The fermi paradox:

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There are aliens for sure but we will never meet them, even with decent space travel, everything in the universe keeps getting farther and farther away from each other.

Of course aliens exist, but the government covers up their existence because if people found out they'd be forced to tell us which form of government the aliens live under. Protip; it's communism.


Bullshit, If aliens ever made contact on earth their diseases we don't have antibodies for would wipe at least 90% of the population out

FTL travel could be possible btw:


so we could get to other solar systems in WEEKs rather than hundreds of years

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What diseases, comrade?

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Formal universal logic machines acquire conscience before consciousness and halbgeflissentlich help the sapient species who built them commit mass ecosuicide together and there's your Fermi Paradox.

That or achieving an Ultracommunism so advanced they can erase every trace of their physical existence in all spacetime.

t. happy Landian

If not diseases, the bacteria that would be in their sweat or shit would run rampant and wipe out any number of species.

What bacteria, comrade? Grayys have achieved total symbiosis with all of their native bacteria as well as produced new strains to achieve a higher state of being. If a human were exposed to gray alien bacteria, it would do nothing but augment his natural abilities.

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Have any of you read the retarded shit from /x/? They have detailed races of ayy lmaos to such an extent it could rival Elder Scrolls's lore.

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I remember when they had proof of finding aliens. It was some weird plastic figure in a guy's garage that stole his tools.

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Please link some, I need to CHIM.

Gonna be honest:
If aliens exist and are capable of traversing space, then they must have gone through the struggles and travails of the evolution of tools and reason. Even if they had gone through a more peaceful route than what Earth has, there's no way they wouldn't know what it was like, and just how dangerous much of it is.
There is a very good reason to believe that no alien capable of traversing space would think it a good idea to establish contact with a species that is still working its way through History in a marxist sense.
I know I wouldn't.

so you think the prime directive from star trek is real?

Imagine capitalists.
Now imagine capitalists with cheap access to the resources of at the least the solar system, super-advanced tech that they can keep from the population, and nothing to stop them from subjecting the galaxy to the profit motive.
This isn't just bad, this is the threat of re-introducing an existential threat from a planetary scale to a galactic one.

Go on 4ch's /x/ if it's still alive. Last time I was there was two years ago.

Why would you presume their diseases have any effect on us and vise versa? What if the aliens evolved with a biology composed of opposite enantiomers to ours? What if they use an entirely different organic chemistry altogether?

Halfchans /x/ is Schizos: the board

Nope expansion the universe is not going to interfere with meeting aliens in the galaxy or the neighbouring galaxies in the local cluster.

I love this stupid "ayylums = Spanish conquistadors" meme.

First, we have no clue how alien life actually funtions. We can guess that it would be similar to our own, but without contact with it, that's just a guess. Second, assuming that they have pathogens similar to those found on Earth, generally speaking these sorts of diseases prey on their particular species. The Native Americans were ravaged by diseases from Europe because they were human and those were human diseases. They didn't start catching diseases from European cats.

Actually, it's highly probable most, if not all, diseases that devastate humans were transmitted from animals, to which they are harmless (mostly, rabies comes to mind). The question is how aliens would react to herpes.

Animal diseases don't transfer to humans instantaneously. They required centuries if not millennia of prolonged contact with said animals to become human diseases. What's being suggested here is that aliens are basically Spanish conqistators and will give us all alien smallpox the moment they land.

Or they could have a stock of Spanish flu mixed with MHF on the ready because they need the real estate.

Once a species reaches communism, it will choose to stop reproducing and eventually go extinct, which is why we will never encounter intelligent alien life.

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What a beautiful thing it really is. To reach the peak and, realizing that it's been a full life, to come to meet the void peacefully and happily.

if that were possible, you'd have to ask why are we still here ? why haven't we been been overrun ? . It's basically a variation of the fermi paradox:

Here is one answer to that:


Because the development of capitalism suggests that space development is not going to be money profitable except for small scale planetary use. The only way to reach interstellar travel requires technology that would already cause capitalism to collapse.

To the stars through communism, it is the only way comrade

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More like the reason aliens don’t contact us are they’re either went extinct from capitalism or ascended to communism which mean they’ll wait until we’ve done the same before making contact.

"To the stars" is pure spookery. There is nothing inherently valuable about exploring space, and only capitalist ideology about never-ending expansion is fueling this.

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Tho I talk of exploring the stars to gain wisdom and knowledge, to meet another species that can think like ours, not for exploitation, but to finally meet peers and friends for whom to share knowledge and culture.

There is no reason to do anything. We go to the stars for the sole reason that we have the same insatiable curiosity for the unknown that caused mankind to travel into the unknown on boats thousands of years ago with no idea as to if there was anything beyond.

im glad someone else remembers this game, but are you seriously suggesting the solution the fermi paradox is a freespace/mass effect thing where our galaxy/universe is periodically purged of advanced life by another ravenous advanced species?

the internet is so irony poisoned that i can't discern retards from pretend retards nowadays

Honestly the constant expansion of space really could be the answer to the Paradox, no matter how far you go you must go further still.

The fermi paradox is gay. Aliens are smart enough to keep dumbass humans shrouded in perpetual ignorance about their existence and contact. Face it user you've been probed, we've all been probed, your mom is going to get probed by tyrone and jamal's BGC(big grey cock) in her sleep tonight.

On a more direct note: ain't that the cockiest retard logic?

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What caused mankind to travel into the unknown on boats was warfare and trade.

Sure, that sounds fun. Let's send some drones into space and not bother with this shit anymore until we actually find something.

functionally, there's no difference. post irony is the universal mode of discourse now

It's because most of them are wiped out by capitalism before reaching the stars

I think he’s referring to the people to have inhabited Australia and the Pacific Islands, not the euro hordes

Okay, and I don't think people settled on these places because they suddenly felt an urge to explore or whatever.

the human would have no symbiosis with the gray bacteria you dummy, it would kill the human

Neverending expansion is only a capitalist "spook" insofar as it is conducive to snatching up labour's surplus value. Expansion would be conducive to communism insofar as in improves, or promises to improve quality of life and increase our understanding of the "world" whether that's a country, planet, solar system or universe we live in.

This is what I hope for, otherwise shit's weird as fuck. I'd be sad in an empty universe

One depressing thought, what if we are the intellectual and moral peak of sentient and sapient life? Say we encounter other species who achieved space travel and wireless communications and whatnot, but they're all retarded assholes?

im glad someone else remembers this game, but are you seriously suggesting the solution the fermi paradox is a freespace/mass effect thing where our galaxy/universe is periodically purged of advanced life by another ravenous advanced species?

The shivans or the destroyers from the videos i linked are not another ravenous species that purges advanced life, they only go after expansionairy empires, so they are also the great preservers. They probably are native to subspace, since they ignored resources and territory, they aren't the bigger empire crushing smaller competition, if that is what you mean.

And yes I think that this is one of many plausible solution, to the fermi paradox, i admit it's kind of hand-wavy to just postulate an intelligent actor, that is basically managing a sort of nature-preserve. But you have to admit that if FTL is possible it becomes really hard to describe a natural barrier that shields us from being bulldozed.

Capitalism from earth will not spawn a galaxy devouring empire, because it can't build the infrastructure to launch it. Basically what would be needed is a space-ring to make overcoming the gravity well efficient enough. It's basically a 50 to 100 year project where short-term focus of capitalism can't build it, and the technical ability to build it probably arises too late and capitalism is replaced by another system before this becomes operational. But there is a possible life-baring planet configuration with lower gravity where a capitalist system can get access to space easier so that chemical rockets are efficient enough for the capitalist mode of production to reproduce it self through space. Which means you still have to find a solution to where all the space capitalists are. I also assume that most space communist species arise from planets that never developed class society in the first place, because that improves the odds of not self-destructing via nukes or habitat destruction, before reaching space, and those space communists would not likely be aggressive enough to stamp out space capitalism, and hence the shivans solve this.

Nigga you gay

if faster than light is invented before communism then fukuyama will become right and capital will accumulate across the solar system and galaxies

This is why I was talking about capitalism as an existential threat on a galactic scale and alien non intervention


I honestly hope so.
If that happens they're welcome to just wipe out humanity


Actually, don't worry about it, because FTL doesn't real, extrasolar system exploration is a meme, where you're fried by radiation, and existence itself is a cosmic prank, because industrialization required to invent and create an interstellar capable craft would long destroy any environment capable of sustaining life.

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yeah if you build it on earth. Implying we wont have intra-stellar travel first, colonizing the moon, mars, etc. and having heavy industries based on asteroid belt mining. That will provide more than enough minerals

Actually it's possibly some would, the body doesn't just make antibodies in response to known organisms, but produces millions of random ones a day for the very reason that humans will encounter microorganisms we don't have a pre-built immunity to.

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you do realise bacteria are a lineage of life with a common ancestor and a set of characteristics that define them, right? this is like talking about what dogs aliens own
really though, if life as we know it is a happy accident that emerges when something can replicate itself according to a blueprint, is encased in a cosy membrane and is able to keep everything going with some kind of chemical reaction for energy, what are the odds of ayy lmao microbes being structurally and biochemically similar enough to us to get us sick? what are the odds of aliens even having sweat glands for microbes to stink up? they probably expel waste but is it recognisably shit? even the most outlandish aliens in fiction generally have an ass and a mouth, bilateral symmetry, eyes or something that resembles eyes and skeletons (exo or endo). Why should this necessarily be the case? You're terramorphising the ayys here.

read Ted K

What does he say about interstellar travel? I

he discusses the buildup to it

Interstellar travel is a meme, ayylmaos probably exist, are more advanced than us, and are communist or something like it. But they can't save us, we need to save ourselves.

Everyone else are still cave ayys
Humans are the first to reach the stars.

t. terran supremacist

Shut the fuck up species traitor

I've always been of the opinion that humans are among the first, if not the first, species that has attained this level of sapience and understanding of the universe. If we don't get merc'd by the climate apocalypse, we will go on to explore the galaxy and find ayy lmaos and modify them into being a perfect race of all male revolutionary ayy lmao twink bfs.

you realize the chance that humans are the first to reach the stars is super small right? if we assumed that millions of species could do so, that means its only like a 1/1000000 chance that we are literally the first in the whole universe.

Ooh rah

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All of our theories depend on mathematical equations that are good estimations but may not be really good approximations of reality. Earth-like planets may not be a rare occurrence, but they may take a long time to form due to the number of specific circumstances that needs to be in play for a planet habitable for life to form, led alone the conditions for life itself to come about, and then the time it takes for that life to evolve to the level of human-like sapience, so on and so forth. Of course that means that as the universe gets older, there will be more planets that fit this criteria for life to form and evolve, but when exactly the universe became conducive to the conditions that forms life is still something of an open question to science. It may have been not too long ago (cosmologically speaking anyways) and Earth was something of an early bloomer, thus making humanity a very early species to arise out of those conditions.

Seriously, to consider at what point the Universe could bare life, you don’t start with the Big Bang, you don’t start with the first stars. You need basically the entire first generation of stars to die, much of the second generation to die as well, this consolidates the elements available in the Universe and allows heavier element stars such as our own to form. From here you need enough time for these stars to form planets, they likely need solar systems that will be petered with asteroids to spread elements to the more life-friendly planetoids, but also some larger body to prevent constant bombardment once conditions for life have formed on the planet. From there you need however many billions of years it takes for intelligent life to form, and, again, there’s no reason that life would necessarily progress to multicellularity and eventually sapience as it did on Earth, and with Earth we know it took roughly 2 billion years for multicellular life to form, and then another 600 million for one particularly social species hailing from a particularly social class of animals (Mammalia) to evolve. And that species has yet to expand past its home world.

I wouldn’t be shocked if humans are relatively early in the existence of intelligent life, as I would imagine roughly 4 billion years ago would be when the universe was capable of forming life.

and all of those conditions shall lead to us creating all male ayy lmao twink bfs, just as it should be.


Your understanding of biology is quite pathetic.

The aliens, belonging to nothing less but alien Tree of Life, would not have diseases transmittable to any organism on Earth. Fuck, name one bacterial disease transmittable from mushrooms to mammals.

We have no theory regarding general development of life - and when we analyse space, we assume that any possible life would have all characteristics of Earth life - which is cheating.

Thus, any "probability" of anything is nonsense, for all we know, we may be the eldest in the whole universe by a million years.

All strains of life that aren't proven to reach communism need to be exterminated. The rest too - just for a different reason.

That's true. Even we ourselves try to isolate various savage tribes to some extent - there is no reason to assume a more advanced civilization wouldn't do the same to us - in a more advanced way.

aliens are as inaccessible as the thing in itself imo. the way in which their perception and conciousness might have developed with all the unknow possibilities that evolutionary paths in different worlds with different characteristics may lead to, it would be too anthropocentric to pretend that, even if they are technologically advanced, we could in someway relate to them in any possible way. They could have no sense of morality, or space, or causality, or images or anything that is not present in the world outside of us, and its impossible to know what phenomena they could have instead of ours in their understanding, i mean they could have abstractions such as that of morality or meaning that are completley different and unrelated to our abstractions. The one that got it right for me, was Lovercraft, totally uncomprehensible beings, taking away all the godlike shit ofc.

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wtf hahahahaha what degenerate kind of game is that

multicellular life anywhere would 100% be parasitized by unicellular life

But no way could it infect something with different biochemistry, alien bacteria could have definitely have acute toxicity to us though

Hell, for all we know the Earth itself might be some strange celestial life form and nowhere else in the universe has life’s because of this


The Earth does not have infinite resources, and while hydroponics and other such things can alleviate this, they are not perfect and the human population isn't going to stop growing for a while. Additionally climate change is a thing, and it may very well begin to drastically affect us. Thus other planets or even the moon are perspective areas for colonization and living. Post-Scarcity, and especially with Cyber-syns and robotics there will be no need for basic proletarian work like coal mining or smelting to be done by hand. But not everyone is an artist or a scientist either, so what are people to do, sit on their ass and watch TV and just exist? That's a terrible existence, doing nothing is impossible for a normal functioning human being, and as human growth and advancement is inevitable, it must be directed, otherwise Communism won't go anywhere and humanity will vanish. There are objective ways of determining if a planet is likely to independently have life or not in its current state without any major change… Thus for example Mars is unable to naturally support life, but with a bit of terraforming is otherwise full of potential. There is no reason, moral or otherwise to NOT seek to colonize mars. The planet is untapped resources, new land, and is essentially a possible habitat for the ever-growing human population. There are even theories that the precursors we see in science fiction are in fact us, humanity.
the advance of civilization, and thus technology, is an eternal race against time in order to come up with a solution before an extant problem becomes an unmanageable disaster. My favorite example was the 1894 prediction about the increase in horse-drawn carriage traffic stating that, in 50 years-time, London's streets would be buried under 9 feet of manure. Regardless, there's no reason to believe that mankind will manage to save its ass from its the fire itself started every single time. A singularity is perfectly possible, and climate change seems like a sure bet for the role.
And about asteroid mining, yeah there's a fun thing about that. You see, even small asteroid have an absurd volume when compared to human scale, and it might be 100% mineral riches. Too many riches. A single asteroid can contain several times over the current known reserves in addition to all of it that's already been mined, and of several different ores and elements, no less. We're talking quadrillions, or even quintillions, of dollars worth of minerals. Meaning, that this lone asteroid would crash the world market for these ores hard enough to effectively end those markets, and wreak havoc on the markets for all derived commodities, and God knows how unrelated commodities would fare. Guess what Porky thinks about this.
Tho I suppose there's a scenario where asteroid mining is possible. Capitalism absolutely requires scarcity, thus having a single one, readoly avaiable, would be Porky's nightmare. However, scarcity can be enforced by making it a high-risk job instead. As in, say, instead of keeping an asteroid in near-Earth orbit to be easily mined, miners would be sent in ridiculously dangerous trips to distant ones. This would keep the effective supply low enough to assure scarcity, and thus profits, while creating what just might be the worst proletarian job in human history, space miner. I know which one of those two is more likely to happen.

Life itself is an abomination, civilization a greater abomination still. It can't be terribly common in the universe, nor would it last particularly long before it exhausts resources and leads to mass extinction.

The whole span of civilization as we know it lasting only a few millennia, is a very small time on evolutionary scales, so even if they could last 100,000 years, it is unlikely two similar planets will exist at the same time, in the same galaxy.

Even then there is no realistic way to contact other civilizations, and no way to even detect large-scale technological structures (if they are even technologically possible), so we'll almost certainly never know, and if by some chance we did find an alien civilization, the answer would be… so what? Humans are remarkably disinterested in anything but their narrow, stupid interests. Maybe some alien civilization would be more forward thinking, but the very existence of technological civilization itself probably requires an abominable mindset from the start. Decent people wouldn't do things this way.

That's the thing. Earth isn't typical. There's a lot of factors and features that exist on Earth in combination that give rise to life.
Imagine if Earth's orbit was warped so that it goes far from the sun and for 6 months out of the year the temperatures were lower than -200°C – no life
In addition to giving us tides, captures asteroids that could have ended all life on Earth
Look at how rarely we get hit by something that doesn't burn up in the atmosphere. Earth had to wait a long time until the right materials showed up
The right kind of atmosphere, too.
The rotations of the iron core create a magnetic field that shields us from deadly radiation

There is not another planet like Earth anywhere in the Universe. This is all we have, we are never going to be a Terraforming civilisation that conquers galaxies. We need to focus on making life here as good as possible for the most beings as possible. That's it.

That really is just the cringiest fucking pic.

Script's alright though

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Lol what about paraterraforming, humans can easily live in dome cities on planets with similar gravity

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Lmao have we ever made a doomed city or shit like that?


There are already aliens living on earth, and I'm not speaking about your normative fantasies of little grey men flying around, but the animals and even some people are aliens to us. Why would a reflection of some anticipated intelligence strike more awe in you than actually staring into the cosmic horror of the absurdity of human civilisation, or the naked animal kingdom? There is enough novelty on this rock for us, starchild.

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maybe not but if the political will and funding were there one could easily imagine the manufacture of prefabs cheaply in a low g environment being shipped across the system

broke: lovecraftian squids that are actually italians
woke: futuristic interspecies mongrelization under interstellar neoliberalism

dickgirl ayylien naga hf's or bust.

Most sci-fi universes promote inter-species breeding

Stellaris is a Mirror of culture.

Version 1. Communism is collectivism, collectivism is the same as totalitarian slavery. Capitalism is individualism, individualism is the same as democracy.

Current version: Communism is the most-est democratic and anti-oppression system, capitalism is oligarchy.

im sorry which version has commie shit, im still on 1.6

Humans can't live in jars.

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