Me and a comrade have started a YouTube channel

Me and a comrade have started a YouTube channel.

It's a 1 hour long show, offering news and analysis from a left-wing perspective, which we plan on producing weekly.

Here's a link to the first episode:


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Disliked and reported to youtube. Fuck off shill

Urbanites at it again

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Nuclear gay space weed communism is the future

Its was pretty good, subbed.

why should I listen to a SODOMITE? sodomites have no future. Communists is for straights who have children. they have a future to fight for.

Was that an attempt at Spanish? If it is you're terrible.

ngl, this format and editing style has potential. It seems pretty refined which is good. However, why did you post it to a board full or retards like myself?

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Homosexuality is fascist. Heterosexuality if for Centrists. Bisexuality is Communist and so is revolutionary natalism.

Will the mods ever contain the grifter demographic of this board?

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fuck off radlib liberal journalists are literal parasites.

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Do you take it back now?

It’s radlib shit

This thread is an example of why the right will win. The left can't unite.

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its leftpol what did you expect? maybe post to some who are a little more active.

Ironic shitposting is still shit posting lad.


i dunno nigga what do you think, he said a Spanish word pretty likely he's making an attempt at Spanish, you fucking retard

Love the intro. Don't do just podcast though. Really limiting your audience.