It's been a while since our last commiecat thread. Let's have another...

It's been a while since our last commiecat thread. Let's have another. Commiecat is a highly important topic of discussion, after all.

To start the discussion, what is the most effective method of breaking a commiecat's mind? Mindbreaking is an important procedure in the processing of a new slave, after all.

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Forcing inceldom
Read marx

That sounds extremely boring, tbqh fam.

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It is

Also, I don't have any commiecat photos because i'm a faggot, so post as many as possible here.

I'd rather someone post new ones. It's been a shame, not having new commiecat pics in so long a time.

Then again, maybe I'd rather not ask here. The only commiecat OC you people produce is irredeemable shit like pic related.

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What process would this be for woman? I mean for men it would seem like forced cuckoldry / rape of their spouse or child. What does it take to break a mind?

I dunno, that's why I'm asking. I'd assume there'd be lots of beating involved. And lots of rape.

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I would produce good art if I was a good artist. Its too bad im too autistic to draw communist anime cat girls / femboys

What about this? Pic related

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Ah the rape obssessed idiot who doesn't understand drawing/perspective anatomy is backā€¦ go back to Zig Forums or better yet, go to >>>Zig Forums

You should do something anyways. At worst, you show yourself to be a massive faggot to an anonymous imageboard.


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I organize people irl
Thats because I am

Oh no. It's retarded.

And I'm not sure how I don't understand it tbqh.

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Bitch, we argued this the last time you tried to whine here and make a thread. You complained about the pic you just posted and had your ass handed to you by those who actually understand drawing perspective and anatomy.

Yep and yet this guy can't understand anything that isn't a basic bitch side or frontal view.

because you have the memory of a flea.

That's some buzzword soup right there.

You mean this one? With the godawful inhuman hellspawn mouth?

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thats because it is.

Glad to see we can agree on something tbh.

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Hey, can you answer me one thing? Why the fuck do you come here once a week to shitpost with the same pictures? Doesn't it get boring?

Not really tbh. The lack of new commiecat OC is a bit saddening tho.

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Can't you draw any?

Draw some in ms paint


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That's a strange way to spell GIMP.

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Probably because it says ms paint

Post a hot image at least.

this is precisely why communism will win, all we have to do now is accelerate the dialectics.

Gimp is pretty good freeware tho

Define "hot"

Eh, you lost me there.

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It's not bad, but Krita is better for art at this point

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I like the simple sketch of her being in front of porky. Can't we turn this around and make commie cat a dominatrix?


Yeah, why the fuck isn't commie cat a dom?

Kek. I haven't been browsing this board for 4 months and these threads are still up?

Sounds alright. Too bad communism never ends up that way.

She's much better being raped tbqh.

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If I won't forget I'll draw some dom OC tomorrow.

Why doesn't it though? What about achieving those ends does the means fail at?

There has been Alunya OC, but we're not sharing it. Just like most of us have stockpiles of memes, but we don't think anyone deserves to see them so we don't share them.
Maybe that's just me, though.

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Probably somewhere around the point of "have everything seized by controlled by an all-powerful central authority, tbh.

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Socialism is the closest we've ever gotten to a classless stateless society on a large scale. Anarchist experiments has basically reached communism but they implode after about 3 hours. Also imperialism exists.

Good shit

Post it

I mean you can have workers control the means of production democratically and still suppress counterrevolutionaries right?

What's an alunya tho?

And this is why communism is always a dystopian failure.

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