What is the counter argument everytime a poltard barks "despite being 13 percent of the population…"

what is the counter argument everytime a poltard barks "despite being 13 percent of the population…"

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why would you want to defend niggers? Blacks have no place in a communist state. Most of them cant understand the concepts of socialism. The revolution will be for the multicultural class of workers but africans will not prevail in that system as they will be enemies of the revolution.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Zig Forumsacks and other reactionary degenerates are overrepresented in mass-killing sprees and should, according to their own logic, be killed/deported en masse to preserve the good society.

Weak b8 m8

That's exactly the entire point. Under capitalism, the bastards descendants of proud Southern Aristocrats are nothing more than crazed black highland rednecks drunk on honour culture. That one drop of Cavalier semen in slave-Jezebel's cunt cleanly didn't have enough good genes, did it?

But the great problem lies when you compare Gaborone, Botswana with Detroit, Michigan. Botswana was a country where three dikgosi personally convinced Queen Victoria to spare theme from Cecil Rhodes. I'm not sure if Tyrone's ancestors were ever given a chance to parley with Jefferson Davis or even Thomas Jefferson, weren't they? Really makes you think.

TL; DR: The niggers commit crime because THEY are whitey too.

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This seems to make the claim that "understanding" happens in the skin. May I point out that the color of the organ that is actually responsible for this is gray-ish

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nogs have 15% less cranial capacity than Europeans and their brains are less complex as well

This post has Satan's blessings.

Wow, totally missed the point.
It's not black and white, it's grey.

Ridicule them for not understanding socio-economic conditions.

If these retards cared so much about Autism Level or crime stats, they'd just send all the criminals and brainlets to Liberia and establish a mulatto ethno-state. Of course, they don't, because it's all feelz>realz bullshit.

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gonna give an actual answer
segregation made dark-skinned people live in their own communities separated from other people, and since they have been historically disadvantaged and discriminated against their neighbourhoods are way too often crime-ridden shitholes. on top of cia planting drugs and the police targeting dark-skinned people regularly it's not strange how these communities suffer and how bad this affects the development of the children.
right-wingers say that the reason is because dark-skinned culture is toxic and we should make marriages stable again, but it is obvious how capitalism and poverty have caused dark-skinned people great suffering.

The fact that they’re over-policed, most crimes committed in black communities are against other black people, that legal systems are designed to destroy black communities, that the state financial and housing system keeps black people impoverished with the judicial system acting in tandem, etc.

The CIA flooded the US with drugs specifically to give a pretense to aggressive policing of black communities. Historically the US state has engaged in state terror to keep black communities in poverty and filled with crime, COINTELPRO and the War on Drugs are good examples of this.

ITT sheltered white boys that understand how porky fucks them in particular but no literally nothing about the US government’s active repression of black communities.

Once again this board proves that they’re literally a single step above Zig Forums degeneracy

make the statement that cops in the US make up 40% of the spousal abuse cases. I'm not sure if that's the actual number, but look into it. Cops Abuse Their Wives

The most reactionary posts here are literally usually Zig Forums false-flaggers.

what's the point of counterargumenting him? do you think he'll suddenly stop being a shithead if you whip out a voxsplainer?

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I unfortunately don't remember the name, but there was a French book on a similar subject, and all the paramilitary torturers in Algeria really did a number on their families when they came running back to France.

"kulaks made up 80% of GULAG prisoners, and the rest were reactionaries like you"

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there is no biological definition for race, so this fact is blatantly false since it's not even something science could investigate. If anyone studied this, it could only be true for a specific community with an actual definition, nationality, for instance.

To add to this, everything that makes "dark-skinned culture" toxic is just what makes the culture of people in poverty toxic (sex outside marriage, single parents, too many kids, bad education, etc.)
Also research shows that being under financial strain lowers your Autism Level. There was a specific study that showed if people received a fine that they can't afford, their Autism Level goes down by about 13 points, which is also around the difference in average Autism Level of whites and blacks.


Is this not symptomatic of the general right-wing blackmail? They expect world-changing projects to reap what the rightists themselves have sown, and then they tell us that we cannot do enough to stop the wars which result! The lengths which they will go to in order to make their beloved worlds real are sickening.

Who could've guessed that blacks and national socalists have so much in common

Kids raised in single mother homes have repeatedly been demonstrated to be more likely to drop out of school, end up with lower Autism Level and become delinquents; basically all the exact problems afflicting blacks in the USA. The rate of single motherhood among blacks is way higher than the national average, something like 70+% percent vs 40%. It all checks out and seems like the most likely explanation.

ask them about people starting wars or dropping atomic bombs etc

Not really, it's a city maintained by neo-imperialism. At the same time a lot of African countries have crime statistics that are just not reliable, that even goes for homicide. You have to live in a really small information bubble to not know this

Despite making up 38% of the population, the right wing makes up 78% of all domestic terrorism


Blacks hold us back and they will be the first to be purged when the communist revolution happens.

Blacks are less evolved than whites.

What if they respond to this by making some vague claim of biological essentialism? Once I had someone tell me that blacks commit more crime because they had more melanin and biologists link that to aggression in most animals, I just called him a dumbass and to kys himself but i'm not sure that was the best counter argument.

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1) Poverty causes crime not race.
2) In every instance it is cheaper to educate/rehabilitate than engage is genocide
2) Men committ way more crime than women, should they all be genocided?

Women have killed more humans than men ever did via abortion, should women be genocided?

How does it warrant racial purge/discrimination? If Eugenics is implemented, the only logical outcome would be to "unperson"/kill stupid people, for example, 80% of niggers and 70% of whites (which include the poster of the argument).

If we are not going to implement such a radical plan (the poster probably does not, seeing he didn't kill himself yet), it is wholly irrelevant.

Blacks are much less evolved and way more primitive that's why they commit more crimes and act like animals. They have never been able to evolve to the same level as whites. They have absolutely no place in a communist society

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Blacks still have no business in white countries.

inb4 there's no white countries

Ummmmmmmm….. Yeah?

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What does it mean? Immigration? Sure, Communism is against uncontrollable move of masses of people, particularly across the border. People who are there already one way or the other? Trying to evict them/kill them would likewise provide no benefit, and probably ruin society, if not collapse it into civil war and desintegration, in American case.

I'm sorry but the core of america is still white people.

If you remove all the foreigners, the country would still function normally, it's gonna be rough a bit like when the USSR dies, but it's not gonna collapse as long as it has its stock.

And this is what the USSR did/supported:

Surprise, it fucking works. The USSR didn't collapse because the local germans were expelled.


the cherrypicking tho
t.mad injun

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Blacks are not foreigners, at least, not significantly more than whites, seeing as Majority of slave trade predates the spike of European immigration.
They are not segregated from the rest.
There are no ruling interests that would benefit from their purge.

Nice picture dude.

Uh yeah, they fucking are.

Blacks live in ghetto or heavily mixed cities (who are flooded with a large amount of foreigners regardless).

If you expel the foreigners, blacks naturally go with them.

And no, they did not create the US and their "culture" is actually funded by jews and/or CIA.

I'd much rather live in Cahokia or Poverty Point than a rat infested medieval European city where they drank the same water that they shat and pissed in.

OK, feel free to do so.

European medieval cities are the best among the world next to chinese medieval cities and japanese medieval cities.

There is no counter argument. Face the facts bro

These we wuz kangz memes are incredibly ironic because they're yakub tier historical revisionism themselves. Native Americans had extremely complex societies 2000 years ago.

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Where were all the steel swords, armors, walls and siege engines that actual advanced civilizations (Europe & Asia) possessed?

As per usual

I'm sorry what?

Advanced siege engines, weapons and structures are examples of great feat of engineering.

How is it "Age of Empires"?

They didn't spend time inventing more efficient ways to murder each other because they weren't yakubite subhumans

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Aksually, they just cut open people with knife instead, because that is simpler and less brutal, am I right?

The fact their weapons aren't advanced enough speaks volumes on the degree of their "civilization".

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Yeah, they just fought like men instead of engineering death devices, that is what i'm saying. Go get skin cancer yakubite.

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Yo, they still have those pesky knives and spears though.

Get rid of that.

Real men fight with fists only.

It's Age of Empires because you think having epic deus vult knights is the only mark of civilization.

Mayans constructed advanced structures and large cities back when everyone in Europe sans the Romans (BASED snowniggers and vodkaniggers) lived in mud huts. They had an advanced grasp of mathematics, astronomy, science and established intricate logistics despite never having invented the wheel. They had a greater civilization than 80% of the old world at the time.

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They couldn't even invent the wheel. They had sticks and mudhuts. They're incapable of evolving to the same level as whites and others

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So where were the siege weapons at?
Which explains why they did not do anything with these "science" and make vehicles or even a wagon.

Yeah, sure, m8.

What's strange about this is that there are people who take posts like this seriously.

You have such a eurocentric idea of what a civilization is supposed to be that you cant even see or acknowledge the advancement of other civilizations.
Hell this doesn't even use the right type of hut for native americans. The only hut style even remotely close are Cherokee mud huts. At least change the pic with this so you don't look so damn ignorant. For someone who harps about our inferiority you don't even know the first thing about us.

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Why not, it's literally true.

The funny thing is calling colonialism "exploiting" the people.

Without colonialism, there wouldn't be millions of africans.

Yeah, man, those rice farmers in Vietnam didn't have guns, SAM and tanks supported by the USSR and China.

Literally just spears and bamboos, literally.

The exact same thing with Angola.


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My third eye tells me that would be hard to have much use in place that horses went extinct before human civilization existed there.

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You can use buffalo, cow or literally anything that moves and eat grass.

Or hell, human can carry it.

A spear is a sharpened rock on the end of a stick, siege weapons are an indication of rumination and inventiveness with the activity of murder, and any race that would do that is clearly inferior, sociopathic, neurotic, aggressive, and should be removed form any civilized society.

That's a real funny line of thinking.

A siege weapon is just a machine to lop rock. Huge, huge fucking rocks.

It shows the genuine of mankind.

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Siege weapons imply applied complex engineering and mathematics.

So yeah.

Then punch them in the fucking face and beat them into unconsciousness, idk why do you care about these retards?

What if he shoots you instead?

Except they wouldn't have much use. Horses are used since they can walk long distance in short amount of time.
As for bulls, I think we both can see why it's a bad idea. Certainly completely untamed ones. Ceasar in his writing while traveling in Europe wrote of wild bulls as dangerous animals of unprecedented strength.
That wouldn't really be efficient.

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They would, buffalo and cows serve fine as labor beasts, not as good as horse but better than humans.
It would be more efficient than carrying all that shit by hand.


You people are slimy, you hold so many different viewpoints simultaneously because none of your viewpoints make sense, so you need intellectual counterbalances in the form of contradicting opinions.

It was on the internet, I woulda done that in real life though lmao.

I'd just stomp them into unconsciousness once they're down.

How is it contradiction of opinion?

Can you tell me animals that can lop a rock as huge as a trebuchet?

Lmao Mayo savages only think in terms of murder 😹

That's what advanced civilization actually think about yeah.

Because when you kill your enemies, you can defend yourself and your civilization.

wtf i'm an anprim now

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OK, yeah.

Lmao no, that’s what happens when you have a savage barbaric culture that’s attuned to nothing but non-stop warfare for millennia like goddamned animals

Even when blacks had vastly superior numbers they were absolutely dominated by whites in war combat.

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You’re literally a fucking loser trying to make up for your inadequacy by repping barbaric savages that found it easy to kill unarmed people

Hahaha KANGZ

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Africans are absolutely subhuman.

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Lmao is that supposed to be a response? Like I said, fucking loser repping some sociopathic barbarians.

You look at serial killers and torturers and see that as some really advanced shit? Lmao, bet you’re a fucking hideous slug

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You are sort of right, they used slaves, but mostly canoes for carying goods.

These sort of pictures are completely meaningless and are just used to radicalize dumb kids like yourself.

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Black subhumans always get beat by the superior whites

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To add to that south America didn't have cows. They had bisons instead.