Va*ro*ush *V* actually is anti idpol and a pretty based youtuber tbh, although he comes off a bit arrogant at times.

In his video on incels he shits on the IDPOL left pretty hard,

hes also done a degree in sociology so he knows idpol leftism in and out and is sick of it, so less of a chance he will get sucked into IDPOL like some leftypol-originating content creators

What do you say user, is Vaush the hero we deserve?

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Not sure how anti-idpol you think he is
He has taken a stance against "class-reductionism" and said that intersectionality is beneficial
He's anti-idpol in a Nietzschean sense not a Marxist/DiaMat sense
Besides that he is an okay gateway leftist, better than destiny is nowadays in terms of rhetoric


I watched my last Destiny video after his latest debate with Hasan.
Cringed so fekkin hard. Not sure what the fuck is wrong with him, but I suspect it's some petty shit like him getting assblasted that Hasan is becoming a more popular streamer than him.

Either way, Vaush is cool.

Forgot shitposting flag

Are we literally at the point where just not being racist and homophobic is now idpol? God channers are animals

He's still got a heavy liberal take on things.
Trying to find where his take on socialism was "when the economy is run by worker's co-ops".

He outright agrees with several stances that originate in accepting the primacy of identity, and very rarely relates it back to class.
This right here is identity politics.

Destiny is playing one hundred million dimensional chess and converting people to socialism by making them cringe at his shitty petty-bourgeois takes.

Someone just make a General for Youtubers and e-celebs already.

theres always something

Class comes first, nigger

Where did he say that lol? "Class Reductionism" is a snarl word predominately used against Marxists who attempt to apply HisMat correctly by Liberals, completely removed from it's original usage among Marxists themselves, and stripped of any meaning. I sincerely don't hope you think that Intersectionality has any theoreticaly value and consider yourself a Marxist. It has tactical value for attempting to introduce more progressive liberals into Marxism by using their own logical processes against them to point out the contradictions, but it's inherently idealist and is fundamentally a liberal framework incompatible with HisMat. Intersectionality quite literally cannot even produce a coherent worldview nor does it have any structural or historical explanatory power (all of it that claims to is lifting it from Leftism), it's at best a marginal tool to be used strategically. Please learn what Social Reproduction Theory is and realise that for over a hundred years, various Marxists of marginalized identities have been giving Marxist analyses of Race, Gender and other social categories, and that we do not need something produced by a Liberal working in Critical Legal Theory as some kind of shibboleth when it can't even explain where Social Relations come from. That poster said nothing about being racist or homophobic and the fact that you jumped to that being your first implication means you're either baiting (yeah, have a you idgaf) or haven't actually explored the theoretical depth of Marxism as much as you should have.

Pretty fun to watch but he likes "free markets" and said he siad he won't debate MLs because muh holololdomor

Where did anyone imply otherwise? Retard.

Not everyone can be the perfect leftist youtuber like pic-related is

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he sais he's a pansexual

whats the problem with that statement?

who the fuck cares



Vaush sexually harassed two girls, sent one of them what looked like a dick pic after being told specifically not to, and caused the other to starve herself for two days. Once they started to sound the alarm he deliberately tried to intimidate them into keeping quiet. Whatever his politics are, he's a disgusting human being and should be ostracized from every community he's in.

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Starved someone for two days?