This, is the leftz most popular thought leader on /leftytube/

This, is the leftz most popular thought leader on /leftytube/.
Say something nice about your "Commandant" Zig Forums

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S/he's a trans revisionist who hates her/his online persona because it requires her/him to pretend to be left-wing instead of a liberal.
S/he hates her/his own self-proclaimed ideology because s/he'd rather blather on about tranny bathrooms.
At least they're good for one thing; making right-wingers who have repressed tranny fantasies convert to liberalism instead of fascism. It makes them less likely to support gas chambers and ovens as part of an economy.

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Her early stuff (pre-transition) had some critiques of IdPol that were alright.

Contra in general was alright few months ago. Today she fucking screetches about her transition 24/7.

She's a liberal but she's funny and triggers poltards so she's alright in my book, even if she's not FinBol tier.

Liberal trannies will be in the killing fields, not to mention the fact that he is a petty bourg class-enemy

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She got more liberal over time and that pisses me off.

Nobody in the alt-right is triggered by Contra. I follow alt-right twitter and they all laugh at breadtubers.

This thread will be good, there is no way a thread like this is gonna be trash whatsoever.

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This is going to get good. I'll be keeping up with this.

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Your thought leader is a crossdresser? That's embarrassing.

What went wrong?

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I'll totally have anal with that little tranny slut.

Unfortunately ours won't shoot itself

What went right

Thought leaders are for idiots that can't think for themselves.

You're alone in a sea of pain.

Those guys probably hqve about the same, if not more, problems than contra.

Autogynephilia, a touch of mental illness and taking the gender meme too seriously.

That said, excellent career move. Contra was on par with, if not a bit below the other "breadtubers" before going trans.

too bad. she was good looking as a guy, looks like he could have been in a 90s boy band or something


I don't understand how things that have been made up by people like fashion and makeup can be an integral part of someone's psychology

but they are , i assume a cis person wouldn't be comfortable presenting as anything but what matches their sex.

Many of her takes are incorrect, liberal, bourgie, etc. etc. but she's a genuinely interesting speaker otherwise, and is pulling through her transition very nicely I might add.

We need more and louder communist voices on Youtube, I think. At the moment I can only think of Danov and Finbol as being the two decent ones, and they don't have the same kind of draw as the Breadtube core.

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