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also forgot to add: polygamy to produce the maximal number of white babies

To be fair, Mormon theology is extremely Hegelian, namely the idea of people ascending to godhood due to their increased rationality and righteousness.

Mormons have been welcoming nogs into the fold since the 90s if not earlier

It's definitely the most square / whitebread religion of them all, but paradoxically Mormons are a bit more open to other cultures than evangelical Christians because of their missionary work, so their foreign language skills are a bit better, and combined with them being extremely square makes them ideal secret police agents.

There are some quirks in their religion that makes them a bit more open to immigrants and refugees as well, since they were refugees at one point and fought a brief war with the U.S. federal government. Ammon Bundy, the right-wing militia guy, recently denounced white nationalists because of their hatred of refugees. Ammon's name actually comes from the people of Ammon who were refugees in the Book of Mormon who were taken in and protected by the Nephites in the land of Jershon. The people of Ammon later welcomed refugees from other lands in a "pay it forward" kind of thing.

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yeah but 97% of mormons are still Hwiter than jared taylors ass

That's very Mormon. He doesn't see migrants as entities of another "state" but as a group of families.

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Smith was allegedly highly influenced by German Idealism in his later years.

You never watched The Mormon Jesus cartoon?


This tbh, Mormons are not christians.

Also they basically think indigenous Americans and Polynesians are descended from the "Lamanites" (aka ancient Israelites whose skin was made darker, as noted in first post) and that these peoples will eventually end up allying with the Mormons when the US government falls, so that they can set up a theocracy under the true (Mormon) church.

The Mormons also had limited "communistic" (obviously not in the Marxist sense) experiments, such as the United Order, although such experiments were relatively common in the 19th century, not unique to Mormonism.

Ex-mormon gone communist

Mormon businessmen are some of the biggest scum you'll ever meet.

Where do I sign up?

Why did you leave the Church, if the Church is (allegedly) so in-line with Zizekian Leninism?

Notice how you said allegedly? These people support mitt Romney. Dont confuse some of their idealized ideology for there actual political practices.

LDS is an extremely Hegelian religion though. It's literally the only religion which makes any philosophical sense from a Hegelian perspective.

What the fuck does this even mean.

I was raised as a mormon. The church's failure to live up to the united order is what made me question religion, and leave to become a communist.

How accurate is this cartoon?

I'm a mormón but the church isn't as monolithic as it appears to be, American members are still the leading force but it's impossible to be spread around the world without getting influenced too.


Not that user but there's a podcast called Naked Mormon, where it goes over the history and mythology of the religion. The video is 99% accurate, they really do believe proto-scientology shit.

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Joe Smith's concept of God changed. God in the Book of Mormon isn't the same god as described in the Book of Abraham/Pearl of Great Price. God in the BoM is just the typical Protestant Xtian god, singular and trinitarian and all that. God in the later writings is more akin to Hegel's god but not quite. No doubt Smith changed his conception of God in order to please the Freemasons since it reads like a complete distortion of Freemasonry (Freemasons believe in some kind of "great builder" but it's not like the Mormon god at all).

The video is somewhat accurate. The main things wrong about it, are mormons don't claim that jesus was married that I know of. Also, mormons believe the curse of black skin happened to people because of sins that happened on earth, not in pre-earth life.

Other then that, it gets pretty much everything right. I will note, that almost all this shit is kind of deep down in the doctrine. On the surface it is a fairly normal protestant type religion, and these days they really don't actively teach stuff like this until you join.

They also believe that God forgave black people, and they can now be priests etc, luckily for the church, god happened to become okay with black people right around the time the church was taking a lot of heat for their horrific views on race lol. I fully expect within the next 50 years that god will change his mind on women and gays too if the social pressure on the church continues.

Yeah one of the "benefits" of Mormonism is that their President of the Church is regarded as a "prophet, seer, and revelator," as are his associates in the Council of the Twelve.

So they are able to account for doctrinal differences over time by simply arguing that God told one of the prophets to change things up.


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It's pretty funny how this is pretty much the same bait they use to get male arab virgins to die for america.