Homosexuality and fascism

Let's be honest the only people capable of committing atrocities and genocide on this level are gays. They are the most mentally ill and perverted lot in human kind. Don't believe me, look at the rise of pink fascism. Don't try to tell me Hitler or any of his Ss buddies weren't secretly homosexuals.

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If there's a left book on fascism I'd recommend more than any other it's this (free) one by Daniel Woodley from a few years ago.

One of the things he points out is how fascism is a homosocial culture with heightened opportunities for comradery and bonding between men, who exist in an ultra-competitive struggle for domination. This is different from homosexual culture of course although they are both homosocial cultures – it's just that the ideal fascist environment for men is like a barracks, basically. You can see white nationalist groups today that are often male-only; women are to be put in the home and used for reproductive purposes and that's it, more or less.

Fascist cultures also – in contrast to conservative bourgeois societies in the 1930s – celebrated pre-marital sex and encouraged illegitimate children (between racially "pure" partners); the Nazis would send youth to summer camps to arrange the boys to impregnate the girls as this was useful for the purposes of producing manpower for warmaking. Any perceived "feminine" values or struggles for women's emancipation were likewise suppressed. Fascist Italy and Germany deliberately tried to reduce the proportion of women in their workforces and turn them back into homemakers with subsidies from state-run breeding programs.

See, what's crucial here is that fascist societies are different from the typical heteronormative framework of bourgeois and proletarian societies. Fascism can be incredibly homoerotic in appearance, even if it's murderously homophobic – this results from a form of "gay panic" as fascist men's clubs have many opportunities for situational homosexual relationships to develop – extreme homophobia regulates an authoritarian, homosocial environment dedicated to warmaking. Think of that scene in Fight Club when the narrator busts up the face of the blonde guy and says afterwards "I felt like destroying something beautiful." Kind of on the nose there in more ways than one.

So conflating homosexuality and fascism just isn't accurate. Fascism is not a homosexual ideology but a homophobic refusal to acknowledge its own intense homoeroticism. The fact that fascists often dress like gay men (undercuts, tight-fitting polos shirts, etc.) is more of a distraction here; more of a coincidence arising from both homosexual and fascist cultures expressing themselves in stereotypically "masculine" ways – although to very different purposes.

But I'm flattered you think we (gays) are capable of being remorseless and brutal as hell. Thank you.

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Good post.

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In an ideal communist society, sex will only be reserved for reproduction. Any sex for the sake of pleasure should be criminilized. Therefore faggots will be sent to gulags without hesitation

Even if all Fascists = Homosexuals not all Homosexuals = Fascists.
Early gay rights movements supported Black panthers,third world movements and were generally anti-capitalist anti-state anti-police. And this far left tendency was destroyed when Liberals and Social democrats were fine with accepting Homosexuals as equals where in the USSR and Cuba they were rounded up and this is a failure of Soviet foreign and state policy when they could of come as liberators and shown the international community and might of been able to hold the lgbt movement in it's grasp and intrinsically tie lgbt peoples to Marxism like Black Panthers who saw Socialism as the Savior. Homosexuality obviously exists in the Animal world so opposition to homosexuality is a spooked human behavior. If anything Fascism and it's sometimes Homosexuality behind the scenes is a result of ultra nationalism and Male comradeship where the women are not as smart or good as men,nationalism creates closer relationships especially in the armed forces where Women are less of a role so if you want to kill Fascism first kill Capitalism or kill all Men but that's bullshit SJW idpol taken to it's height something you are doing now.

Reactionary's like you get the bullet.

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You're gonna have to come up with a better reason for us not to throw fags into labor camps, Carlos.

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How many German fascists were Black???

From this data we can conclude Black people can almost never be reactionary and White people especially Germans are always bad. Looking at the votes in Germany in 1932 we see at-least 36.8% of all Germans voted for Nazi's another 53.0% for Hindenburg (reactionary) so if we apply this date to White people in general since we're playing the idpol game.

We can say at-least 89% of all white people need to be genocided before we can get the Black population (almost never reactionary) to be the biggest population formulating Karl Marx's 2019 year long plan to get back at Christians. If you're white kill yourself and donate all your capital to Black nationalists because almost 100% of all Fascists are White or mostly white in the case of Americans.


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Are you forgetting about Muslims, japs, chinks etc…

Not Fascists
Military dictatorship/divine Monarchy and not Fascist
Not Fascist
Military dictatorships and not Fascist

All Fascist states at all times have only existed in Europe and therefore only White people are Fascists. And Fascist sympathy or aligned votes in Germany come out too 89% of the population so that means 89% of all White people are Fascists and they don't even know it.

No wonder Stalin killed 60 million people, he was eliminating white people so we could have Communism.

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I'mma stop you right there. There are huge fascist movements in the Islamic world, * cough * isis * cough * and fascist parties like the Muslim brotherhood regularly win elections in some countries

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I'll say it again Fascist states have ONLY EVER EXISTED IN EUROPE. 100% of all Fascist governments were lead by White men. By prophet Marx it's even worse then I thought, 100% of fascists in power were White. Now we need to genocide 100% of all white people as 100% of all Fascist governments were white.

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How are mb and isis not fascist?

Their not white

Nah only wyte men can be evul OP.

I'm being sarcastic user, hence my use of "Prophet Marx and his 2019 year long goal to destroy white people." I was making fun of OP for randomly and broadly classifying people as one political ideologue based on their sexuality instead of material conditions defining who people are so I just chose white people to show OP's stupid.

Yes, the movement that throwed hundreds of thousands of homosexuals into gas chambers with the other “undesirables” is actually secretly gay. You reactionary cunt.

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Your average Zig ForumsCuck isn't gay at all

Yeah they threw homosexuals they found undesirable into gas chambers because that's exactly something a gay man would do lmao

Tbh Zig Forums is still a Zig Forums y’all are a bunch of reactionaries. Reminder that hating homosexuality is no better than hating other races. Racism and homophobia are the same in that you are hating people for inherent traits, using pseudoscience, and conspiracy theory’s as a excuse. Reminder that Lenin decriminalized homosexuality.

And all backed by Amerikkka

Who, other than OP, is hating on gays?

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I don't hate them it's just most I've met were fashy af so yeah

And Stalin thank god quickly rectified that mistake upon realizing the degeneracy brought on by the mentally ill

Or complete idpol retards who called you a nazi if you dare question their stupidity

Stalin is a Red Fascist

Around 30% of the leftypolers I've talked to were some kind of gay. I very much doubt what you're saying is true.

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So, most of Zig Forums?

If it walks like a nazi, talks like a nazi and bleeds like a nazi, then it probably is a nazi.

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So people like this are Nazis right?

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Correction, all reactionaries hate “fags” Reminder that dividing people based on race, and sexual orientation is what porky wants. He wants you to hate your fellow workers over petty differences. You sound like a fascist ranting about “Muh degeneracy” and you should fuck off to Zig Forums if you want to take part in idpol.

Talk about cultural appropriation. Or maybe your just trying to cope harder for being a fudge pusher.

Lmao, fags aren't people dipshit. Being a faggot automatically makes you a class traitor

Actually hating your fellow workers over their sexual orientation makes you class traitor.

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Definitely not a nazi.

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Ah, the old "I was only pretending to be retarded" routine. Classic.

You don’t know what fascism is, do you?

Your right, dividing people on class is where it’s at.

Do you have any idea how many closeted fags commit crimes targeting gays? These people are deranged. There's no point trying to rationalize their actions.

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Are you serious? The Spanish and the Brazilians had fascist governments and still do in brazil. The new fascist order doesn't hate gays.

A fascist fag getting his dick sucked by a dude is extremely likely to snap afterwards out of shame.


I don't know how they looked at it in the past, but I know that it's degenerate and has no place in a healthy society

there is a clear difference between homosexuals and fags


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