If Equality is the basis of leftism then leftism has a lifespan

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Fuck off Zig Forums. We've had this debate 100 times.

Nah, you didn't.

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>Equality is the basis of communism
Read and fuck off.

I'm not going to fuck off. Either participate in the argument or just ignore the thread my dude.

Yah, I did. I was an anarchist and have always hated communism for being too authoritarian. Albeit the flaw in views boiled down to believing that democracy and equality were important, when in reality, not everyone is equal and therefore democracy has limited if an entirely superficial value.

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What argument. It's the same tired old talking points that have been sent away dozens of times. Furthermore, you have 0 fucking sources. Not one.

Smells like you were a liberal too me.
Read Lenin and go back >>>Zig Forums

The link you posted contradicts you.
That's still equality.


Yeah right, you probably only heard of anarchism because of Bakunin and Proudhon's antisemitic comments.

I was too liberal for liberalism, hence I became anarchist. Only to realize some people abuse freedom when given it, especially if they happen to be niggers.

How so?

Literally die

That doesn't imply your starwmen of we're all going to paid the same, or that we would ignore that some people have greater skills at certain things than others. Your life and ability to completely self-actualize will not be impeded by your ability to pay or the brutality and inefficiency of a market. Profit is not necessary.

*blocks your path*

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I hadn't heard of those comment until long after I had given up on a leftist mentality. I was an anarchist around 2010, and many people I knew went to Occupy.

And yet here you are being a fucking liberal

bakunin was a salty mother fucker but he also admired marx so much he translated his works into russian
which … affected world history a bit

You know what argument. Don't play stupid, just fuck off or engage the points.

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Why did Lenin style on libs so fucking hard?

Because your simple racist mind has a single preconceived notion of how different people act and twists everything else in your worldview around it

I never said I was a liberal.

What fucking points. It's the same old shit that Zig Forums thinks is revolutionary but to people who know how to read, it's just a joke. If you had a grasp of socioeconomics and cleared you mind of all the racial spookery, you'd get that.

You're just playing stupid at this point.

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So you were a dumbass anarkiddie playing out your childish idealist fantasies as a dumbass sheltered radlib, then you got triggered by BLM and became a fascist? Pathetic lmao

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Liberal detected.

Rape, robbery and murder seem to have the same implications no matter what society you live in.

Read the rest of my post you disingenuous faggot

Never said I was a liberal but I don't mind being accused of one.

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Then know your fucking place, scum

Then address my points.

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Your answer to why amounts to
When In fact the answer is orders of magnitude mor complex,coated including history and economics, things a brainlet like you will never properly grasp

See, this kind of bad snide bad faith is why it's often pointless to engage with the right.



Why wouldn't you want white people to be on top if you are white? It's basic self-interest applied in a collective way as opposed to capitalism which just serves individuals.

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Pathetic. Truly and utterly pathetic. That would only have any effect if you were antisemitic to begin with, and we here reject idpol of every kind. Just stop, go back to Zig Forums and whine about Jews and blacks and whatever the fuck else.

Probably because I’m not white lmao

And also because you’re just trying to find a position on the totem pole slightly above blacks while letting porky tear your ass apart like a Christmas present

they have a ducking reflex that makes lassos useless.

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You would rather patronize than listen. How pretentious and willfully ignorant.

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Equality and human rights are the death-sentence for all of creation. Take the Pentti Linkola pill

Do you have anything other than pointless infographs and easily mockable bullshit

I assume most people here are white, so you're in the minority.


It's easy to mock anything when you're the dumbest person in the room.

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The point of the picture is to show the leftist bias in journalism.

Yeah, the Afrikaners should fuck off or be destroyed, fuck kulaks and kulak adjacent lmao

The grand majority of leftists couldn't care less about race. The few who do aren't hung up on it like you.

Speak for yourself, you haven't said anything of substance besides crap infographs and pretending to take the high ground

What is white people on top? Do you think white capitalists give a shit about you?

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Imagine for a moment not wanting to seize shit from invaders. Imagine for a moment wanting anuddah shoah to happen

I've always noticed how shitty of a copout this is. Calling anything complex or simple is redundant, all things can be viewed in either a complex or simple manner depending on your ability to explain. You're just exposing the fact that you have no argument but you would like to have one.

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No really. If you are against Blacks wanting to kill Whites in Africa then there is no reason at all to get mad when shitskins take ur shit.

Look at your own goddamn pic.
"White people on top" aren't gonna magically solve the problems in that.

You're just too lazy and sloppy to get invested in actually learning, if it's not spoonfed to you through memes and infographs you won't absorb it. Sorry fucko but you need to do some actual reading.

I've already stated that capitalists (and their leftists underlings) are a part of the problem. They are the ones who are able bar politicians from implementing a ban on immigration, they are the ones who want cheap labor at the expense of their fellow whites.

Go back to 10th grade biology, mutt.

But then again u voted for a guy who cucked out to Jews, had Slavs put him in place, and let a shitskin take away ur Internet.

Why would anyone give a fuck about white South Africans tho?

Do you know what the left actually is. Or are you just another retard who thinks it means liberal

This tbh

Good luck getting an actual debate from these drones, a mod will be along to ban you shortly. I got banned for a month for drawing attention to the fact that corporatism and capitalism are two different things.

No shit. That's my point, you don't want to see it, but when niggers commit crime disproportionately and then riot and fuck up the city you can't help but see that they are the reason anarchists are discredited. Because them not being bound by the law means more rape, more murder, and more robberies.

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Then why are you consistently engaging with me? lol

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Will you make any effort at all to look deeper into the economic, social and historical causes for these? Secondary factors and interactions? Of course not. You made your mind up and won't interact with anyone or anything that may challenge it.

Because it's a case study in how backwards and inept the right is at debate. Memes, infographs and the same handful of tired old points, that's all you saddos have got.

As long as you hate on whites then you can't complain about them becoming more racist and using South Africa as a pretext for how they treat niggers everywhere else in the world. It's like a dog biting it's master only to be beaten back into submission.

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they're different when you have an imaginary definition of capitalism, like most lolberts

You literally came here ranting about how non-whites are inferior and should be enslaved you stupid fucking Zig Forumstard

This is what I'm talking about, saying "what is socioeconomics" is a total non-answer. It's backpedaling into obscurity. It's pathetic. You're trying to excuse rape, robbery and murder on a disproportionate scale by saying, uh hey, they were poor, even though whites don't do that when they're poor.

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Well you are inferior, but I never said you should be enslaved. I think you should be exterminated entirely.

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You not only don't understand but you utterly refuse to. You don't look any deeper into causes and effects, you just parrot NIGGUZ LOL every time, because you lack the mental faculties for anything more.

They don't need to be poor to rape and murder.

You're not studying, or teaching. You literally told me to fuck off at the outset. You're excusing the fact that you want me to leave but can't make me do it. lol impotence disguised as intelligence

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No, they don't. Nobody needs to be poor to rape, rob or murder other people. Just ask your local nigger.


The same old impotent smugness that comes with the right. You have nothing actually to say so you put your jester hat on. Dance, monkey, dance.

You're being pretentious as a substitute for having an actual argument. Reminds me of a lot of college professors.

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And you're being ignorant and stubborn in place of actually doing impartial research into these things. You don't know, you don't WANT to know because it would differ from your opinion and god knows we can't have that.

How about the Bell Curve?

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Whiteys get the bullet too

The simple solution is to kill everyone

Reminder that the Bell Curve is literally about how the Rich are becoming a different species and only used that one Black neighborhood as an example because it was poor as a means of showing that racial differences in intelligence are the result of environment.

I did impartial research, I told you I started out as an anarchist and I challenged my own beliefs. I thought like you but the only difference is that I was open-minded to the notion that equality and democracy are flawed. And thereby stopped being leftists after actually doing research. You are the one who can't accept facts, you are denying everything while telling me there are things I'm not considering. Debunk it all then. Provide evidence.

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Well, you're right actually.

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Worst authority to appeal to tbh

But tell me if that quote is incorrect and how.

No, you started off with a preconceived notion then filled up on simplistic, reductionist memes and unsourced infographs like you've been inundating this thread with.

Some of those are sourced though. The evidence that niggers commit disproportionate rape, robbery and murder (over half of America's) comes from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. You're lying through your teeth to save face.

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And again you skip over the forces and causes of what causes that. You won't look deeper because it would actually require you to think rather than swallow memes.

Because intelligence is very much dependent on nurturing and environment and testing than genetic (that isn’t even related to race)?

Not at all, in fact, you do. It's a nature vs. nurture argument and I'm arguing in favor of nature, as in genetic predisposition and speciation due to geographical separation.

Go back to the Bell Curve.

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The only arguments for that are shaky at best, and often use bad samples and practices to reach their conclusions. Nurture makes far more sense in that anyone of any race raised Ina bad environment may well grow up to be bad themselves. Not a hard concept.

Is there any reason you retard Nazis want the love and affection of people you want to destroy? You get the bullet and your family does too, Stalin didn’t kill enough Germans.

It's funny how according to Nazi logic the Slavs should've killed every last g*Rman

If the soviets and allies had continued to kick Germany while they're down then just left them to rot, would we be dealing with this crap today

Except Germans started the war, Slavs did not, ergo, not nearly enough Germans died.

Now buy yourself a handgun and follow your leader

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Definitely not, Comrade Joe could’ve swept through Europe but then D-Day happened and he was ultimately more merciful than he’s credited for. The Red Army had every right to burn Germany to the ground and salt the Earth after the shit they pulled in the East.