Mike Pompeo Threatens to Intervene in British Democracy to Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister

Mike Pompeo Threatens to Intervene in British Democracy to Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister


Dog bless ameriga

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If "freedom gas" was the yin then this is the yang of US retardation


I can't wait for the US and the EU to split and actively work against each other


Now all good Sovereignty wanting Brexit supporting British patriots should vote Corbyn to stop the Americans from controlling us.

"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves."

- Henry Kissinger

Is this how Comrade Lenin felt when it was game on? When I first got into Marxism I had thought I’d never live to see the revolution, I figured if I saw the end of capitalism it would be due to the ecological apocalypse, and yet here I am, watching capitalism finally tear itself apart as America prepares to go to war against every other powerful nation on Earth.

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I guess America found oil under Corbyn's constituency of Islington.

lmao this reads a bit like something Zig Forums would make up. That article is rich people == Jews. *Of course, it's not because the author is antisemitic, it's because Zionists have made fake accusations of Corbyn being an antisemite.*

It's been confirmed by the Washington Post. Pompeo's remarks were recorded. .


I'm not so sure about that. Common people are more retarded than you think. So, everything left on its own will lead to communism is just a joke. They will destroy themselves before they wake up.

Kissnigger who?

Finally all my anti american dreams will come true.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe this is equally as likely, the people of the First World have had their brains scrubbed clean and polished to be perfectly smooth, anti-communism is a dogmatic religion in the West

if they do fuck with Corbyn, it will radicalise a large amount of the soft left, and the existing hard left will turn fucking rabid. best they can do is leave well enough alone.

Russia conducted high level information warfare, and at the very least utilized cyberwarfare units to probe American voting systems. It’s also been established they favored Donald Trump, and had built a great repertoire through loans and discussions of a Moscow tower deal.

With the new established world powers which range from the Trump Administration to the Saudi Prince, Bolsonaro to Putin, Duterte to Modi, Boris Johnson to Orban, Netanyahu to Morrison.. Using information and cyber warfare to strengthen global right wing parties’ interests is the future of politics. The right wing parties currently have a forte with each other as they find synergy either strengthens their grip power or increases the economic domain that their oligarchs can reap profits from. It’s a global acceleration of wealth redistribution to multinational corporations and their shareholders. It’s also a major regression of the average working class laborers social and material conditions.

Porky’s future is a cooperative global synergy of information and cyber warfare between countries led by right wing “nationalists”, and against countries which attempt to elect any politicians left of Boris Johnson.

Welcome to hell!

It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of our current capitalist system of ruling classes, laboring classes and massive wealth divides.

Comrade, pic related was your average "russian cyberwarfare unit members". Don't overestimate consumption amount of russian payed media by average voting burger. Trump won because war criminal Hillary thought that she can win by focusing on bourgeious feminism and support of socdem Bernie. Even despite of this Hillary got more votes.

I was just attempting to point out how hypoctitic american are. Recent cries from people not content with result of presidental election made them create conspiracy theories (similiar to your post), despite of fact nobody minds doing same thing in other countries.

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Blame Rush-huns for shitty voting systems and the neo-libs purging the soc-dems. 2016 US electoral spectacle had as candidates Bernie Sanders, Gill Stein, and the other two evils.

The wrong capitalists get to fuck with politics ? , maybe don't let capitalists fuck with politics…

And the countries that do manage to get economically left leaning leadership will utterly crush right wing ones, economically. Because right wing governments always end up hurting productivity, because they favour increasing exploitation over increasing productivity.

That's why I set my hopes into China

Of course this threat is related to the 'muh antisemitism' smear campaign against Corbyn and labor.

I don't know how you define soft-left, but many Labour supporters fucking hate Corbyn and have completely bought into the smears. If America tried to force a Labour govt to replace Corbyn they would welcome it.

Well this would be treason, and exploiting this politically is not that hard.

Just a tip. Put the shading in blender to smooth for "round" objects. It makes them look nicer.

as opposed to?

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The US would just say 'we won't be friends with you any more and we won't co-operate with you or give you trade deals'. It wouldn't be hard for people who have drunk the Kool-Aid to say that the US is doing the right thing to protect those poor Jews who are in such terrible danger. Remember that the Jewish newspapers have already branded him an 'existential threat' to Jews.


Nice meme. Remember Makhno and Catalonia, tho?

Honestly what you say makes sense, but Corbyn's low popularity at the moment seems to be more of a brexit thing than it is about jews.

That proves more how the axis of authoritarianism is retarded than whenever Catalonia was.


It's never been about anti-semitism, either for his domestic enemies or for people like Pompeo. But calling him a bigot (and maybe even believing it if they try hard enough) is easier than admitting they're not comfortable with the other things he stands for. Before Brexit or the anti-semitism scandal, people hated him for being 'unelectable' and for being friendly with groups like Hezbollah and the IRA.

can't wait for death grips to play this live while comrade corbyn beheads the royal family and every American pig

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He didn't threaten to intervene in him becoming PM.

Are you retarded or yes?

Are you?


Why is everybody talking about the puppet, and not his string pullers?

Maybe because porky protects his privacy?

I think he is talking about da joos.

Zizek states that as a challenge for his listener's to articulate and rise above such a view; if you cannot begin to embrace an idea of a world beyond Capitalism, you are part of the problem.

We already had like 1/3 of the world socialist, it's not like it takes imagaination really to just expand that.

Only 2/3 more to go.



Corbyn only took position against the ethnic cleansing gang, which has no support in UK and is loosing support in the international Diaspora. The anti-Semitism smear-campaign has no substance.

Trump isn't in the position to sanction the UK, he would be threatening the security cooperation, with British secrete services, and there is no potential political alliance with the British right, because they have conflicting economic interests.

At the moment Corbyn's only weakness is his Brexit position.

Nigger, have you heard of something being so critically corrupted, such that it cannot be reversed? Do you think your hard disk will rise above a virus, when the virus is a rootkit and executes as the first insruction? Sometimes, it is better to let it burn and start anew than trying a futile effort.

My computer doesn't get viruses

She and the green party adopted an anti-capitalist stance.


Anti-"globalist" types are always support American empire. Always.