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I’ve never read a single piece of political literature in my life, but I can guarantee that I’m more revolutionary than you’ll ever be. Your class-backgrounds make it so you had to read books to understand the struggles of the working-class, but books only ended up abstracting you from reality even more. Marx was not a worker. He was an intellectual. All of these “leaders” (swindlers) of the working class are intellectual academic scum who want to lord over the working class.
And fuck their arcane theories and dusty tomes. Marx is a class-enemy just like every other major communist intellectual. All of them need to be killed and their books burnt. The proletariat doesn’t read, it builds society. The proletariat doesn’t get education, it builds society and learns on the job. Books and education are products of the bourgeois superstructre and need to be abolished. We true communists must seize the movement back from intellectual parasites. If you’ve read a book to understand class struggle, you’re part of the problem(USER WAS BANNED FOR FALSEFLAGGING)

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You may not have read any books, but you learned from people who did read books. You didn't go to work and suddenly realize your surplus value was being extracted through private ownership of your workplace. You didn't have a conception of working people as a class in struggle against capital before a communist told you about it. And even if you did, 99% of workers clearly did not.

Weak shit. True revolutionaries adhere to No-Thought Action, going through life on pure instinct or even lower, they revolutionize simply by being and act without acting. Check out comrade jellyfish. Everyone here is reactionary compared to xir, central nervous systems are bourgeois.

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There you go using those book-words again. Go and try to talk to a REAL worker and see if he understands what needs to be done. Booktards are paternalistic class-enemies. The working class will decide what its best interest is, and will not be guided by the theories of academics. I’d kill Marx and his wannabe overlords if he lived today. The workers must lead

lmao at ur life, true workers only communicate via grunts and pheromones

Intellectuals did not invent language, the people did as a whole. You intellectual freaks can never argue in good faith

Real human beans interface directly with the natural world without any abstract thought, obeying base instinct.

But the people who read books that he learned from, learned from books written by people who learned from people who didn't read books. Checkmate pseuds.

All knowledge is refined ignorance.

Ignorance is the purest form of knowledge, as it acts on instinct. You are attempting to domesticate humans for your sick control fantasies


Intellectual megalomaniacs witness the struggle of working people and then craft “theories”. They place themselves at the head of their movements and attempt to enslave the workers and guide them on their abstract theoretical notions, destroying the revolution. They are enemies

Preach it brother. We must make sure that no one with an Autism Level higher than 55 is allowed to run for office.

Lmao, go back to Zig Forums you retard. The proletariat isn't limited to blue collar workers.

t. urbanite self-styled intellectual labor-aristocrat

You are the only one implying that the proletariat is full of retards

I'm literally in a trade you faggot. Just because someone is a worker, that doesn't mean they are somehow now the antithesis of knowledge. The fucking largest consumer of books in the history of capitalism has been workers you brainlet.
I know this is probably a shitpost, but fucking still

William Z. Foster was both a leading figure in the Communist Party and an organizer of strikes. He noted his intellectual development as follows:

He then wrote how at 19 he actually got exposed to socialist ideas not through reading but "at an open air meeting at the corner of Broad and South streets in Philadelphia during the early summer of 1900. I think it was conducted by the Socialist Labor Party. This was the first time I had ever heard a Socialist speaker and his presentation won me immediately and completely."

Engels noted as early as the 1840s how workers in the Chartist movement discussed political economy and other "advanced" subjects under even worse conditions than Foster endured. A major argument for shortening the work-day in the 19th century was to give workers more time for intellectual pursuits.

As early as 1828 a shoemaker named William Heighton founded the Mechanics' Free Press, the first labor newspaper in the US, and also set up the Working Men's Party in Philadelphia.

Reading that stuff makes YOU a class-enemy. I need to try to learn how to stop reading so I don’t pick up ANY of this reactionary subversive garbage

He became the bourg he so hated(USER WAS BANNED FOR BAN EVADING)

I was more replying to your aspersions that I have some nefarious plan to "domesticate" and control people. My statement was concurrent with your general premise but you were too dumb to understand what it meant. Continue your scizo ranting though.

Muh schizos. Keep sticking to your CIA script, good prole. Intellectuals made up these words you use to LABEL counteropinions

I thought I was the one domesticating people. No I am the prole? Make up your mind schizo.

Even though this was nearly never the case, let's assume the people feeding the information were not exploited. In such a situation, as with any situation, only one relevant question exists.

Were they or were they not objectively correct?

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Imagine thinking any of the top Bolsheviks were victims of capitalism

Nice obfuscation of reality

Read Stalin's history and get back to me on that.

What does this meaj? What reality are you living in schizo? Will you join us in this one?

Ok doesn't have a shred of evidence or rationale and is probably pol poster

Oh, you're the guy who believes the world is controlled by illuminati aliens. Lul.

William Z Foster was a weenie
listen to him talk

Excellent criticism!


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