Now that dumb fuck BO is dead, it is time to relive the grand Rojava general:

Now that dumb fuck BO is dead, it is time to relive the grand Rojava general:

What is the situation now that ISIS are gone?

How will they fit into the new Syria?

Will Erdogan stop throwing his shit around?

What steps do they need to take to ensure against a smooth transition to socialism and communism?

so why then does Assad ally with them and pay for their healthcare?

Brainlets out of this thread plz.

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wow good input you have clearly shown you know alot about the subject

first isis, next rojava

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he doesn't
it isn't
he hasn't.

That's a big erection for someone you know nothing about though

Should've linked the writings and websites. The implications of the analysis of the Nation-State and Ideology ring true for anyone politically disaffected from the PDF below.

sorry it has been two years i'm rusty.

Why does this relate to Erdogan throwing his shit around though?

It doesn't. Erdogan will never stop throwing his shit around. He is a shit thrower.

I remember the live-streams of the coup from a couple of years back when he was forced to facetime his supporters from his jet.

wow, great thread, you clearly shown that you aren't an ex-BO obsessed idiot who is here to prove a point about his past (shat upon by everyone) grievances but someone who is truly interested about them Kurds



Yeah long live the anarchist revolution in 150 US military bases in syria

Shit thread tbh. Rojava is a US puppet.

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Your dissenting opinion is appreciated, but denied. Please go read a book

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now wait a minute, when the fuck did the Bolsheviks ally with imperialists

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In OP's alternate history folder

I know Lenin was /ourguy/, I'm just saying that something similar is what happened in Rojava, just that the paper trail is thicker because that's how things are now.

its not. you are stupid.

It's okay to bomb middle-east countries with US planes landing in your territory which also help the fascist state of Israel conduct genocide on Palestinians people the Syrians arm of which without them existing this will also further destroy Russian power drastically increasing the power of the US's ability to basically just murder and kill everything for profit and the noose of death would grow ever larger and move onto Iran but all this is okay because Lenin got some Gold from some Germans. You liberal anarchists should all be taken outside and shot next to the bankers and Jewish atrocity committers you defend and support in their conquests.

Lenin didn't fucking ally with Germany you faggot, and this is but one the many huge differences between Rojava and the early Bolsheviks. Rojava openly allied with the US to fight against Assad and allowed the US to install bases within it's territories to do so. They also made no attempt to establish socialism within Syria itself and instead decided to break off in order to form their own ethnically based "anarchist" territory. Contrast this to the Bolsheviks who were not in any way allied with Germany and who were not attempting to merely form some ethnically based territory separate from Russia, and in fact opposed groups like the bundists who wishes to do so.

Other than Rojava are there any Red International Brigades someone who doesn't value their life can go train and fight for?

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When a serious opportunity arises we'll have threads on it, obviously.

He also gave them ukraine poland and belarus lmao. In retrospect germany collapsed but Lenin till the end was looking for rapprochement with the german government against the Entente or at least a benevolent neutrality against each other


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If it's so terrible and 'un-Marxist' why is it in fact succeeding?

Women's liberation? Check
True democracy? Check
Revolutionary spirit? Check

Let me know when the Democratic Socialists of America, Momentum UK, or the WSWS begin the armed struggle against Fascist dictatorships and the bourgeois foundations of Neoliberal hegemony.

Fuck you, Heval (that means friend in Kurdish)

Please stop being provocative.

The situation for the DFNS looks grim. But then again its been looking grim for 5 years and they're still standing. Hopes keep getting built up and dashed. The peace deal with the syrian government seemed positive but they dont seem to be getting any direct assistance from the syrian military to drive turkey out. So maybe syria is hoping turkey will solver their problem for them. But the dfns still seems to be getting some heavy weaponry supplied from somewhere and keep giving the turks bloody noses. However they also seem to be resorting to "inflitration" (suicide) attacks now which indicates they are getting more desperate.

Yeah, no. He didn't "give" it to them, the German army broke the armistice and occupied all Eastern Europe. Soviets had to sign the peace treaty basically being held at gunpoint.

Syria going to war with Turkey is just asking for US interventionism. Rojava has won out against great threats before, this will be much the same (especially now that this is no longer a civil war, but a war of Turkish imperialism). They will get Syrian volunteers if it means defending from Turkey, along with all the Kurdish volunteers they have been getting since their inception. Not to mention Turkey has a very large Kurdish minority that has been oppressed since Erdogan took power. Turkey is, as ever, a massive racial powder keg with the Turks trying to dominate everyone, and I don't think that they will hold it together for much longer. Turkey will probably rip itself apart in a series of ethnic independence wars, imho.

I didn't know Ocalan was this much of a brainlet.

Are you implying that it wasn't a case of US imperialism before?

Rojava isn't a US op lmao. They've opportunistically used US forces to fight IS and other religious extremists just how Venezuela uses Russia's military to ward off US imperialism. In an era where leftism is virtually wiped from any power, you will have to play off the imperialists to your own ends if you want power, until a new revolutionary country of power equal to the USSR arises. And they've played the US well, getting all the military support they needed to consolidate Northern Syria, cutting off their alliance with them when they started to lapse in their support for Rojava, and then allying with Syria (and by extension Russia), thus denying imperialists any of the power and influence they wanted in the region.

I feel like this kind of analysis is very crude and vulgar. Is every single Kurd in Rojava allied to the US, or did the leadership take a strategic decision?

Also, if you live in a country that has trade deals with the US, then you're also allied to them, but I don't see anyone derailing threads about the British Labour party.

What we're seeing here is a methodological nationalism, where non states are held to higher standards of purity than states

You are not answering my question. Are you denying that the "civil war" was backed by the US?

Your first paragraph contradicts your second. Your third is just pure stupidity.

And you are missing the nuance. Yes, the US did intervene in the civil war. No, they did not achieve their imperialist objectives because that was never the goal of Rojava to give the US the gains they wanted. Now as a result, several reactionary movements are destroyed and a leftist state has consolidated power in the region.

Call it an imperialist war all you like, but the actual facts on the ground won't change, nor will any of the people supporting Rojava change their mind about the usefulness of the tactical decision to opportunistically use the US to empower a leftist state.

they achieved several of them
currently, Syria is divided and severely weakened with the Americans occupying the eastern half

Syria is less divided and weak than they actually wanted though, most of the "moderate rebel forces" they supplied have been wiped out either by the Syrian government or Rojava and the two biggest forces in the region, both Syria and Rojava, are actively allied together with Syria giving the Kurds financial aids. All of this has put all of Syria under the sphere of Russia, the thing that the US wanted to prevent the most, since this now means that Russia has a warm water port in the Mediterranean. The only thing that has really happened in a positive sense for the US was the Golan Heights getting occupied, but that is at best a short-term gain mostly for Israel that cements them as a permanent enemy in the Middle East and a warmonger to anyone who isn't a blatant zionist or weirdo christian. Assad's rule is probably more secure now with Rojava and Russia as allies than it was before the civil war.

rojava is an Israeli Zionist imperialist project even neo con talk radio show hosts in the usa support it

You know that the German troops liberated from the Ostfront almost broke the French lines in Operation Michael, right?

Conditions change, Lenin did questionable things and Rojava does questionable things. A material analysis would lead to supporting them over both hearteating McCainites and fashy not-even-socdems (I mean if Assad is socdem Germany is actually existing socialism).
And Russia isn't as fascist as America, I'd argue not fascist at all due to the absence of a predominant financial sector, but it's not the USSR anymore, not at all. I'm arguing in good faith and I really don't see where all the disdain comes from, I mean I shit on Kropotkin a lot for picking sides on WW1 and so should everyone else, I'm just saying that maybe, just maybe, we should do a more sober analysis than simply Russia good America bad.

Name 4.

Disbanding the factions
Brest Litovsk
Crushing the anarchists
Trusting Trotsky

You can say they were all pragmatic choices and we agree on most things, I'm just saying they're questionable as fuck from a contemporary perspective, and they actually got him shot.
Really, the luxury of hindsight is blinding most people to how much of a shitshow the Russian Civil War turned out to be. Like I said, not arguing against Lenin, just saying that maybe Rojava should get a more sober view.

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The airbases appeared only after Turks kicked out the US. I suppose this makes turkey anti imperialist or something? How do you account for the Russian forces also present in Kurdistan are they also imperialist too?

Imagine thinking you are Leninist and not supporting national liberation from antinmarxist turd positionists.

So you have absolutely no idea what is actually going on there and you are just a retarded internet sectarian. Probably also thinks zapatistas are anarchist or something.

Lol which book exactly should I be reading on this subject

Is that Captain America?

If you live in an imperialist country you’re better off biding your time and working on base building and organizing comrade

But oh gee willikers billy that’s fucking idealism

Except that is a tiny part of the economy. What they have now is basically early Soviet Democracy, it’s a dual power situation where councils have a large amount of power so do unions, but most major resources like energy and water are nationalised and managed by a national branch. It just so happens that members of the same parties established both branches.

This the most fucking annoying thing about you cunts. You take an anti Kurd position basically because anarchists like it, when you don’t actually have a fucking clue. They are massive tankies. Their cadre take vows not to even have romantic partners. You just have no idea what the fuck you are on about

Also missed out, the PKK, the only actually apoist faction also runs on democratic centralism.

No they fucking didn’t dont be so god damn dishonest. The enemy was ISIS.

What about it isn’t socialist? Could you actually describe to me how the economy actually functions there? Do you know how it functions?

You are completely fucking stupid and you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about for the last fucking time, it’s basiclaly a social democracy with strong unions and councils. Yknow like the fucking Soviet Union.

Yeh what the fuck was the Second World War exactly.

Go fuck yourself you retarded autistic fuck

Incisive, clear, bold. A post worthy of any moderator's attention


Oh you don’t like my tone I suppose that definitely makes the Kurds imperial puppets and their leadership should listen to you on matters relating to their struggleé-tl

Oh, wow.

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Oh you posted that one article cool great. Now, how is there economy functionally different in terms of abolishing markets etc than any other socialist experiment? Has anywhere ever done this? No, besides in Spain and Maos China with communes that were unsustainable and were therefore reversed.

Also if your argument is actually “muh not real socialism” then how on earth do you justify support of Assad? Am I supposed to believe he more muh true socialism than the Kurds?

It had commodity production with state subsidised public services generated from the revenue on these commodities. What else was it.

It’s pretty telling all any of you can ever say is “lol” or “omg read a book” or post some link but none of you can actually describe in detail why you think what you think from your smug retarded pedestal.

Absolutely smh

He still wanted German aid and relations of a sort. Thats why the Left SRs went apeshit and killed the German Ambassador because they perceived Lenin as cooperating with the Germans. Also, read about the negotiations of Brest Litovsk the Germans and Bolsheviks had a weird respect and camaraderie during the proceedings as they drank and dined together

But why would you do that if you are just here to larp as muh true rebolutionary who has probably never been part of organising the proletariat ever in their entire life

Two posters who used to frequent the board for these threads said the exact same thing before they stopped and left


all these supposed hardcore materialists who are actually larping idealists with absolutely no conception of the conditions in Kurdistan or why they are made


How about you just say what your are cryptically trying to imply

Got some questions as I haven't been keeping up a lot with Syria lately
They are gone? I'm aware somewhere during late 2018 they got completely fucked and lost their capital but I didn't know they were essentially out of the war.
Also any more info on how official/stable the alliance between Rojava and the SAA is?

"Regime forces, in March 2017, created a buffer zone between the YPG and Turkish-backed FSA in western Manbij, in order to protect the YPG from any possible FSA moves. They did the same in September 2017 in Afrin.

Assad’s stance towards the YPG changed after Daesh was defeated from urban areas of Syria in late 2017. Assad began calling the YPG “the traitors,” and rejected any US-backed forces on Syrian soil.

But it shifted again in January 2018, when Turkey began its operation in YPG-controlled Afrin in Syria. Opposing Turkey’s and the opposition groups' presence in Syria, Assad allowed movement of YPG militias for reinforcement through the regime-controlled areas. Iran-backed Shia militias, who fight along with the regime forces, are also based in those areas.

But it is now unclear how long Assad’s support will continue to the YPG, or if he will support the group’s desire to rule the areas they capture from Daesh in the long term. "

This describes how things look. Sources are mixed as to how the negotiations will go, and Assad has said some pretty strong stuff, but they do have a history of working alongside each other and they are negotiating and it does look like when the choice is between Turks and Kurds Assad choses Kurds, although again, sources are mixed. Putin has suggested that old agreements between Assad and the Turks that the Turks can do cross border operations against the PKK could be re-opened, but has however demanded that the Kurds and Syrians do not attack each other.

Thinking about the hard power in the situation, the Kurds have really quite a lot. They have a large, now battle hardened militia with mass popular support, while Assad is trying to stitch back together a country ravaged by the worst war in the last 10/20 years. At this point it would be incredibly stupid of him to start another civil war and he is not that stupid.

this is however idealism. Why has there been no working class revolution in the region? Why has the only workers revolution that has been successful in the region been along the new Ocalan line? What makes the Kurdish revolution specifically not a workers revolution? Because their leader is somewhat of an idealist? Does that mean they are not workers and they are not engaged in strengthening their own power, building their own socialist state and managing their own workplaces?



Proofs? Also none of those tgibgs are specifically Marxist.

America claims to have all of those things as well, does that make America Marxist?

Do you? What is your unbiased source?

this thread looks dead

Kurds Collaborating with Mossad

lol the southfront site is begging for donation,7340,L-4737624,00.html

So what.. the USSR helped create Israel

is he basing this off the debunked amnesty reports?

war crimes according to who the UN lol


You're really stretching here

so what you are saying is that he collaborated with imperialists, like selling massive amounts of weapons to them so they can create a colonial state, alongside actually existing colonialists, in order to achieve some other aim. Lets call the aim irrelevant. They facts stand, he was willing, under many and various circumstances in fact, to work with the capitalists.

How is selling heaps of weapons, alongside campaigning for and voting for the creation of a colonial state, what would be becoming one of th emost negative influences in the region, not worse than getting some training.

Israel was going to come into existence whether the USSR wanted it or not. They could either act and gain some degree of influence in the newly emerging state and utilize said influence to reign the Zionists in the movement in, or watch as the west utilized Israel to obtain dominance and obtain a buffer between themselves and the other middle eastern states. The west won in this regard, but hindsight is 20/20. To compare that with working with mossad, a group everyone already has extensive knowledge about in the region, is incredibly dishonest.

are you trying to claim that Stalin wasn't aware of how bad the imperialists were or something? No, he knew that, just like the kurds do, and he collaborated anyway, even by your own explanation.

There are other parts to your explanation like that he

Prussia creating the USSR is a better example though. both it and Rojava are a result of imperialism and actually leftist

So pragmatism even at the expense of socialist values is okay when the Soviets do it, but not when Rojava does? The double standards here are ridiculous. The Soviets took all kinds of difficult steps to respond to their conditions, as they were right to do, but the second Rojava doesn’t conform to the idealized version of what western armchair commissars think a revolution ought to look like they’re the devil incarnate.

its completely bizzare isn't it. Genuinely i think its rooted in thinking the kurds are some post left anarcho-polyamory fest and being so sectarian that you believe this caricature

also I wonder why Unroohoo, funded by the Iranian government, could possibly be anti Kurd, who have lands which are under the control of the Iranians and are creating a robust national liberation movement.


really gets those pistachios pondering don't it


Back to school soon kiddo.

you evidently really don't have a clue what you are talking about

also doesn't answer my questions about the roos dubious funding

Rojava isn’t an ethnostate, it has the active participation of Arabs, Turkmen, and Assyrians. They fight alongside Kurds and have special government bodies to protect their interests.

Even if Rohava was a post left petit bouj cuckfest it's still a revolutionary national liberation movement. Someone needs to post that Stalin quote on the emir of Afghanistan and the Egyptian bourgeois.

The people who condemn Rojava because they have coops and small private businesses instead of being 100% socialized will in the same breath insist that China is actually socialist.

So anyone got any proof?

Now I can LARP as a QT3.14 Kurdish freedom fighter from the comfort of my own living room! Thank you Activision!

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You can already LARP as a female Kurdish fighter in Insurgency Sandstorm which I guarantee is a much better game than the new CoD will be.

I tried it on the free weekend with above minimum specs and fuck me does it run like shit.

yeh, because you could never ever play as a Soviet Collaborating with the US to fight the Nazis in Call of Duty World at War.

That didn't happen ever.