Why life on the earth became so unbearable after 2012? 2013,2014,2015 and etc… were so awful holy shit

Why life on the earth became so unbearable after 2012? 2013,2014,2015 and etc… were so awful holy shit.
Job and emplyment and healthcare quality significantly dropped
Food and commodity quality also dropped
After 2012 nothing of significant came out, and everything that was nice and enjoyable started to die
Books, movies, TV, websites, music even imageboards..everything became so dull
Ganergate, rise of SJW, Alt-Right and other shit started to kill what was entertaining with their idpol

Why did it happen? Was there any economic crisis or just it happen all of a sudden

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The world ended in 2012 and your soul moved to a new universe without you even knowing and now you're in hell

every day, the 20th century is buried by a little bit more stuff

Thats probably best answer ever ool

crisis of capitalism that culminated in the 08 recession
neoliberal reforms prevented complete collapse in 70s but slowly failed leading to '08

Along with that we're now facing climate crisis of our own making along with major resource shortages that constrain capitalism and make the ongoing crisis worse

I don't doubt the world is getting worse, I just feel like this feeling is just part of growing up. 2007 is my personal "everything after this sucks" year.

What collapse are you talking about? I've never heard of a collapse in the 70s. Are you talking about the oil crisis?

dubs of truth

he is probably talking about the crisis of profitability

I assumed he was talking about the stagflation crisis

It's called the post 2008 recession.

Recently watched a video from the Bank of International Settlements (yeah I'm that guy) and a few bankers quite calmly said it smiling, they also mentioned it's worse than the great depression.

It's actually rather depression how few views their videos get considering that they regulate the global financial system.


Nick Land actually predicted that the first stage of the inevitable apotheosis of self-directed capital would happen in 2012, so get your qualia adaptors ready because poisoned Singularity is coming your way.

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Pretty sure user is describing Thatcher and Reagan hand over to capitalists. Adam Curtis has a good documentary called the Mayfair Set which details it. Highly recommended.

For me it is 2000, it's my honorary year of the 90s. However the more I look back to the 90s the lower opinion I have of it. Capitalism however used to work better back then even if wages weren't keeping up with cost of living, it's just now the gap is so much wider.

I remember when my parents jobs used to have christmas parties, bonuses, picnics, and even field trips. Little shit that (espcially for people without degrees, like my parents are) doesn't happen anymore.

I am starting to hate nostalgia.

things are just getting more dull, emotionless, meaningless, disconnected, distant and superficial and i'm pretty sure that's not my own personal delusions

For me its 2016. My life is good right now personally but I cant deny that from 2016 onwards the multiple political and ecological crises resulting from capitalism have accelerated greatly. Shit ain't gonna get better, it's gonna get worse. I remember as a naive college kid thinking that life was going to be awesome in the future but now it looks like it will be a battlefield. Truly the chaos timeline.

For me, things have always been unbearably bad, because I've always lived in abject poverty. Personally, life is probably better than it has been overall since I'm not a pathetic NEET anymore, but I can't deny that the world as whole is absolute shit. Any time I start to reminisce about better times, I remember those were times of my life heavily dominated by poverty and drugs, and any comfort I felt was the consequence of my own naivety. 2016 is when things seemingly became worse, but that's only because I became politically conscious in that year. Otherwise, if you've been sufficiently poor and oppressed, I think it has always been as bad as it is now.

Politics as a coping mechanism for dissatisfaction and unhappiness is a recipe for disaster. Spend some time working your shit out and then come back to politics.

2017 I started making $10k a month making youtube videos everything has been significantly better for me since

Separating the personal from political is ridiculous.

The personal is political (although not straightforwardly so), which is precisely why using politics as an outlet for your dissatisfaction or unhappiness is fucking dumb.

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This. Trying to separate the two is claiming that politics isn't part of why your life is the way it is

Politics is only a small part of why your life is the way it is.

It's a huge part of why your life is what it is. Are you some kind of hippie liberal or something?

v. thoughtful post. very big

What the fuck do you think politics even is? Doing politics won't make you happy or fulfilled, so if that's what you're trying to get out of politics you're just going to end up wrecking any org you're a part of.

Lmao, misunderstood the point. Thought he meant that politics didn't affect ones' lives in any significant way. My bad

every aspect of your life is political. your schooling is/was political, your job is political, your food is political, roads and powerlines are political. why would anyone bother following it otherwise, unless they think it's a fucking debate club or something.


That's an exceptionally stupid way of understanding the world. Every aspect of your life is social, but not all social relations are political relations. If you reduce all social relations to their political implications, then you're left with a useless conception of social change as entirely depending on popular will.

Work on that reading comprehension, r*tard

Social being is constructed within political relations; you're reduced to the same error you're criticizing if you believe one precedes the other.

No it isn't. How tf is social being constructed within political relations? Do you think that a committee came together one day and decided how society would operate?
Clearly politics has an effect on society, but it's beyond retarded to say that social relations don't precede political relations. Also, this argument is shitty and circular; you can't make substantial claims about society if neither precedes the other.

inb4 "muh dialectics"

Read Marx you dumb piece of shit. Actually read the shit written; not just what you think it says.

That's not an argument, you stupid Hegelian fuck. I have read Marx. How about you read Marx? Your dualistic conception of the relation of politics to society is dumb and un-Marxist.

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Obama let radlibs run his second term and alienated a lot of people with idpol which created a polarized an environment that allowed Trump to win the 2016 election. You can only trample and spit on people so much before there's backlash.

I don't know what country you are from OP, but in Australia, 2012 was the turning point. We lagged behind the rest of the world in the GFC. In 2007-08 we had a succdem government that actually tried to counteract the depression by giving everyone a $900 handout and public works projects.

By 2012, interest in these projects was fading and the government started cutting back. Meanwhile, the private sector cut back on jobs heavily in 2012.

Then in 2013 we had a change of government to the conservatives. They cut back further on public sector jobs, there were to be next to no graduate programs moving forward.

So in Australia, 2012 was like 2008 in America.

marx is a spook

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"Social being is constructed within political relations; you're reduced to the same error you're criticizing if you believe one precedes the other ``because`` both appear immanent to the existence of the subject ``as`` history".

Holy shit you're fucking retarded. You're literally doing what Marx is criticizing in his Theses on Feuerbach; you're taking society, dividing it into political and social parts, and by claiming that social being is constructed by political relations, you're taking the political sphere to be superior to the rest of civil society.

You're projecting your belief that I can't distinguish between the two and that because of that the reproduction of society must necessarily take place at some point prior to the existence of one or the other, despite one determining and being determined by the other.

Literally, you've been reduced to the same error you're criticizing. Do you even understand the criticism posed by Marx in your own post

My claim is that not all social relations are political relations, retard. I'm not reducing one to the other, *you are*. The reproduction of society isn't political, it's social.

didn't Lenin also talk about how politics is only an extension of economics? Or am I completely fucked up rn?

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I can't stand the trash rad lib idpolers are making now. It's reached levels of bland and cringe worthy that I didn't even think were possible. I miss games with depth and lots of content. I miss shows and tv shows that didn't try to subvert expectations.

And you know what I really miss fanservice. I didn't give a crap about fanservice when there was a lot of it (in fact I was happy when they toned down the ridiculous huge tits from the dragon age 2 demo) but now that they've purged sex appeal from modern entertainment I just really miss it. It's like if they banned apples or something. Even if you didn't like apples that much you'd start craving some eventually and just gets worse because you can't get any.

You know what I also miss when there was a large variety of websites and different communities to visit. I miss when the Internet was more free. Zig Forums during gamergate was the last website that had this feel of being free and open. The whole thing is depressing. I've stopped searching for new media or looking forward to new games. I'm just working my way through a massive backlog and hoping things get better in the future. rant over.

There are more important problems to deal with the entertainment but it still sucks.

gamers rise up: the post

What did I say that offended you so much?

Austerity, Privatization, and Deregulation of this shit. Combined with more people seeking these resources and corporations colluding to jack up prices.

Don’t know about that

I noticed that this year. Stuff doesn't last at all. Shit built in the 2000s was always bad but it just seems way worse. A lot of stuff that use to break in like 5 years now breaks in like one. I mean I can't seem to buy shoes that don't develop holes after 3 months anymore. I've tried 3 different brands. It's really pissing me off now that I think of it.

Yeah, and that's generally the take of most political economists. Marx, on the other hand, was a critic of political economy.

Bruh, Those were questions that I posed to you, they weren't claims I was making. Stop being retarded.

The unstated premise of your question is not the same as your criticism; you aren't paying attention to what's written. The fact that political relations appear prior to the existence of the individual signifies that social relations are determined prior according to the political ones.
This is quite literally the logic of a bourgeois democratic society.

The fact that individuality appeared after the appearance of the political state doesn't imply that individuality is somehow unique to it. This is the kind of shitty conclusions that dialectical reflection on the existing state of things tends to lead you to.
Right. And that's precisely the logic that you've been defending. You aren't paying attention to what you've written. The idea that social relations are determined by political relations is a fundamentally bourgeois one. A belief that legislators have a (more or less) unrestricted creative power over society is common to most of bourgeois thought, fam.

If this is true, could it be that increased competition and lowered profits have forced producers to cut quality/up the planned obsolesence in the past decade? My shit also breaks fast, but I can't tell whether it's been getting worse or whether I've just become more aware of shitty production standards and business practices.

I think so. The amount of gouging going on is just getting ridiculous. The inflation is out of control too but it never gets mentioned on the news.

my shitty converse sneakers always fall apart after a year… you're telling me it used not to be this way?

My shoes to last a couple years. Now they get rips and tears after a coupe months. They aren't even the same brand sneakers and they aren't cheap. I've just given and I'm walking around with holes in my shoes. I can't afford to pay 60 dollars for a pair of shoes every 3 months.