Lispy Queer Crybaby Maza

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Imagine going to bat for Steven Crowder. How pathetic.

This isn't about Crowder. His subs have been skyrocketing and his merch is selling in record high numbers. He'll be alright. This is bigger than Crowder

what did he even do?

Pissed off Steven Crowder.

Then what is the bigger thing about?

Cried like a little baby and got a bunch of people censored cause his feelings were hurt.

Youtube's future

The fact this guy scares you so much is pretty funny.

Like, if this guy is freaking you out, then you have problems. Just saying.

Everyone else is talking about alt right propaganda and breadtube, I just wanna watch Jerma985!

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And also, what do you mean "got a bunch of people censored?" They were already breaking YouTube's rules – he just asked YouTube to enforce them. He didn't even demand they do anything new.

He did more than just ask.

This is incoherent.

Carlos apparently has a liking for underage boys.
It seems violence is the only way to get through to these people

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Guy's actions forced Youtube to deflect the issue. He took the hit for his own mistake.

Reminder that Zig Forumsyps always cry "muh freeze peach" but will limit it the first chance they can.

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The right doesn't really have much leverage over YouTube, is the thing, so they have to resort to this threat of stochastic terrorism to try to intimidate Maza. But he isn't easily intimidated. He's squeezing one of the world's most powerful corporations while simultaneously taking on his own bosses at Vox whose employees are on strike lmao

LGBTs have found an exploitable weakness in these big companies. The companies want to advertise to LGBTs knowing they have consumer power, but obviously the corporate Pride stuff is a crock of shit, so the LGBTs are telling the corps to put up or shut up. There's talk right now that San Francisco Pride might kick Google out of the parade.

This Maza guy is known to publish blatantly fake news then cry and play the victim card when he gets debunked. He's basically the standererd liberal who's sensitive feelings get hurt easily. He's also a pedophile

What the fuck would even be the putting up for corporations?


Lol just lol

this but unironically

not your personal army

Wait, that did carlos do? I haven't been paying attention the past few days.

also this is based as fuck

Maza is not putting up for corporations – Maza is demanding the corporations live up to their own self-professed support for Pride. He's demanding they put up.

This is some galaxy brained shit, Zig Forums. You're going to quash the claims of harassing the gays by… harassing the gays?
It's either absolutely gorilla brained retardation or it's so transcended I can't even wrap my head around the plan.