Wtf i love imperialism now...

Wtf i love imperialism now. Americans are backing a real communist revolution and Russia is backing a soc dem dictatorship.

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He’s just trying to find an excuse to send more troops to the Middle East to take control of the Syrian civil war and invade Iran

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Not happening, they'd need to reinvade Iraq and take out the Muqtada al Sadr coalition to invade Iran, which won't work

They're petit bourgeois but Kurdish national liberation is legitimate and worth supporting as much as any other natlib struggle

if you think that America isn't going to puppet the fuck out of the Syrian Kurds then you're either impossibly ignorant, or downright retarded.

Bolton basically tries to meme the US into taking a foreign policy position and hopes his higher ups back him up when the administration gets criticized for whatever Bolton said before. This has been his previous strategy to try and agitate the whole admin into siding with whatever he's said I think. He's a fucking snake even by Trumpian standards.

America also tends to abandon and betray their "puppets", just look at Saddam, Noriega, and Iraqi Kurds. The Syrian Kurds, and their Assyrian, Turkmen, and Arab allies aren't stupid. That's why they've got joint checkpoints and de facto non aggression agreements with Damascus.

So your argument for supporting Rojava is that… they're collaborating with Syria, which will defend them against America?

I mean, big if true.

More like collaborate with Syria against Turkey and their proxies, remember that this was exactly the relationship Hafez al-Assad administration had with Abdullah Ocalan and the PKK for years.

Rojava isn't a US puppet you fucking idiots daddy Stalin took Americunt gibs against the Nazis, now Rojava is taking americunt gibs facing Assadcuck fascists.

also here's a hot take US invading Iran would be a great polarizer and would push many to the left and basically be a blessing to amerifat socialists. the military industrial complex masterminds know this, of course (they're not idiots), but still cannot resist another dollar off of bloodshed much the way a meth addict cant resist another hit even knowing its killing him. just be glad US imperialism is targeting shiite fascists and not real socialists, like Rojava

In what sense are they “petty bourgeois”? The vast majority of their economy is socialized or worker owned. It’s obviously an authentic movement of workers and peasants.

Puppet them how? The Kurds are not dependent on the US at the moment, they’ve already formed alliances with Damascus and Moscow.

good bait

It has markets. therefore the inequality will increase so far that at some point class society will have be reestablished. Read Cockshott.

I'm sure Assad is actually happy with this situation, given he continues paying for the kurds healthcare and other services and acting as friends to the kurds, who are after all one of his most important allies in the region


So has every actually existing example of socialism including the USSR. Only Mao's China has come anywhere near close to getting rid of Markets with the peoples communes but these did not last. According to Cockshott.

You need to seize hold of the market before you can abolish it. You also need to develop your productive forces particularly if you are still semi feudal in 2019

there can be no doubt that Assad and the kurds co-operate and collaborate.

Who can forget when the US built bases in and occupied a large chunk of Soviet territory for years during ww2.

Truly, the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸kurds🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 are our greatest allies

History didn't start in 2011 and Apo is /ourguy/ if you're not an edgy succdem, I really can't see the communist argument against Rojava.
And yes the people backing Assad and the people backing ISIS have lunches in Switzerland and Panama together, and really the antiimperialist angle is just a joke in that case, Iraqi Kurdistan are just corrupt shills but really if you haven't at least donated supplies and clothes to Rojava or the PKK in your life you have negative praxis and are practically a Grey Wolf yourself.

And no I hate all nationalisms but I'm really rather neutral on the Assads because Lebanon was a very very complicated thing, and the Russian intervention was a good thing and at least a federal Syria should be the pragmatic solution.

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Assad still gets kurdish oil. They can barely process it though there is virtually no oil infrastructure. Also forgetting that the shoddy economic development in the area is by designed, it was deliberately monocultured by the Assad government so they it was less self sufficient.

the only reason America do airstrikes from there is because turkroaches stopped letting them do it from their soil, because they were making money off ISIS. Russia also did airstrikes from Kurdish territory and had troops there. Russia supported Assad the entire time.

Don't speak about shit you straight do not know anything about.

answer this

when did maoist gang get so based

anyways the Kurds have already signaled cooperation with the Syrian government going forwards, plus Russia has taken on a fledgling interest in them, the only real threat to them atm is Turkey who has been invading Syria while the US turns a blind eye. The US is basically guaranteed to use this as a way to increase the heat in Syria with a blockade or bombing an open field again or what have you no matter what the Kurds say, it's just a preface for some hostile action. Fuck, this is a tactic that spans back to the Roman Republic, where no matter how nakedly they intended to annex one of their neighbors the Romans always predicated their invasion on some minor slight as a way to pretend like they have a valid reason to be in war. This is no different, the US is trying to mitigate the diplomatic damage caused by military action in the region by pretending to act on behalf of an "ally" that has drifted away from American influence.

The U.S has literal Roman style monuments. It's really stupid the lengths they go to try and obscure the fact they've been corrupted by Caeser like owners, only to then sculpt emperor Washington commanding a legion