This is how you make a Marxist documentary for the masses. I started watching it because I couldn't find anything else...

This is how you make a Marxist documentary for the masses. I started watching it because I couldn't find anything else. I expected another liberal "consumers must be more careful" or "we need to pressure corporations to be more humane". But I was pleasantly surprised, when it is actually advocating systemic change. It features Richard Wolff saying that pushing reforms in worker conditions won't make significant change because you have the profit motive, and as soon as there's an opportunity the changes will revert back; only way to change anything is to get rid of capitalism.

This is how these ideas have to be packaged and spread.

Here's Richard Wolff and Andrea Katz discussing the documentary:

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This word is poison, is there another name for an educational film?

ultimately this is pointless people either do not care about the conditions of those people, automatically ignore it because why wouldn't they? or imagining life without the exploitation of the third world they would rather continue current norms

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I haven't watched anything about this yet, but I don't believe it's pointless. You're assuming that the purpose of left propaganda in this day and age is to educate and agitate for a revolution. It's really not. In our position (ie the current left's position) we can only hope to plant seeds of knowledge in people's heads. By and large they won't resist the status quo until they see their own lives and future's crumbling before them. Even then, they could just as well turn to reaction, continue to gorge themselves on trashy entertainment and consumerism, or go lockstep with the current order, boot licking and claim anyone who opposes it deserves to get dragged down. Which is exactly why we need to transmit the most basic, and fundamental principals of communist thought, so that decades down the line, hopefully some people will remember that wacky socialist ranting, and suddenly it will make sense to them.


It's just an infantile shitposter.

Richard Wolff is not a Marxist. Read one of his books and see some of the whacky pseudo-Marxist theories within


Stay at home wives are in a “subsumed feudal class process”; exploitation only occurs when “productive capitalists” (i.e. those who appropriate surplus value of laborers as opposed to unproductive capitalists who gain a surplus through interest, rent, buying to resell) exploit “productive laborers” (those who produce commodities for porky to sell) – i.e. only those proles are exploited, not to mention his co-op autism

Even vaush fell for le market socialism bullshit. Then again, markets have become natural to us due to our autism levels

Stop shilling V*ush, you’re making it too obvious

Vaush is still a market socialist, he needs to read marx and to stop being an autist

Why isn't market socialism simply called state syndicalism?

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No, funny joke, you got me there.

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He has to say that shit to get laid. His wife's a marxist feminist and that's her line.
Whether that's ok depends on how he says it. It's not exploitation in like a technical sense but obviously rent seeking behavior is harmful. It's distinct from surplus extraction because it's not obscured by the labor process.
pic related

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Just admit you are an exploiter and vampire of the proletariat

Just started watching this documentary, and I'm half an hour in. So far it just seems like one giant appeal to emotion. "Oh no look how bad the working conditions are in Bangladesh!" Does this documentary ever get interesting? Does it ever tell me anything I don't already know?

I think you need to try and reach people on multiple levels. gotta present socialism as the moral highground, the more efficient system, the only future mode of production supported by FACTS and LOGIC, and you even gotta present it as being cool as fuck, because imperialist propaganda has already reached everyone on those levels and more.

Okay sure, I gotcha. Guess it's just not for me but important nonetheless.

How is that an example of a non-Marxist statement? For capitalist exploitation to happen requires surplus-value creation and extraction. This occurs at the point of production. Rent and interest payments come after that analytically, that stuff is basically passive in determining surplus size and it's just about moving around and splitting up the surplus in various ways.

Abolish fashion and beauty tbh. In all regards the highest most unnoticed form of people-pleasing and capitalist statusjerking there is.

He calls himself an anarcho syndicalist, redpill me, is that belief fucking retarded?

yes, syndicalism isn't an inherent socialist movement. allende was ousted by conservative trade unions. falangism is a form of syndicalism too. i see no reason why a lockheed martin union would be socialist.

Syndicalism is a social democratic movement that relies on collective bargaining through unions and NOT seizing the means of production. Basically is unionized socdems claiming to be anarchists but in reality supporting both markets and a diluted capitalism. This means that vaush is basically an anarchist at heart but doesn't have the knowledge to know that his form of anarchism doesn't even follow under the definition of anarchism itself.

tl;dr hes still a fucking retard

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Marxism isn't a religion where the prophet Marx revealed the truth. Marxism is a science/discipline. People are allowed to make their own theories and hypotheses.

If you disagree with Wolff, you're free to argue against it.

This here.

Take on par with saying Marx was a liberal SJW. Fucking Wikipedia is better than you:
People came to syndicalism because they realized the absurdity of some self-declared heirs of Marx who were obsessed with getting seats in parliaments and obsessed with the idea of somehow legalizing socialism into existence. The heavily federalized structure that syndicalists advocate for runs the risk of regions/sections turning capitalist and that spreading again – that's the real problem with it, not your fabricated bullshit.

Nice ansyn flag, retard.

I'm not even a syndicalist, dipshit.

Then don't use that flag.

There's other groups that use red and black.

If by "other groups" you mean artsy wanker with a blog, yes. If you mean groups with real-world history, no.

This post reeks of reddit