Soviet Cartoons

Just wanted to inform you that there are tons and tons of great soviet cartoons on the internet, a lot of them with English subtitles. They're all bizarre and artistic and great materials to make memes out of.
The beefball cat already has been a meme. He's from a soviet cartoon called "a kitten named Woof," which is brilliant.

Here's a list I found with a bunch of them:
It's easy to find way more by searching.

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Other urls found in this thread:ózsef_Attila-1905/Eszmélet/en/2024-ConsciousnessСражение_(мультфильм)'s_Nine_Old_Men

Thanks. The Soviets made some wicked stuff.

My mom grew up in Spain and lived some years under Franco but they did have TV from Eastern Europe and she remembers seeing Polish cartoons which she describes as surreal and absurd. I also recently found out Pat & Mat was Czechoslovak. And yeah there's a trove of socialist animation we don't even know about, sad when you think about it.

I vaguely remember seeing this as a kid for some reason. No idea how or why.

This was my childhood TBH. Mowgli, 38 Parrots, Carlson on the Roof, etc.

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Can't top this:


lmao the Soviets made Mangiafuoco / Stromboli even more Jewish than Walt Disney. Oof

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I'm gonna get you, Buratinoooo!

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lol holy shit. there's even a "no hope, just rope" scene where the character tries to neck himself in his living room because he is so alienated from his labor

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Adventures of captain Wrongel was the shit

That looks almost exactly like the sjw porky

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Where is this from, it looks like something made by the Situationists.

MGTOW episode:

Inferiority complex:

Gustavus. Hungarian cartoon series. Collection:

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Commodity fetishism episode:

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winnie the pooh was a soviet cartoon?


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this shit is great, we need to make some lefty original content out of this

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this is turning into a genuinely good thread, nice.

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While I loved the book and cartoon I've hated that butchered translation of a name.

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Is that Stalin?

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this is the cutest shit ever

I'm really sorry but Mr. Freeman is better, the Soviet cartoon with the Wolf was a bit fun too and there was a movie with an owl and a hedgehog I liked a lot as a kid, can't find it.

through our new soviet memes we will bring the workers' revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How could you forget about Nu Pogodi! ??

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Nice, I had given up on the hope that anyone listens to Schnittke

Well no, but they had their own version

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let's cut to the chase:

He's not depressive enough for my snowflakeism but still I have all his music, thanks anyway.

And because this is a cartoon thread:

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Oh yeah, Pat & Mat

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Cat City. Considered by many to be the best of socialist-era Hungarian animation. According to IMDb, it is the 11th best animated movie as of April, 2017. The film opens with a Star Wars style text scroll:

The film is a parody of several famous feature films, mainly the James Bond series. The main plot is about a special spy who is sent to the city of "Pokyo" to get the secret plan of a machine which could save the mouse civilization. Of course, the cats don't want this to happen, and send some rat gangsters to stop him, who don't always prove as efficient as their presentation showed. The movie enjoyed a cult status in many former socialist countries.

Sexy catwomen:

War scenes:

[RUS/HUN] full version:
English subtitle for torrent:

If you can link the English dubbed version, please do.

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Apparently this movie is responsible for the creation of anime

Actually existing soviet anime

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Not really, but it was still important. Miyazaki was about to abandon animaton because he wasn't satisfied with it. Then he saw this movie.
We gotta thank this movie for Porco Rosso, Nausicaa and all other Miyazaki movies.

Here are some cartoons form soviet satirical show "Fitil"

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Very neat animation style, somewhat jarring, but pretty cool.

It's rotoscoping

it's not soviet but it's funny

Hungarian sounds badass.

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I watch Soviet cartoons too.
greetings from /monarchy/

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Soviet animation is a great way to radicalize man children and neckbeard boards like /tg/ and /co/, whose member greatly praise them and how art was incentivized in the USSR since most of them are sick and tired of the bullshit that monolithic corporations constantly do to their hobbies.

Praise be to Soyuzmultfilm for showing us proper praxis towards snek.

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oh man I remember watching this movie over and over again as kid, it was fucking amazing. Watching it as an adult is even better though, there are a bunch of jokes I could have never understood as kid. I fucking love this movie, it definitely deserves more credit.

of course this gets made into porn

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Well, thank you. It's one of the hardest languages around but the most aesthetically pleasing one as well:
1) reading:
2) eng. translation:ózsef_Attila-1905/Eszmélet/en/2024-Consciousness

I heard that this movie was highly acclaimed, translated and broadcast in Iran for its "correct" representation of imperialist politics, lol.

haha, this reminds of an old Army joke in the USSR about how if an officer wanted to be tough he would force his soldiers to repeat orders in Hungarian. I can't remember the way it was written out though, sorry.

I own a copy of that on Disc that were made in the 90s.

If you have the English dubbed version, plz upload it to some site and share it!

There's an old Soviet cartoon I used to watch as a kid, about a mule who carries water from a hill. If anyone has a link please hook me up.

Sorry its only in Russian. Also copyrighted. so insta-delet

We had a discussion about that movie four years ago. An important question was raised:
Another question: In the English version there was an absolutely horrendous ear-rape song ("Pussy Talk"). Is the original song also like that?

Who sang that?! There definitely wasn't anything I could call ear-rape that I remember, let alone something names in such a vulgar fashion, soviet censorship would never have allowed it.

Just checked, it doesn't say anything like that in the original.

i dont know if any of these were already posted but there was a mini class on this taught by russian language grad students and thats where i watched most of these. ill try to skip ones from the OP's playlist, but any others ill probably miss.
The Glass Harmonica (Стеклянная гармоника, 1968) by Andrei Khrzhanovsky
Hedgehog in the Fog
Interplanetary War, 1924
a scifi playlist
inclufding contact, a surrealist story that basically has john lennon as the main character meeting the blob from a boy and his blob
this piece is an antiwar one about an automated tank
silly spying propaganda
anti imperial and capital ones
captain pronin the cool USSR cop
there are more of pronin and you can find them just by searching the name
cultural stop motion
animation made from a stephen king short story
antiracist cartoon
baba yaga stuff
vini pooh
the butterfly
the return
forward march, time! (poem by mayakovsky)

some reviews and more links

i see someone posted polygon up a ways. i love that particular animator. anyways im looking for one we watched in class that described 4 hour automated work days and people having personal jet packs and dancing in the sky but haven't found it since

It's been a while. It was a female cat in I think a bar or casino.
And the song's name is repeated in singing and also displayed in the end credits. Pussy happens to be another word for cat, so the meaning flew over kids' heads.

That's not surprising. Am I the only one here who saw the English dub?

I know but its still obvious to an adult what the allusion is.


Vuk, a.k.a. The Little Fox:


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If you want to understand the utter cultural degeneration the regime change wrought compare the above linked masterpiece made under socialism with its follow up made under capitalism:
This abortion of a movie holds 2,2/10 on IMDB and held the top position for a while on the "100 worst movies ever made" list on the site. It received extremely negative criticism from its Hungarian audience, which was mainly disappointed by the film's failure to capture the style and spirit of the original 1981 film. Made in 2008 it uses completely outdated CGI, ridden with plot holes, stupid characters, gratuitous rapping, etc. The movie makers were involved in a corruption scandal as well: where did the millions go that were invested into this shit? It's budget is like 10x more of the above linked original.

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Similarly, Cat City has a disappointing follow up made after the regime change. The humor, the spirit, the enthusiasm is gone, the original hand drawn quality is replaced with computer animation… You can find the Russian dubbed version here:
Eng subbed version here:

But don't take this as a recommendation.

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this is the original, I fucking love it but that might be because of the nostalgia overdose that it gives me.

Do you know the name of that slavic cartoon with a cat in a yellow/blue spacesuit, flying around?

Holy fuck just watched this, I wish I knew about this sooner, thanks comrade

Jan Švankmajer has to be in the list of the top 20 artists 20th century communist countries produced.
Et Cetera:
Dimensions of dialogue: (the third act of this is the funniest thing ever)

From his feature films I recommend his Alice:
Probably the creepiest and most frightening Alice adaptation out there.

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The Pied Piper (1985) by Jiří Barta is a feature animation in Medieval setting showing how the money abstraction and production for trade corrupts society entirely. The movie won several awards.

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Has anyone posted Shooting Range/Tir yet?

Initially it seems really un-nuanced (albeit well animated) but after the premise is established, animating capitalist life as this absurd arbitrary dance around things that can suddenly kill/ruin you, the metaphor becomes sort of striking.

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Reminds me ofСражение_(мультфильм)


Soviet foxes
>"The Tails":

>"The gift for the weakest":
>"Good Enough":
About Sidorova Vova is a very amusing cartoon.

Where exactly did the meme of Eastern Bloc animation being this terrible come from? I see this shit from time to time, is it just like the food meme? From what I've seen, it was on par or better than what was made in the west.

ngl I want to fuck that female rat though

everything socialist bad


It's a dumb joke about everything socialist being bad. the art style used in the show is also clearly referring to abstract realism that was used in the USSR often.

that's because the left hasn't done anything worth a damn. we have to go back to the past in order to find nice gems

In general, it was just too avant-garde for western audiences hence all the "Worker and Parasite" type jokes about it.

Everyone does, comrade.


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Why is this thread so fucking dead?

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Now in color

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Mind the steps!

This red army guy needs to become a new meme tbh

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Zhil byl pes is the classic

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I loved that cartoon. The songs sung in Ukrainian in it are beautiful

Ёжик в тумане is apparently meant to be good: my Russian ex recommended it.

soviet cartoons were shit

japanese anime is the penultimate form of artwork and it's largely funded by private means


here you go

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It's considered a classic soviet multfilm and is the subject of many jokes and memes like pic related

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The five stages of masturbation


if you actually fucking knew anything and weren't a revisionist tankie you would know that disney inspired japanese artists and they even pay tribute to them in Little Witch Academia's_Nine_Old_Men

Notice how you guys are salivating over little stick figures and fucking rotoscoped uncanny valley HORSESHIT

look how fucking desperate and insecure you niggers are.. there has literally been a million times more art created by markets than any other means

you guys are literally boomer tier


if you actually fucking knew anything and weren't a revisionist tankie you would know that disney inspired japanese artists and they even pay tribute to them in Little Witch Academia's_Nine_Old_Men

Notice how you guys are salivating over little stick figures and fucking rotoscoped uncanny valley HORSESHIT

look how fucking desperate and insecure you niggers are.. there has literally been a million times more art created by markets than any other means

you guys are literally boomer tier


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It's really great

"He is considered by many to be not just the best animator of his era, but the best of all time" - Washington Post

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