"A socialist society is generally defined as one where people are permitted to earn and spend their own money...


"A socialist society is generally defined as one where people are permitted to earn and spend their own money, but where the government owns and operates the places where they work – while also providing the necessities of life to everyone whether the work or not."

How can we stop this meme of "socialism is when the government does - Things"?

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First, it's good that the "s" Word is normalized, than we can explain to the people what really is

Why even bother?

It doesn't matter who says it, everybody ignorant on socialism thinks that the government is involved


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America will be socialist by 2100.

Isn’t the best definition, but it isn’t “Socialism is when the government owns stuff”

Nationalization (collectivization) of the MOP is socialism though.

People who can't work aren't left to starve you fucking memer.

I'm starting to think this isn't so true anymore. Words are nothing, it's the idea that really matters.

Yes they are. What Lenin meant by this quote isn't that people unable to work should be left to starve but people who are capable of work but choose not to will be fucked in socialism.

They don't want socialism they want social democracy

tfw they're describing fascism


From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

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This is why it is not surprising when burgers basically think capitalism is a force of nature and has existed since people first started using money.

If it was fascism then the places wouldn't be owned by the government directly, they would instead be owned by companies who were deemed to be within the interest of the government or whom the government allowed to run a service. The rest of the article does describe Social Democracy though.

As a gay I totally believe in what the articles says.

that hilarious and unrelated

at the bottom of the bullet points. FFS

People were interested in socialism before AOC. She's just using the label to keep young people and workers in the Democratic Party.

Well I hate my job and survival is hard sometimes so I really hope socialism would help me have a proper non-antisocial job you can live on as a human person, whatever that is, because fuck capitalism, so I guess I'm one of your egoists and maybe I'll like even Gulag.

For as long as there is such a skew in the sexual marketplace, I will not believe the majority of women are socialist. They just jump on the "socialist" bandwagon because it makes one seem like a good virtue signaler. All they understand socialism to be is when "the government gives stuff to women."

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