Maduro if he has any revolutionary intent in that heart of his should delegate all power to the bolivarian circles and...

Maduro if he has any revolutionary intent in that heart of his should delegate all power to the bolivarian circles and abolish the officer of El Presidente to make coup impossible (can't seize executive power if it isnt stacked in one branch)

who else thinks this would be very epic?

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I think it’d likely cause a Venezuelan Civil War due to the power vacuum

Doesn’t the Bolivarian revolution currently consist of Venezuela and Cuba at this point?

Peru as well

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The anti-venezuela gang is iterally called lima-group

the bolivarian revolution was always just the name of venezuela's revolution, not others. allies with it are currently Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia. Former allies like Honduras, Ecuador and Brazil have fallen to right wing coups one way or another.

Shit, please forgive my stupid burger ass for thinking evo morales was in charge of peru.

Make Gulags Great Again.

There's an immigrant from Honduras that I know, and that place is Brazil's chaos all rammed into a nation smaller than New York.

Isn't that pretty much what he did by erecting the Constituent Assembly which is overwhelmingly pro maduro?


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Anyway it looks like he survived that shitty coup and of course we support Redflag welfarism with petrostate characteristics 100% because the alternative would be carnage.

So, now that we’ve gotten the fucking retard tier take that Maduro would somehow support the revolution by destroying his own government, what do you think holds in the near future for Venezuela and the Revolution, having survived the year’s coup attempt?

something i have never heard explained is how the opposition was able to gain control of parliament if maduro is supposedly so popular

The Parliament likely consists of much of Venezuela’s elite, who want to be slaves to America so they can be gods in Venezuela once again

that doesn't explain how they got elected

Chavista self coup into a one party state (the progressive pole or whatever it's called with the Venezuelan Communist Party) might happen if they see the necessity clear enough. Hell I bet most Venezuelan proles would be fine with it.

they won one election as the opposition party during a major economic recession. the problem is they believe that gives them the right to take over all branches of government and vanquish the movement that's won like 20 elections over the last two decades. But then, they've believed that same thing since 1999, no matter the circumstances.

Maduro's not that popular because the country's in a major recession, the right hates him and a lot of the left thinks he's been a bad leader for them. He's just more popular than Guido and the traitor squad.

Does Maduro go on TV and ship fridges and microwaves to people who call in like Chavez did?

This is somewhat an unpopular opinion, but, Maduro has done more with less than Chavez ever did.

This. Chavez lost a huge chance to do some real shit with oil near $150/barrel.

Maduro, the underrated sequel


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It pretty much does though, Evo Morales is basically a Chavista

yeh man thats my point he talked about the bolivarian revolution without mentioning bolivia iis what i am saying

Maduro should keep building the popular movement until he has the means to arm the people as a massive proletarian militia, and declare the Second Bolivarian Revolution (this time with guns!)

He should also declare Chavez to be Presidente Eterno.

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He called for exactly that, if the PSUC government was overthrown or if he got power coup'd out by ther right wing of his own force. A proletarian and socialist revolution as a last ditch action if the revolution is overthtown.


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Why doesn't Maduro establish a moneyless, classless, fully-automated communist utopia?

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