Which conspiracies are accepted by the left?...

which conspiracies are accepted by the left?? such as the rothchilds are the richest family in the world and israel did 9/11

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This is gonna sound crazy but hear me out. Have considered that capitalist media… defends capitalist interests?


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That there is a sexual underclass of males predisposed to genetic redundancy within Capitalist society and that the sexual hierarchy is unfairly balanced towards woman.

conspiracy theories are not compatible with marxism, since latter is a materialist analysis and the other some esoteric bs

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MLK jr definitely got killed by the FBI

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The entirety of Trotskyism is a conspiracy theory and May 68 is tarred with a bourgeois brush because Soviet workers at the time would never even dream of occupying a factory.

Can't leftists believe in smaller scale conspiracies though? Sure there aren't any people making some grand conspiracy to keep capitalism alive, but sometimes anti communists conspire to do specific things, like, members of the CIA might have conspired to kill JFK due to his refusal to go full anti commie, because the CIA was filled with anti communists.

How on earth is that small scale?

CIA did Chernobyl

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Holodomor isn’t real

Because Ukraine doesn't exist

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not for long it doesn't

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Fluoride in the water is bad for you

Fluoride build up in the body causes calcification of the pineal gland AKA in the brain.
Calcification of the pineal gland and the resulting degradation results in a worse sense of direction among other negative consequences.
Excessive flouride damages your teeth with fluorosis.
The prevalence of pineal gland calcification was 58.8%. There was no statistically significant correlation between age and the extent of the calcification. The prevalence of calcification was 58.6% in females and 59.0% in males. The average anteroposterior measurement was 3.73±1.63 mm, while the average mediolateral measurement was 3.47±1.31 mm. The average total calcified area was 9.79±7.59 mm2.
Fluoride in dental care products is useful, it's water treatment in particular that lacks evidence. Kind of like how magnesium in your diet is an important nutrient, but gargling Epsom salt will kill you from hypermagnesemia. The action mechanism for fluoride strengthening of teeth is entirely topical. You get all the fluoride you could need from toothpaste and mouthwash. Ingesting fluoride means it has to run its way through all your bodily process and then return to your mouth in salivary secretions at very low concentrations for any sort of action on teeth. High bodily concentrations of fluoride can make bones brittle and actually can stunt brain development in children. The only reason we treat our tap water with extra fluoride is because the phosphate fertilizer industry produces hexafluorosilicic acid as a by-product and water fluoridation is used as an excuse to just dump it in the water supply instead of disposing of it properly.

What if you swallowed a tube of toothpaste?
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Who swallows toothpaste you absolute cretin? Flouride shouldn't enter and stay in your body because much of it doesn't exit the body. With toothpaste you scrub and spit, leaving a pinch of flouride spread across your teeth - sufficient to upkeep health.

JFK wasn't killed by Oswald

1) Oswald profusely denied hisinvolvemnt in JFK's murder
2) Fidel Castro also stated that the murder could not have been Oswalds work, stated several times in this interview

3) What is a given is that the CIA was involved since they refuse to open files on these keyh subjects that would easily reveal wether or not he was involved.

4) The reason JFK, his brother and his son were killed off was BECAUSE of their more moderate approach to the USSR. Even murderous Khruschev with his revisionism was not stupid enough to want the destruction of the USSR and communism and Brezhnev kept the USSR in control and a good example of communism. JFK warned about a secret society in America and tried to take the monetary power of america away from the private Fed;

His speech on the secret societies,


His executive order № 11110

Robert was killed for trying to continue JFK's work, which meant going against CIA puppet LB Johnson, who continued the Vietnam war (which Kennedy was trying to back out of).

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Fuck you, what about people who eat toothpaste in my hypothetical.

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Some stuff on ROthschilds

1980: The global phenomenon of privatisation starts. The Rothschilds are behind this from the very beginning in order to seize control of all publicly owned assets worldwide.
1981: Banque Rothschild is nationalised by the French government. The new bank is called, Compagnie Européenne de Banque. The Rothschilds subsequently set up a successor to this French bank, Rothschild & Cie Banque (RCB), which goes on to become a leading French investment house.
1982: From September 16 to 18, future Prime Minister of Israel and then Defence Minister, Ariel Sharon, orchestrates Israel's invasion of Lebanon, which provided ariel lighting in order to facilitate the killing of between 1000 and 2000 men, women and children in the Sabra and Shatila massacres.

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It's a retarded hypothesis that only a little kid MIGHT do… on a dare.
They're idiots who are going to die of poisoning long before the flourosis becomes an issue… that is unless they go to the ER
READ CAREFULLY, the key word here is EXCESSIVE. the amount of toothpaste used on average to clean teeth 1 time is far less than the over-all consumption of flouride from water. Flouride is good for your teeth and should only be applied there, not swallowed in excessive amounts and be redirected into the brain and teeth to the point of health issues.

Iodine >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bleach > fluoride

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Im just fucking around lol
dying due to eating too much toothpaste is based
I said an entire tube or 2 in one sitting, or at least that's what im implying.


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Ukraine doesn't real right XD stalin did nothing wrong
What do you mean Stalin, Commissar of nationalities was the one who created Ukraine!? What about the memeeeeeeeeeeeeees?!!??! holodomoorrrrrrr

The Mossad and the CIA were involved in 9/11. Either through training the jihadists and going as far as telling them what they were supposed to do or simply allowing the incident to happen.
Also not as hot but I honestly believe Gorbachev never wanted/meant to save the USSR. I know I don't really have any way to prove this but I legit feel he stopped being a communist long before he became GS.

I'm just saying that Ukraine doesn't exist at all, just like Canada. Stop being a retard.

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This is a biological reality, not a conspiracy.

Please elaborate

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The "bug bite" that killed Max Stirner wasn't real. What actually happened is that Marx had payed an assassin to poison Stirner's food so Egoism wouldn't become more popular than Marxism.

What if some Posadist in the KGB did it because of JFK's more moderate approach?

I've strongly suspected this too. The Taliban offered to hand Bin Laden over to an international tribunal multiple times and every single time we told them to go fuck themselves.

Wasn't there a paper talking about the need for "a new Pearl Harbor" back in the early 90's?

I don't think Israel "did" 9/11, but there is some very strong evidence that people did know about 9/11 before it happened. At least, that's what I thought after reading this from MPN. If anyone reads it, please do your own research (and tell me what you find). I'm often very wary of conspiracy theories involving Israel because they give me Zig Forums vibes, but this seems legit.


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Actually it's the Waltons.

This reads like a copypaste edit of something I wrote a while back. I'm glad you found it interesting enough to look into yourself user.

Why yes, that is a way to poison yourself. In fact someone in Spain got sentenced 15 months in jail recently for tricking homeless people into eating oreos full of toothpaste.

The "woke" activists in the Linux project are helped by the NSA, so they can weaken the project. This will make it easier for the NSA to introduce backdoors.

JFK WAS anti-commie to the core you fucking retard

I did in fact copy some of this from an old /leftytrash/ post but I added and reworded the text.

something new to add to that block of flouride info.

No argument.

How will Ukranian nationalists ever recover?

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Wow that's actually horrible. Why would they do that?

They never have and most likely never will

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aids was created by the cia

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That "Iranian" oil tanker attack the other day was definitely done by the US. That's so obvious I can't really call it a conspiracy theory.

Your pic quote doesn't make any sense.
I get what it's implying, but it's a logical fallacy.

So only things that negatively effect leftists.

thank god for Lee Harvey Oswald. that's what you get for almost starting ww3 you papist new money bourgie fuck.

Why would you believe the official narrative when the shots with that rifle were technically impossible and the only video footage was filmed by a mason and frames were removed from it prior to it being disseminated to the public?
AND George H.W. Bush was photographed in the town at the police station to bail out 3 people, the names of which escape me.

Didn't we have our own conspiracy theory at one point that Max Stirner was actually a pen name of Frederick Engels? I remember someone found a line in The German Ideology that heavily implied it. If anyone here still remembers the theory, please summarize it again for me.


The "speech on secret societies" is encouraging a conspiracy of the press, if anything. The "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" reference isn't the Rothschilds, it's standard cold war tripe about the Soviet Union. Therefore the press needs to fight for US imperialism in the information war:

I'm really not buying any of the Kennedy assassination conspiracies. Kennedy absolutely would have escalated the Vietnam war by the way, he was a founding member of the "American Friends of Vietnam" and in general toed the CFR line on all foreign policy decisions.

Now that I mention it, the Council on Foreign Relations is the most plausible conspiracy here. Look at their membership and their publications, this conspiracy of Atlantic capital operates right in front of our eyes.

The majority of the mainstream left-wing political parties are capitalist honeypots designed to divert left-leaning people into feelgood but ultimately futile actions that will ensure that the left will never threaten their position.

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It was a meme following the fact that the only "picture" of Stirner we have is Engel's doodle of him, and any other drawing of Stirner came as a copy of the one Engels did.

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Only nuclear war will make ayy lmaos real and they will let us join their intergalactic fully automated luxury gay space communist confederation.

Zionists killed Stalin because they were mad that Commies took their property.

So did Malcom X and The Fred Hampton one isn’t even a theory it’s a fact

This why we comin for dat toothbrush whitey

How did you survive? According to you should be dead.

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Wrong link, its actually

A lot of intelligence agency subversion both domestically and internationally. The feds also have a lot of influence over the far right. Incidentally, I think one reason why the extreme white-supremacist right has been so at a loss strategy-wise and politics-wise is because the feds pulled support after Charlottesville; they were basically directing it beforehand but it got out of hand:
ceinquiry.wordpress.com/2019/06/17/fbi-Zig Forums/

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Kek. do you really believe that? You're "evidence" doesn't even substantiate your claim, it refutes it.

Well this is probably just the tip of the iceberg to use an overused metaphor. There actually have been neo-Nazi rallies in the U.S. organized by government informants – the National Soycialist Movement for instance is notorious for this and is widely known even within the neo-Nazi scene as being an op. Feds accidentally revealed their people inside the org were organizing rallies a few years ago during testimony at some related court thingy. A reporter was in the room and caught it and the feds were like "oops, probably shouldn't have mentioned that."

See: orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-2007-02-15-mhate15-story.html

As far as Cville and so on, it's just a guess on my part. A U.S. "strategy of tension." Do you think Bannon was really fired a few days after that because he came up with the "both sides" speech? Bullshit. He was fired because he was running the op and it blew up in their faces. Fascists generally can't find their own asses with their own two hands without someone telling them where to look. The only difference today is that the people in charge aren't as good at it like in the old days. Did you know the Republican Party in the U.S. for years were essentially running their GOTV programs through fascist emigres? Their guy plugged into the Romanian community in the U.S. was ex-Iron Guard. Most of these guys are really old or dead now though.

There's a big difference between the feds organizing honey-pots and the feds providing the right wing with strategy. Can't you see that the Zig Forums Zig Forums example you posted is the opposite of what you're saying? The fed was going against the right-wing belief, not in favor of it. Also, if Bannon was organizing Cville with the help of the feds, then why didn't they stop the governor from declaring a state of emergency and telling the police to push the protesters into antifa?

The source provides a historical example of FBI participation in a fascist militia, the Secret Army Organization, in the 1970s. The SAO, with the informant's help, tried to murder a "red scum" leftist professor, shooting a bystander the process, and the FBI continued to assist afterwards. Only after the SAO attempted to bomb Porky's property did they pull the plug.

I don't have any doubt that the FBI directs their fash contacts or at least looks the other way when it's in their interests.

They wanted a conflict. The point of a strategy of tension is to provoke an internal conflict inside the country with the idea of smashing the left on the street through physical violence. Once that happens this forces the left to "compact" in a radicalization cycle, since the response to getting your ass kicked is to escalate into more drastic action. That makes the left more easy to marginalize and control. They didn't anticipate that one of their own would drive his car into the crowd at high speed. That's where it backfired. If that hadn't happened then the Nazis would've been emboldened and the left would've compacted. Instead the left was emboldened and the far right compacted. Also you might have noticed that one of the most violent members was a cop-looking dude who beat a black man with a club and still hasn't been found (the one on the left in this photo). I hear activists have tried to get info on the investigation in the county into this man but have been stonewalled.

This started months before as Milo Y. was working directly under Bannon and meeting with Cville organizers at a private meeting in Dallas. Buzzfeed later got footage of part of the meeting at a karaoke bar (Milo singing "America the Beautiful" to a bar full of sieg heiling Nazis including Richard Spencer). That was actually the after party for a private conference by members of the TRS forums including most of the movers and shakers in the upper tier of the white nationalist scene. Milo is kind of a joke but he was effective as an intermediary between the mainstream right and white nationalists.

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I remember it went deeper than that. IIRC not just the picture but all references to Stirner's persona (not responses to his writing) came from Engels. In addition there was a "smoking gun" found somewhere in The German Ideology where Marx essentially let Engels know he was on to his secret. Really wish I knew the full theory because I remember it was very plausible at the time.

The source you posted was about an FBI informant that infiltrated for the purpose of stopping drug trafficking, not to organize white nationalism. It looks like it was a small criminal organization that he infiltrated, and it doesn't have anything to do with the likes of Richard Spencer or David Duke.

As for the 1970s, that was a very different time.

I've seen the video, but do you have a source that says it was related to the organization of Cville?

Also, if what you are saying is true, then why does the corporate media so often defend Antifa?

It was a political group dedicated to terrorizing leftists and anti-war activists with "firebombing, smashing windows, " etc, which the FBI tolerated. Even literal attempted murder didn't compel them to take action against the group.

Also lol at a Juche flag sucking up to America's feds. You're like the Zig Forums informant but not as up to date on the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸culture🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸.

The source that you posted doesn't mention the secret army organization; I was referring to the source that you had posted. And like I said, the 1970's was a very different time. The SAO was a pro-vietnam war group, according to your latest posted source. What does that have to do with the modern WM movement?

And no, I'm not sucking up to America's feds.

*modern WN

This is big. What says they don't post here frequently too?

What source do you think I posted? I think it's fairly obvious I was referring to >>2918704's source.

The point is that they were a violent right wing organization (I won't use "fascist", just for you) and we have clear evidence that the FBI actively assisted in their terrorist activities up to attempted murder so long as they only terrorized leftists.

Sorry, I missed that, I was thinking of the source in post 2918715.

Again, what does this have to do with the 21st century WN movement? The SAO was committing terrorism to support the Vietnam War. Modern WN's are anti-neocon. Totally opposite goals: one groups goals align with the federal government, the other group opposes them.

They do. They're the ones who post here shilling Rojava, US military, Umbrella Protests, Iran protests, etc.

We have proof of the FBI aiding the SAO because they terrorized and therefore hurt the cause of the left. 21st century white nationalists also terrorize the left, it's not hard to put two and two together. They will keep tabs on fascist orgs to keep them from bombing Porky's property or shooting up mosques but when the WN's goals align with the federal government, as you said, they will look the other way.

Also WNs are only anti-war as far as it involves "da joos" and Israel, it only takes one visit to Zig Forums to confirm this.

People like Richard Spencer oppose America's wars for deeply structural reasons: an opposition to the existence of the American empire out of a belief that it doesn't benefit white people. Also, he is more pro-Russian than pro-American, and therefore takes the side of Russia in a conflict like the war in the Donbass. This goes well beyond "da joos."

As rigid materialists, unless there is concrete evidence otherwise, we do not need conspiracy theories to explain our world. The most bizarre events occur and are twisted for reactionary ends. Lysenkoism was a fucking mistake.

9/11 was perpetrated by Al-Qaeda. It does not need to have been an inside job to make sense. Osama was a bourgeois-Muslim scumbag.

The global financial elite congregate to discuss their common interests and to design against the common people, but in the form of rational neoliberal decision making rather than Satanic Jewish cabals. The problem itself is that they can meet.

Vaccine production is predominantly done and managed by massive corporations for profit rather than the explicit political objective of immunising humanity, this quality control is dubious. CIA use vaccination programs to commit espionage through aid. Yet also without contradiction, Andrew Wakefield and his autistic-vaccine allegations make him an anti-science charlatan that has done damage to modern medicine.

The theory of evolution is the consensus position and has been distorted in the past to advance reactionary "Social Darwinism". However, it is the consensus and creationists are some of the worst pseudoscientific elements within the US.

Security services have an extremely strong interest in surveillance of the left. Yet gang-stalking and "negative energy" is far too paranoid to be reasonable.

There may or may not be aliens surveilling and interfering with our development. Yet either way, that the world continues to follow the same laws of the universe remains the same.

You do not need to be a New Age quack conspirators to be a leftist. In fact, in the unlikely event of revolution, the first thing I will do will be to gather the creationists, the anti-vaxxers, the homeopaths, the 9/11 truthers, the megachurchs charlatans, the melanin theorists, the Jew-baiters, the organic food charlatans and the eternal climate change deniers and hold them hostage until the population is reeducated to be reasonable. If there is violent reaction, then there will need to be public reeducation, maybe on a reality TV program. Failing that, mass executions for pushing pseudoscience and charlatanism. It must be just a symptom of capitalism, but it is an extremely tiresome one.

Yes, I was a YouTube Fedora tipper when I was young. But one of the greatest roots of American dysfunction is pseudoscience which is exploited for climate change denial. There is no point in debating such people. For the survival of the human race, we must in the plainest sense of the word, kill them.

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KYS liberal

Fuck off Zig Forums.

The conspiracy of this robot dick in yo ass nigga

actshually, aids was created by belgian soldiers who raped monkeys.

Based and redpilled

you are a liberal if you don't recognize that the bourgeoisie engage in conspiracies, and that it is a key part of their praxis

It's really not so much a "conspiracy" if they do it in the open on a regular basis.


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The project for a new America century

really wish i had a webm of that scene from xavier renegade angel

Do WHAT in the open? Yes, they openly exploit, enslave, murder, etc. Yet at the same time, they do loads of shit secretly. That's what they have secret agents for! The CIA (and Mi5, FBI, etc etc) is, in and of itself, a massive conspiracy against the working class. Their police constantly conspire to cover up their own murders, theft, etc. Every single war is started on false pretenses– the falsification of the pretenses is a conspiracy.
And how about exploitation, which would seem to be one of the most obvious aspects of capitalism? The bourgeoisie has engaged in a massive, multi-century attempt to cover it up. The entire field of economics is a plot to relocate the origins of profit to exchange, rather than production. As well, porkies constantly secretly engage in wage theft, surveillance of workers, union busting, and so on.
Secrecy and conspiracy is simply an integral component of any serious praxis. This is CLASS WAR. In any war, you would have to be an idiot not to conspire against your enemy. Imagine if the USSR had just broadcast all its plans unencrypted for the Nazis to intercept. Imagine if the Bolsheviks had all used their real names, met in public, announced every move in their papers, etc. They'd be toast! Porky likewise has to engage in secrecy and conspiracy to operate. They're conspiring against us, and we have to conspire against them.

Well conspiracies do exist, it's been proven before. Theories about them are not always right but the only reason most correct conspiracy theories are labelled conspiracies is because they make the mainstream uncomfortable. Y'know like the "conspiracy" that the USA rescued actual nazis for use in political propaganda against the USSR. The evidence exists, plentifully but it is labeled a conspiracy because few people are willing to admit that "hey, the USA's been doing some shady shit" because that would make their country the bad guy… which goes against their worldview.

I heard it came in the form of a

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Accusing people of being Feds without proof is literally a COINTELPRO tactic. If you're not a Fed, you shouldn't do their work for them just so you can be vitrolic against political stances you don't like.

t. whitey

t. jew

So's accusing people who accuse Feds of being Feds of carrying out COINTELPRO tactics.

Exactly, so don't fucking shill for US imperialism, dipshit