What did zoomers mean by this?

What are the 33% actually thinking? Are they reddit anarchists? Are they Zig Forums? Do they watch sjw rekt compilations on youtube and consider themselves classical liberal centrist individualists who want to save the West's love of property rights and judeo-Christian values? Are they Zig Forumsacks? Are they just playing fortnite and listening to lil pump?

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Disenfranchised anti-establishmentism.

Presuming that this is a USA party graph with colours indicating preference and strong preference, it's meaningless otherwise.

My 14 year old brother is like a strasserist stalinist nazbol ever since he found the memes.

Siege? r/latestagecapitalism?

It used to be the standard youth position over 10 years ago. The youth hated the establishment and had no way to express it.
Corbyn is a manifestation of that.

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Ah, stings a bit doesn't it?

Marxist-Leninists achieved things but then it got fucked up and they went backwards. Same with all social democracies currently, the welfare state is being downsized or dismantled everywhere there is one. The difference between ML and Social Democracy is that only the latter is built upon compromising with the thing that is currently scrapping it. ML actually permanently fixes the problem.

I like how they call it "undecided", like these are the only two options, and if you don't want to answer either, then you just havn't decided yet.

What a shitty post with too many angles to attack from. Read a book nigga.

Is it possible that since they are the youngest, much more of them just haven't formed their opinions on politics yet and still genuinely don't have any?

shut the fuck up lmao

Not him, but wut?

That's just about political labels.
In terms of cultural and economic issues even Gen Z whites and Republicans are more liberal/socdem than Millennials.

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The first and third picture say that people who chose not to answer are not shown, so those results aren't actually valid. If you include them, the claims may no longer hold.

It's only a very small handful who didn't answer, add up the percentages.

Social democracy is still capitalism so it never solves the root problems solving our society. Eventually when all is said and done, social democratic reforms will almost always be repealed given the chance.

Social democracy is le big homosexual
(not him)

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You're right, my bad.

probably nothing or at least nothing cogent, most gen Z's are under 18. Gen Z is born 2000->2018 as a generation spans about 18 years.

that means the oldest zoomer is 19 and the youngest is literally 1 year old. I didn't even have politics of any kind until I was 16. Maybe this is a different age though with youtube and such.

Its not surprising that 33% are undecided if anything I think it would be even greater. One things for sure though they probably wont be mostly conservative. You can see in the graph, a smaller amount than ever are really conservative, and most of the gains of regular conservatives are from the center being demolished.

Millennials are a bunch of centrist weenies compared to zoomers, eveybody fire up your youtubes and memes, we need to REDPILL genZ to the left

Can it buy us more time from the climate crisis?

Zoomer trans communist revolution coming

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It has already come if you watch Comrade Cora on YT

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is cora zoomer?

Don't know, but she sure is radicalizing the zoomers.

what an amateur

baboon baboon house

Ya'll a bunch of brainlets. This chart is very simple:

Gen Z has grown up being forcibly immersed in politics. It's everywhere they look, everything they see, they have no choice but to be involved in politics. There are twelve year old Zoomers who have political opinions, when previous generations didn't give a flip about politics until at least 18, if not later.

The 33% "undecided or chose not to answer" portion is also simple: they're right wing, possibly even extreme right wing/fascist.

Gen Z is hyper-aware that right wing viewpoints are censored, deplatformed, and demonized in the current political climate. Oh, you think homosexuality is disgusting and wrong? You're obviously a Nazi who wants to gas all Jews!

This generation also grew up with an extreme mistrust in all things read or watched on the internet; they are aware that people on the internet lie: constantly, shamelessly, and mercilessly.

Boomers and to a lesser extent Xers believe any bullshit you feed them in a newspaper, magazine, or internet article. It is incomprehensible to them that someone would spend time and money writing lies. Their entire generation was raised on worshipping the almighty dollar. A newspaper or website wouldn't possibly just "make things up for reasons of a political agenda," that would cost them money, and if they got found out, they'd lose even more money. They'd never do that, it would be irrational!

Meanwhile, Gen Z doesn't care about the dollar, since the generation before them, Millennials, have none, and Z is set to have even less. So they understand on some level that, if dollars don't mean anything, then writing ANYTHING on the internet is to be automatically considered suspect, and not in pursuit of the almighty dollar. They know what propaganda is, they've been shovelled it all their lives.

So, a generation fed nothing but propaganda (one way or the other), and raised in a police state that punishes anyone for holding any views to the right of, say, Mao, is unlikely to give accurate answers to polls on their beliefs, EVEN IF said polls are "anonymous" (because they also know that anonymity is another big lie on the internet).

Conclusion: the 33% who chose not to answer hold beliefs considered "unorthodox" to the current zeitgeist, and are withholding their opinions on fear of being found out and punished for them.

Historical basis: Stalin's Purges, Nazi Germany's suppression of Communists and Jews, you could even go back as far as Socrates, although Socrates had balls of steel and spoke out against the Athenians anyway, despite it resulting in his death.

What views are considered unorthodox to the current political climate? "Fuck Jews, fuck Arabs, fuck Pajeets, fuck socialism and communism, ethnonationalism for the win, Hitler was right."

TL;DR version: the 33% are Nazis in embryo. Zig Forums was right, yet again.

Insert meme "and then suddenly, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power."

I think it used to be a combination of kids simply copying their parents with a gradual shift due to outside cultural influences.
Now with the internet, many children have a basic understanding early on that there's far more out there than what their parents think - but are also probably tempted to disengage from reality completely, given how easy it is to turn away from waking life.

How much of a fucking dolt do you have to be to believe this shit?

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Now with the internet it became pretty easy for all kinds of retards to just cherrypick the information they want, unlike the poster above you, I don't think they are immune against lies, but that they just pick the lies they want to believe.
The annoying thing is that because of the internet, children across the world are getting influenced by the autistic American culture and behave and speak like Americans.
Just another show how "nationalists" are actually traitors to their home nations.

I think zoomers have a better understanding of the spectacle than anyone, they live and breathe irony and cruel snark. They see through most idpol.


Do you have brain damage?

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ah yes "lift hundreds of millions out of poverty, eradicate illiteracy by even more, end food insecurity for untold millions in the span of a single generation" is not a historic achievement

How is this any different from 100 years ago:

I have a friend who's a public school teacher. Middle school I think. Anyways she thinks the kids are pretty much the same but the two jackasses who sit in the back of the class and don't take anything seriously are Nazis now.

And those kids are, at best, cannon fodder in future wars.

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Bad phrasing.

Oh nm then. Have a happy Lenin dam

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Low Autism Level post. Kys faggot

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This was me

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OP is secretly a self loathing zoomer

Do you have a diagnosis for your autism? This is the most myopic analysis I've ever heard you sound seriously detached from reality.

As zoomer myself lemme explain something to y'all the 33% are economically left but socially right so they don't fit into groups like "liberal" or "conservative" c'mon y'all it's time to finally admit the future is defiantly nazbol.

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>you have to be a nazbol to not fit into the "liberalconservative dichotomy
Fuck off kid and read a book.

Kiddo: You are either a socialist in denial or a Nazi in denial. Nazbolism doesn't really exist. Lurk a bit more here. If you like Stalin then you're probably a Marxist-Leninist.

gang gang
revolutionary socialism to become a nation

read karl otto paetel

It means they have no idea. They are still young and more likely to admit that they don't give a fuck.

lmao southpark style "i dont care heh" bullshit is apparently "a better understanding of the spectacle"

they're probably tired of SJW nonsense shoved down their throat but aren't a fan of the boomer tier conservatives that infest the republican party

Maybe they understand that the range of options given is fucking retarded

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I wonder what the results would be worldwide. Most of the people i know are vaguely fascist or otherwise militaristic with a nice big spice of 'lol i don't care', probably as a result of failed socdem policies, but IMO it really only needs a tiny push and a political movement with power to short-circuit that into our favour (easier said than done, obviously), considering that they don't have any coherent politics

rejection of boomer liberalism

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OP I can't stress how much you're a retard lmao. Don't ever post anything here again please I don't think I could handle this autistic screeching any longer

this idiocy is why there is containment thread for us politics

The dude who posted this sounds kind of schizophrenic tbh

How does it feel to know that even zoomers don't fall victim to the spectacle while you conflate vain selfies in pussy hats to revolution?

Not in the West.

carry those goalposts
how does it feel to 1) trust some picture with no sources 2) be so stupid to think that literal teenagers will stay frozen in time, especially in today's culture
there's no generation zyklon and there never will be

Wrong so wrong
t. downie

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I mean social democracy is basically the only legitimate way capitalism can attempt to save its mode of production. I guess they could do muh green new deal and when everything is semi fixed repeal it.

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lol no

*best before 1991

Alienation is the only thing that makes zoomers right-wing instead of left-wing and overzealous idpol is the most obvious way that boys are being alienated.

Maybe this was an intentional plan by the bourg or maybe just a convenient outcome for them. It doesn't really matter either way because it's a problem that can be solved quite easily, even the most mentally deranged man-hating feminist can find it difficult to blame children for societal problems. Fortunately most feminists are generally reasonable to a point so you can convince them to alter their behavior so as to not alienate young boys just by pointing out the effect it has.

The youth will turn to our side eventually, we need only eliminate the tactics of alienation and predation on insecurity that they are constantly subjected to.

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lol you're delusional. social isolation is only going to get worse in this country as time goes by

I think people are waaaaaay too scared of zoomers. Half of them aren't legally old enough to vote in America, The other half are split between semi anorexic pseudo trannies and people who spend 40 hours a week playing video games. Yeah they have retarded political opinions but so does literally every generation in its infancy.

Also the whole "trying to get a read on zoomers ideology so we can preemptively combat them" is anti materialist as fuck and retarded. It's like blaming Hitler's ascent to power on German children having fun at Hitler youth camps

Literally any Zig Forumsyp would answer 'very conservative', both because its how they view their politics on the spectrum and because they'd want to more than anything showcase just how right-wing and 'redpilled' the next generation is.
Almost any leftist however would be too disgusted to put themselves down as a liberal and would put down 'i prefer not to answer', the 33% is part people who genuinely don't see themselves as having political views/don't care and communists/fellow travellers.
If you spend any time in secondary schools, around teens, you'll know, if and when politics is brought up, just how much unambiguous socialism is normalised now among them.

this couldn't be further from the truth
t. currently studying engineering in college

your personal hell of aspiring elon musks isn't really representative of the youth tbh

STEM is full of autistic lolberts tho

t. Comp Sci major.

just call yourself a nazi

This, exactly. The Zoomer future depends on whether this undecided base collapses into left-wing populism or right-wing populism.

not my point. I'm a zoomer and I went to high school too. kids my age are clueless.

It literally always was
T.compsci graduate

it gets better right?
t. 18yo zoomer

I might be one of the older people here and by that I mean I rember when George W. Bush's approval ratings were 90 percent among the general public and he'd win the class elections at my school in a landslide. The idea that the youth are more fascist now doesn't really seem credible to me.

The main thing that I see that's different with the zoomers compared to millennials is more gender bending. Like, millennials are cool with gays (I am gay) but homosexuality is still stuck in the gender binary. Zoomers are playing around with gender in more radical ways.

Also there are these alt-right groups and so on, but my city had actual, scary neo-Nazi skinhead gangs in the 1990s that came close to having their own hoods they controlled. Most of them went to prison though and I think they started getting beat out of town by other punks which changed things considerably.

The only teens I know are relatives (it'd be weird if I knew any others) like my cousins, and they are pretty lefty in a broad cultural sense. Tolerance and equality are big things with them.

I was watching Death of Stalin with my Trump uncle over the holidays last year and it was fun explaining internal Politburo politics with him. You know, right-wing people can be fun to talk to and I think a lot of them see actual no-shit Leninists as enemies they can respect in a way if you really hit them with Georgy Zhukov's armored divisions. My zoomer cousin wandered in and mentioned there's a table full of "history nerds" at her high school that go around joking about Stalin and putting people into gulags lmao

There are racist kids who show up to class wearing Waffen SS uniforms and so on, but I remember a lot of that when I was growing up too, and a friend of mine ended up becoming a neo-Nazi skinhead, which made me sad because he was a nice guy – he had a broken, messed-up background. He flunked out of high school and funny enough used to cross dress and wear makeup. I went to goth clubs with him when we were 17 years old where he'd be wearing nothing but women's lingerie.

Anyways, there is some young guy here who formed an alt-right / neo-Nazi group and I came across some of his high school classmates talking about him on Twitter, and they were all like "ohhhhh that guy, yeaahhhh he was really weird and creepy." Those kids have always been around, but the broad masses of people out there including among the youth are not Nazis and it's pretty obvious if you just walk around and observe, and it seems like there is much more racial co-mingling among the youth than even my generation and I'm squarely in the millennial cohort.

You can smell the desperation.

the only reason you stop playing video games that much is if you get a full time job. unless you become a neet
t. 27 year old boomer

Feels good I guess?

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Zoomer here, and yes, many have had their brains rotted from consuming too much internet content. If you engage with any young conservative you will quickly realize that the only thing they have the ability to do is repeat the catchphrases of their favorite talking heads and be racist. They almost all harbor extreme distaste for the world as it is, unless they are the spawn of the ruling class, and even then, some of those are too empathetic to offer full support for the status quo. Almost all that I know got into being reactionary from wanting to be edgy. Most cannot offer any encompassing ideology, instead offering a bizarre mix of everything you listed alongside name-brand US conservatism. A lot of them will grow out of it in time, but probably into mellower liberal-conservatism and not into leftism unless something is done about it.

They dislike the prominent online leftists due to their adherence to idpol and political correctness and refuse to engage with any actual materialist analysis or marxist theory as a result of both this and the denigration of leftism in essentially all forms of US education. The best thing that one can do is make videos that explain leftism in a way they can grasp it, which is easier said than done, accounting for the fact that most of them fail to even comprehend the manifesto. As much as youtube types are disliked on here and other forums, I do think that people like Contrapoints have the right idea. It is crucial that someone with a similar style to hers with a heavier focus on marxism enters the youtube ecosystem. Having 90% of marxist youtubers and online personalities be non-native speakers of English with horrible accents who have a 30 video playlist defending Pol Pot does not help the cause.

Owning reactionaries on forums doesn't help in the same way debate with reactionaries doesn't really help. If you were to argue with someone who saw the entire world through a Zen-Buddhist view it would be equally productive. There is no common ground on which to base an argument, and so these things inevitable devolve into disagreements over the definitions of basic terms like "law."

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Numbers guy is the best

they are "apolitical" (status quo shills)
I have met a few of these types of people

I just stopped liking video games for some reason around when I turned 20-21

Is there any reason why numbers guy is strawmanned? He looks chill.

Numbers Guy is based and redpilled. There's literally nothing bad about his description, except I guess the part that says
especially on account of the fact that Numbers Guy is also probably Assadpilled, and would never give those fuckin' Neo-Ottomans the time of day.