Why the fuck did evolution create humans?

Why? What is our purpose? What is the reason? Why are we what we are? Why can we think, why can we feel, why do we want to understand, why do we want to create? Why are we different? Is just the accident of evolving language as an adaptation for social life allowing us to interpret the world in ways other animals cannot?

Human life seems a curse, a cycle of suffering, you live knowing you will suffer and die, no other animal has this curse.

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Purpose implies intent. There is no purpose to a rock on the ground, no purpose to the soil, unless you believe in something that has an intent for that rock, or that soil. I've never found questions like this to be ones worth pondering.

Ehh, I've had some shitty days, like really shitty days that composed two and a half years of my life. I can get over suffering with the most minimal thought of what is good in life, the touch of the sun, the smell of flowers, laughing with a friend, a lover's embrace. It's all worth suffering for, and perhaps is all the sweeter for it. Death is also not something to worry about for me, sure I used to be christian, but now, as a non believer, I don't really see why having an eternal nap seems so bad to people.

Haha, I fear not being dead, being dead is nothing, an infinite experience you never experience, I fear death, the process of dying, it doesn’t seem very fun.

There was no purpose, but humans are evolutionarily very effective species. We use very complex systems that multiply our force and energy collection/use efficiency much more than many other species that act much more directly

If we have no purpose why should we exist?

Why not?

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Because a lot of people fucked and made babies then the babies fucked and made babies and so on.
To fuck and make babies.
Fucking and making babies.
To help with the fucking and making babies.
Every species is different.
Every species sees the world differently.

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So you’re saying my post is speciesist?

In a way. In the same way you see other species as a coequal hoarde of inferior species, maybe a superior lifeform would see humans and the rest of the species of earth as a coequal hoarde of inferior species. What pinnacle of understanding have humans really achieved if we are still more or less just tied to the circumstances of our genetics? Lots of animals make tooks and shelter and use medicine. Nothing so special about it.


Humans are just savanna chimps who stood upright in the tall grass, and then broke the fucking system in being able to throw rocks and use tools.
There are another branch of Australopithecus which was just big ol' apes which walked on two legs that ate tubers on the savanna, that was mother nature's original plan for us.

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>Tfw I’m a hideous naked primate that’s freakishly big with freakish body proportions and no strength to go with it when I could’ve been a three foot tall bipedal ape that eats roots and has no defense against the predators prowling the savannah

Hey, they were rather successful, the Robust Australopithecus lasted until our ancestors started hunting (our ancestors probably ate them which is morbid as hell considering they were our closest relative, some The Time Machine level shit there).

In some alternate timeline of earth there is a silicon based squid monster asking the same question

t. nihilist Jew

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cry harder, you ripoff kierkegaard. get a hobby.


baboons. literal baboons.

Apparently we were genetically modified by aliens, that is how we've got those seemingly "different" functions from all other animals.

Based and Ra Material pilled.

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Ive never had a day in my life where I was happy or content. Ive only had a few rare days where I lacked feeling like shit.


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What do you think being an Australopithecus was like?



Why should some have to suffer so a few lucky cunts can be happy? I wish I could specicide humanity.

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So, in the interests of anthropology, did our lineage eventually evolve from the Australopithecus lineage? Because I know Homo Habilis is considered a direct human ancestor, I’m pretty sure it evolved from Australopithecines, right?

We're not as different from animals as we'd like to believe. We literally have no better way to teach children than to beat them repeatedly and use threats in just about every aspect of our order. It's too much for people to just communicate peacefully, literally everything people say to each other is tainted by a desire to dominate, to lie, to beat others into submission. Human "reason" is easily subverted by idiots who just sound intelligent through social status and deception. We're little better than animals that managed to learn how to jabber with our mouths, and have opposable thumbs. Humans are really, really fucking stupid for a supposedly "sentient" animal, so stupid that some of them actually believe their capacity for reason is intrinsic to just them despite the overwhelming evidence that humans, even the most advanced of them, are ruled by instinct and fear, and are barely in control of themselves and their own faculties. Human history is filled with so much inhumanity and senseless cruelty towards each other that the claims of human reason and intellect are very, very suspect to say the least. Almost every aspect of our currently ruling regimes is stupid, just utterly stupid and pointless. Decent, reasonable people wouldn't still be doing capitalism with the technology available to us.

Ain’t this through the horror of class society tho? Isn’t Marxism all about transcending the human conditions?

Yeah, this post completely lacks any kind of class analysis.

To build socialism you need socialist people.

Yes, but humans have a long, long way to go, if they're ever going to get anywhere beyond this mess. At some point, the very idea of what it means to be a human, to be a person, has to be questioned. Right now, the ruling ideas are to embrace the defects and stupidity of humanity as some sort of sick virtue, to celebrate human brutishness and emotion as behaviors to be emulated and reproduced. Such a society is going to be profoundly sick, just as the fakeass gods humans believed in created a sick world.

Those with cluster B personalities need to be genoicded. develop measures to reliably identify them, remove them and things will practically fix themselves.

Hehe I’m a cluster B

Go outside user.

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To begin with, you aren’t unhappy because you lack meaning, purpose, or a reason for living. Rather you pursue purpose to alleviate your unhappiness, because you lack the power to pursue happiness directly. Your failure to find meaning is only the cause of your unhappiness in so far as it’s a failure to remedy an ailment, but is not the root cause of that ailment. The facts support my view. Consider, what would be the reason for existing in heaven? What purpose will you fulfill? Even little children can see how stupid those questions are. Heaven is precisely that direct happiness which spits on reason, in heaven you don’t work “for the sake of”. What is meaning? Psychologists will tell you meaning is that feeling of making progress towards a goal, towards ‘purpose’, but that is nothing more than the feeling of a horse running towards a carrot. So much nonsense is said about nihilism that people have forgotten the very basics. You have desires, satisfy them and you’ll be happy.

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Don’t worry fam, you can take that hate, sexual frustration, insecurity, and rage, and use it to die in the glorious revolution and/or World War III

not going to die for you cunts

It’s alright user, I’m in the exact same position as you and dying for the revolution is how I rationalized it, dying for liberation isn’t dying for us, it’s dying for yourself and your own freedom. Do you think it was socialism that created your miserable existence? No, it was neoliberal capitalism, why would you not die to see it die?


Cooperation is a pretty central unit to evolutionary theory, as far as I can tell. Humans would not have got as far if it were not for cooperation.


No stfu humans are evil, alright that’s scientific and materialist okay, I read the Bible and also humans are bad because they’re selfish because capitalism is human nature so shut up liberal

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Also, corporal punishment isn't healthy for the long term development of a child.


And yet the best we have are slightly modified forms of corporal punishment. Instead of just beating kids, we cajole them and manipulate them, brainwash them, etc. through some very corrosive methods that inflict the same sort of damage as corporal punishment. A sanitized, nicer version of the same forceful methods is not much of an improvement.

There are other ways to build discipline,,

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I don't see how nonviolent methods are the same as corporal punishment. Though it does seem that nonviolent methods have less developmental consequences.

You cannot brainwash someone who has no stains to begin with. What else do you suggest, that we just force all parents to shove their children in an island whose only adults will be medical personnel so they don't die?

Desires can never be filled, that's a sysiphean task. As soon as one desire is fulfilled a new one will spring up to takw its place. Why do you think bozos like bezos keep working despite having mobey enoigh to entertain there every last whim? Why do rich kids seem to be the unhappiest of all? Because fullfillment of desire is not some far off possibility they have to work towards but something they are able to do everyday yet fulfilment never comes, because satiation of desire is nothing more tham an illusion.

Tbh I think prehistoric pre-class society humans were the happiest so post-historic post-class humans with no scarcity and tech beyond our wildest dreams will probably be the happiest

Because those are not the only desires, obviously.

You must stop the desires from forming in the first place.

It feels good to scratch an itch but it feels better to not itch in the first place.

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That's impossible though unless you're dead. The real solution is to focus on the correct desires (instead of running away to addiction etc.) Pre-tech people were content with what was. Mental illness is a symptom of civilization, mostly.

Is it though? To act purely from rationality and judgement instead of impulse and desire? Many throughout the ages have accepted the completely dispassionate life as the right manner of living.

How do you determine what is acting in a rational judgement? Humans are inherently irrational animals driven by their emotions, even those humans that pretend not to be. Our emotions are how we make judgements.

Not sure if that's a good way to live.

They had the basic stuff satisfied. Imagine if they were being eaten alive by, say, cancer or heart disease. Doubt they'd be able to be "dispassionate" then.

Stoic nonsense. Of course desires can be fulfilled and happiness obtained. But how can I demonstrate it to someone like you? Consult memories from your childhood and see for yourself.

Oh really?

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You are telling me you use emotions to solve linear equations? of course not. jusy because emotionality is most humans guiding force for 99% of the waking life roes not mean it is the only mode of being.

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If you think childhood is the definition of hapiness you are a sad human. The only reason a child might be happier is they've had less desires implanted into them by theor family and society.

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And that boring nerd shit is all you care for in life? Depressing

Why are you even here? Go play some vidua and rub one out to some anime tiddies and maybe you will be less ornery.

Bro, Marxist lit and political theorizing is one thing, crying over people not doing linear equations and shit is another

I bring up childhood as a way of trying to get you to remember the basic patterns of human behavior which you seem to have forgotten in favor of some idealism where emotions and desires are products of the mind, to be dispensed with at your leisure.

Evolution is driven by chance, not intelligence. Their is no plan or strategy behind evolution.

Your buddhism is half-hearted, as not even buddhist orthodoxy claims that happiness is impossible in the way that you do - that’s a western perversion.

So life is pointless as are we, why live?

From an evolutionary perspective the point of life is to have kids. From a cultural perspective the meaning in life is manufactured.

Cause fuckit, tbh.

You know the answer, everyone does. They are just afraid to say it because they will be laughed at. Many millions of years ago, aliens interfered in the "natural" progress of our ancestors and introduced us to the exploration of consciousness as a means to better adapt to the world.

This does not necessarily reflect some anthropocentric phantasm written in fiction, as some appeal to the filtered memories hidden in the collective unconscious. I find Terrence McKenna's theories about mushroom intelligence and communication being means to the development of psychic facilities in the human tribe appealing.

If you are some hippy filth like me then you will be open to the idea that mushrooms are actually forms of extra-terrestrial intelligence, of which, can be transmuted during the ingestion by primates.

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Shrooms are aliens?


I never said I was buddhist. I simply pulled one example of indifference in the face of negative experience. Fuck outta hete with your i'm the true scotsman tripe.

Wasn't even remotely my point. You are obviously too thick to understand so I wont attempt further.

Ok. Sorry. It’s not clear what you believe, and with talking about eliminating desire, giving the analogy of an itch, and posting a monk it mapped out pretty well to the typical western buddhist.

If you've ever survived one single 60 hour workweek you wouldn't be posting teenage angst, but doing your best to build communism instead.
Here's your class-based materialist analysis, go fuck yourself.


Wtf are you doing to build communism posting on an Zig Forums board faggot?

I th8nk you are the one with the western viewpoint abd are caught up with notions of orthodoxy. Truth is trancendent of a who or a school of thought. Truth invites independabt discovery because it is a real observable think outside of the person who described it. Any real yogi will tell you that true hapiness can only be a product of liberation from desire and sense pleasures.

And only by cultivating perfect indifference to the external world can you hope to liberate yourself and find true hapiness.

I'm beginning to think the "just be indifferent lol" people are our enemies looking to bring us down.

We're pretty much the boot disk for some AI that will reach its tentacles out on a comic scale and bring commumism to the universe, by force if necessary.

technology worship is harmful

But I am not a yogi or a buddhist or whatever because I don’t think “cultivating indifference” is a thing you can just mentally do. You can train yourself to be emotionally dead, depressed and repressed, but that’s it. Any kind of ascetic that doesn’t base themselves around an empirically verified set of instructions for achieving their goals and is results-oriented, instead basing themselves around “theory” and “wisdom” is wasting your time. Nonscientific “just improve your soul bro” type thinking is pure idealism.

I'm an evolutionary biologist and I believe the purpose of intelligent life in the universe is to change it to its will.

You keep getting it backwards. You think some kind of moderate approach is the best road to success but moderate actions will only achieve moderate results. If you are listening to people who tell you, you can reach the moon by doing jumping jacks you are listening to charlatans. Also keeping with the physical exercise analogy, no amount of empirical evidence or explanations is ever going to ever make you not a lard ass. The only solution is to do the thing.

You're assuming there is an answer to these

You could've just responded to me directly. I know what you're thinking that by indifference i mean be complacent or don't take action. Indifference means detachment from your actions. Indifference means doing something because you decide to do it not to ibly do things when you feel like it. Like you say you are going to run a mile everyday. If you are indifferent to it you keep doing it everyday you keep doing it every day because that was your decision. If ypu are guided hy your emotions and desire than you may npt feel like running today or you may desire to lay around the house insyead of running.

But no there's nothing nefarious in my advice. I only gave some advoce because people were posting about their emotional struggles with life and etc. If that's what makes you happy by all means keep doing it. Or even if it isn't keep doing it. I litteraly have zero ounce of power over anyone here. These are just characters on a screen.

On a seperate note. Calm down your delusions of grandeur that anything you are doing here or elsewhere is worthy of even the slightest effort of animosity.

At the nsa:

Go to the fucking gym.

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Gymcels are the biggest copers. What matters is having the correct facial bones and having a psychology as close to the dark triad archetype as possible.

you're a whiny piece of shit, and that's a pretty unsexy feature.

a buff dude with the personality of a simpering incel is still a simpering incel.

just like Elliot Roger, and look how well he turned out

Sounds like you're just butthurt because you get a hard on from bullying people and don't want to feel bad about it.

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Yeah this really needs to be pointed out more. Elliot Roger wasn't ugly, he had money, he had a lot going for him, his problem was his utterly atomized psychology.