The "Technical Issues/Alt+V" Dogwhistle

So we all know how the alt-right has been increasingly using memes as dog whistles. Some of us have suggested creating our own dog whistles to either terrorize/ridicule the alt-right or radicalize the normies. This is why I'm making this post. Let`s not waste our time discussing whether dogwhistles are useful, effective, worthwhile our even a thing; leave it to another thread. If you don`t like the idea, instead of wasting your time shitting on it, suggest improvements or refrain from posting here. I`m saying this in the benefit of keeping the discussion useful.

Our dogwhistle meme is called Technical Issues or Alt+V. I'll show it first, then explain from the perspective of an alt-righter
> I'm having technical issues. The captions start glitching when Richard Spencer starts talking about [insert dogwhistle here]. Did anyone else have that problem? I had to use Alt+V to fix it
> There's a technical issue. The audio goes out of sync when Ben Shapiro says that black people [insert dogwhistle here]. I pressed Alt+F4 and it solved it. Anyone else had that issue?
The idea is to make them notice that we are subtly marking dogwhistling content to give each other a heads up and prepare to take action about it. When interrogated about it, we can simply deny any form of plot or scheme against them and even the existence of the meme. Wherever they post about it to warn each other about it, make posts ridiculing their concern. If they do so on normie outlets, call them paranoid. The more they poke it, the less everyone will listen to them.
But what if no one takes action against them, why would they worry about the meme?~, you might ask. While we wait for something to happen to them, be it from the left or just mere chance, we can use the meme as a code to refer to their dogwhistle and ridicule it, hiding our persecution in plain sight. e.g.: I keep pressing Alt+V, but Alt+V being the supreme shortcut key, it`s still somehow threatened to be Alt+F4`d by all the rest of the shortcut keys or They say that left alt key shortcuts resulted in damage to my computer, but most shortcuts using right alt shortcut keys resulted in killing 74% more computers than the left alt key in the last 10 years'' (referring to the statistics showing that right-wing politically motivated murders increased 74% in the last 10 years, whereas left-leaning politically motivated crimes resulted in far fewer injured and almost no deaths).
As the meme evolves, we can ditch the shortcut keys part and only mention that we're having technical issues accessing their content online (initially some hidden leftist would reply with instructions involving Alt+something shortcut keys, then it will eventually no longer be needed). The more the meme lives on, the more subtle it'll get and the harder it will be to stop it. At some point, (if we do it right) all that it`d take would be to point some technical error (video won`t load, audio outta sync, page won`t load, link won`t open, etc).
If our dogwhistle is successful, the nazis will try to defend themselves whenever they see our dogwhistle, which will make them look insane to the normies. Normies, on the other hand, might start using it without knowing it`s a leftist dogwhistle, to refer to real technical problems.

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In summary, this dogwhistle is:

- Subtle
- Widely customizeable
- Allows for coded communication anywhere on the internet
- Can be used in a funny way, if you`re creative
- Clear enough that it (eventually) gets the message across to the alt right while keeping most normies in the dark (which would make the nazis' reactions to the meme seem weird or even insane to the normies)
-Can be used to coordinate sabotage operations or at least make them think so (until we can sabotage them)
- Might make them paranoid of whoever requests technical support or points out technical issues in accessing their content
- Supports imagery of many kinds if you`re creative.
- Has a lot of room to evolve in countless directions while keeping its political core
-Can be used anywhere on the internet, not requiring image support, sound or large text space and not referring to any specific kind of media (technical errors can occur in anything you access from a computer)
Spread it anywhere you can. Post below other examples or ways to use this meme. Don`t give up if it doesn`t catch on immediately; even if people say the meme is shit, at least we can pretend to use it ironically. Don`t like it? Discuss improvements below. Like it ? Then let`s get to it. Let`s fuck with them with better versions of their own toys.

Didn’t read lol

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That's by far the most retarded.idea I've ever heard.

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Nice effort but I sincerely doubt we could get anything like that rolling over here. I'd recommended you to try to join whatever is the secret lefty propaganda FBI from that one thread

imagine doing this to gaslight pollacks on the same site they congregate

this meme is moot now dickhead

Too bad you posted here you fucker.
Had me going there for a second.

Tbh how much do pollacks even browse leftypol?

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You're on to something. Use their stupidity against them.

I think leaving comments that tie everything back to a porky conspiracy will fuck with them. They will get irritated and come up with bad arguments against you.

Dropping comments like:

This also works against liberal SJW shit.

Could you even call it 'browsing', or are they here to –metaphorically speaking– play chess like a pigeon?

to what lengths will you go to not read a fucking book

cant make me

I have no clue what this is supposed to do but it sounds like good shitposting, and I sure do like good shitposting once in a while.

Shit's comfy.

Guy hasn't responded to my protonmail

He said he's very busy as of late. I think the last time he was online was a week or so ago. We didn't really do much so far. The only thing I more or less did was upload notes I made from a book about the gulag and shitpost on 4chan. We want to have a reading group to read theory but when that will be I don't know.

read marx

That makes a lot of sense. Looking forward to joining you guys.

I like it and will start using this!

There is now way this is going to work now that you've posted it here. Should have made a FBI m9

Sounds extremely gay. Culture wars are for low Autism Level retards and children.

For real, Porky as a meme is good,but we need more memes. Perhapses a Kulak meme that could be used in a similar way.

It actually pretty helpful look at how he alt-right, made the right more "edgy"

We can co-opt more people into this movement by using similar tactics. It may be low energy posting to take part in muh culture war but at least it can show that the leftists aren't liberals.

That is the gayest shit in gayland (& this place is pretty fuckin' gay)

Go on, do it, I dare you…Zig Forums never turns down a good larf…

This, you Desmond "Is amazing" trans kid fuckin pedos, is yet another perfect example of the left being unable to meme…

the left can´t meme
the right can´t argue or reason
nobody is perfect

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This isn't how dogwhistles work you unbelievably retarded man.

I could see the potential, but why exactly Alt+V?

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what does alt-v actually do?
sorry for being a retard I just don't wanna brick my computer

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Also I'd like to say that you buy way too much into right-wing cringe culture. I used to think it was a problem that the left "couldn't meme", because whenever I tried to debate fascists on this website eventually people would start spamming images of "cringey leftists" it's hard to explain, but they'd just spam images of leftists looking pretty retarded. But, I was a fool to actually think you can debate people on this website or on the internet for that sake, especially pollacks. It's just so toxic you can't ever make a reasonable debate and even if you can the chances of you actually changing anyone's mind is slim.
As other people have stated culture wars are a waste of time, besides you were an idiot for making this post, nobody on this board actually gives a shit about shitposting against the right, it's a waste of time, considering to amount of numbers the right has and the influence it has on this website. You would be better off just making a FBI or something so it'd be easier to coordinate to help force your memes, but I also think someones already trying that

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the left has plenty of dog whistles. "dismantling white privilege" == killing white people. "anti imperialism" == non whites acting in their geopolitical interests. "diversity" == less white people. "racism" == not grovelling before PoC.


All of this is of course true we have all been trained by pic related himself to help subvert Europe in the name of our Afro-Islamic Israeli overlords.
Just yesterday (after getting my sorosbucks) I led 20 young white women to a refugee camp so they could get impregnated and carved the star of david around their belly buttons.
I have also personally plowed 66,000 white virgins, inseminating them with my judeo-cultural islamo-communism in the name of Giorgis Shorosh and Karlus al-Marximus. I was only nearly folied *once* by a particularly Nationalist nutsucking Socialist , but no homosexual can defeat me in single combat.

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The left doesn't need to fucking dogwhistle because the left should be honest in its approach to contemporary issues. The right HAS to dogwhistle because their actual agenda is irrational, spiteful and destructive.

stay mad

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ahh yes the old agree and amplify to levels of ridiculousness tactic, the oldest trick in the book

btw anti imperialism should really be "imperialism when browns do it"


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For the same reason the left doesn't need a "pipeline" like the right has. If anything a "left wing pipeline" just functions as an extension of the right wing pipeline, where reformists and shit lead people away from necessary radicalism toward more comfortable reformism to easy do-nothing centrism to identitarian conservatism to nationalism.

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schizotier post

You don't come up with random fucking shit to create a "dogwhistle". You don't even "make" dogwhistle terms. Dogwhistling is when you use terms that aren't explicitly related to the thing you're talking about, but have a culturally-implied connection. You're not trying to get rid of the blacks, noooo, you're just talking about cleaning the streets of "thugs". You're not getting rid of the jews, no, you just want to uproot the "parasites" on society.
This makes it an extremely dishonest and almost invariably conservative tactic that relies on society's general trend to view the lower classes with disdain, it's almost entirely a way to quietly punch down while pretending to be the good guys.

People really need to step out of this ying-yang bullshit. There shouldn't be a perfect balance between left/right, whatever they do we do. The sides are asymmetric and they SHOULD be, they should employ different tactics because they have different goals.

Because Alt stands for Alt-Right and V looks like an arrow pointing down. In other words, it means down with the alt-right.

I acknowledge that this is one one of the ways to define a dogwhistle -you may even think it's the only way, but it isn't. A dogwhistle can also be defined as a form of relaying a message to a group remotely and in a public space without it being deciphered by opposing groups or third parties.

You guys all seem to overlook the potential of this idea and instead get caught up on strict definitions. I'd be with you there, as I hate any kind of misuse or poor handling of terms. In this case, however, we should take a moment to think about what can be achieved here, which is the successful inoculation of paranoid tendencies amongst them.

Any degree of success on that direction, however mild, can teach us what about this type of psychological warfare tactics works and what doesn't. Worst case scenario, this meme fails in a way we haven't tried before and we can learn from it. Best case, we start a trend of memes that can be tactically used to organize us against them.

This idea actually sounds quite cool. People should give it a chance.

I don't think it's necessarily about converting people (at least not people who are already Zig Forumsfags). It's more about converting normies.

Regardless of what Zig Forums thinks, normies aren't going to turn into communists after being told 'uhh actually you need to read these 14 books and then watch this guy speak about the USSR for 5 hours and then watch another speaker talk about China's economy in the 70s for another 5 hours'. You know what does convert them (even if it's just a little bit like the alt-lite types)? Memes and an all around funny culture.

I'm not saying this would end with 100 million hardcore socialists/communists forming a revolution in the USA, but it will at least end up with a lot of normies getting the general idea of socialism/communism, reversing a little bit of the cold war fear mongering about these ideas and the USSR, and hopefully inspire a portion of those normies to actually read the literature and be prepared for when a revolution becomes possible.

This has nothing to do with dogwhistles. The function of this dogwhistle would be to annoy and possibly destabilize the alt-right while slowly and silently making normies approach communism less fearfully, as has described.

I'm not wasting my time on that.

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Finally, someone got it.

Dogwhistles are literally inherently deceptive.

Again, how is this going to make people come to realize racial bullshit?
Congrats, you have a population that is as shallow and misinformed as Zig Forums. Do you want people who are sincerely interested in your position? Then just fucking TALK to them like a serious, concerned person! Get to know at least enough theory to hold a BASIC conversation and be able to back it up at least a few questions in any direction, and then TALK to people who display some signs of seriously questioning the status quo.

Last night I was talking with a former US marine from Desert Storm about the economy at a casual philosophy club get together. Despite claiming himself to feel aligned much more with the right, he had mentioned that he was dissatisfied with the way many jobs were pointless effort, unhappy with the lack of results from growing technology, unhappy that he could see that people in this generation are having a lot more difficulty getting their basic durable goods that set themselves up for a better life. I talked to him about some basics about the growth of finance, the way the economy sets up us for a grow-or-die situation, the built-in penalties to choosing more efficient commodities over more profitable ones, and some basics for alternatives. He walked away wanting to learn more, and wanted to read Graeber's Bullshit Jobs.

You don't need to TRICK people, just be an honest, intelligible person who has real answers to their problems.

That's a good idea user. You could do it with a picture of the porky in question, depending on if it was a pro-Trump video or one of Richard Spencer's.
Then you could have a "porky approved" stamp in the corner.