to survival and, god, communism too is dependent on accelerating industrial development then you’re delusional and too fucking dogmatic with theory to be able to actually apply said theory to the present day.

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Wtf did this have to do with the techbro shit I’m talking about?

I feel this situation developed organically through the neoliberal end of history narrative that has convinced most people that capitalism cannot be superseded combined with the generation of wealth and industry capitalist society engages in

Really, is that why they’re begging for technology to give them immortal bodies and for people like Elon Musk to save the world? I’m sorry, did I break your delusion that magitek will save us?

So what theory and praxis would you recommend? Survivalism?

My point still stands, cringe shit on normiebook, that's just psyops, don't bother with that.
leftist=poor person who reads.
Sufficient but not necessary.

So I gave you a book recommendation and now I'm going to read some 能, but keep your mind off normiebook and this board is kinda shit too, but at least people talk about books, and it's Brezhnevite in its effortposting Norma, but I still support it because I'm romantic.

That's right and you know it, after the USSR caught Dutch Disease in the wake of the 1973 oil embargo, supporting it became idealism and still it was the right thing to do because Lenin lives Lenin lived Lenin will live and so on.

So maybe some hotpockets modulator or something will split the posts and put in the book thread, sorry but I don't want to bother, Lafargue aesthetics.

Only one is explicitly about communism but all of them can appeal to different sorts of people
I hope, I posted some of them in other threads but I want to keep it one post (or maybe 2 who knows just fuck mods)

Osterhammel - German autist historian, normie bourgie but well sourced for anyone interested in the Industrial Revolution and early globalisation. Not Marxian analysis but BIG, very useful for references and just makes you think, history is always useful

Copyultraleft licenses that prohibit reselling for profit and venture communism, basically required reading for Cockshottian praxis , since he's all the rage now.
Maybe spread it more and discussions about side projects, embryo parallel structure? It doesn't need physical space so you code people can have that as a clue, I posted the book in the FOSS thread too but didn't have time in the morning.

Statistical Mechanics, if you've read econophysics and liked it read this next.

And also an essay on 囲碁(go) , Lenin was for chess but there are dengoids and even maoists here, so there's that.

So, I'm off, be optimistic and at least read OP ,fuck the Spectacle.

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Socialism can’t exist without technology. The more technology their is the easier is to implement socialism. This is because socialism is a more advanced stage of history than capitalism.

Yes, it is physically possible for this to happen.

Most Anarco-Transhumanists don’t worship Musk, or even most people into tech.

good post anarcho-primitavist

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I didn't read
I just sort of jumped in here to shitpost and be on my way

get thee gone to a nunnery

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this is the only technology we need. pic related

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It's transecendalist, but that's not inherently christian, or impossible.

That's particularly stupid since Musk is a socialist, as in aiming at full communism socialist and having to be a capitalist instead of just being able to focus on the science, technology and engineering is handicapping his talents

Are there really people out there who see Musk having to be a capitalist to do high resource high tech skunkworks as a good thing?

This is a bit, yea?


Call them for what they are. Technognostics.

What the fuck. Are you Goebbels?

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He's literally only providing communism for the rich. The same thing they've always done.

Literally yes, survival is praxis for the future, at this point we just need to survive

Find the twitter thread where people were asking him about his political alignment
he's falgscgang

Do you think it means literally anything when a billionaire CEO says they’re a socialist? How smooth is your brain?

why the fuck should we care?

Musk obviously doesn't know what socialism even is, if I remember the tweets correctly