*Reads Stalin’s Backstory*

Holy fuck, reading about this dude’s childhood and teenaged years, Stalin really does sound like the heroic counterpart to Adolf Hitler, born poor as shit to a drunken abusive father, an artist and poet as a kid, also experienced the harsh hellish realities of early 20th Century capitalism. Like, fuck, this dude’s life story is so fucking cool, all his life he basically fought for and did whatever it took to help the poor and working class, he was exiled multiple times for it, he tried stopping ethnic wars in Russia, and all throughout he didn’t need rich people and the army propping him up like little bitch Adolf, he propped himself up by his own fucking grit and determination.

Stalin really was something else man

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you're about as dumb as the average person who unironically believes Abraham Lincoln never told a lie

You worship a limp-dicked nutcase that shot himself because slavs crushed his “master race”

i worship no man other than my myself

Truly ebin, m'lad!

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Did you get to the part where he starts robbing banks? Yeah, the guy was a twat even before the revolution.

Revolutionary Stalin robs bourgeois banks/orchestrates strikes against Rothschild oil refineries one leading to a storming of a prison and the second one on the funeral of those shot by soldiers. Gets arrested and sent to exile where he attempts to escape twice,one fails and he gets frostbite the second succeeds and when the revolution of 1905 breakouts his soldiers disarm police and tsarist soldiers while stealing illegal printing materials for underground newspapers and orchestrates attacks against other tsarist military and paramilitary forces. A revolutionary in every sense of the word.

Adolf Hitler gets sponsored by the richest motherfuckers in Germany/abroad after attending a campy christian school/failing university and forms an alliance with a German president,ww1 general and a majority of the Conservatives and to top it all off releases a Rothschild. The opposite of a revolutionary and was basically just someone conservative ministers and rich people elected.

Um no he allied with the US and there was still markets so he was actually a US puppet


stalin was an OKHRANA agent who turned coat

Lmao who did this?

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take a guess

Two based schizo posts to start the thread.

Legend. Absolute unit. Modern jesus.

Young Stalin would make a hell of a movie to be sure.

Not to mention the part where his wife in her twenties bleeds out from tuberculosis probably exacerbated by Baku's chemicals industries and then he throws himself into her open grave. Dark.

The coolest accounts of Stalin's youth comes from Ioseb Iremashvili, a childhood friend of his, and a Menshevik who later wrote a book about growing up with him called "Stalin and the Tragedy of Georgia," which was censored by the Soviet state because it was too "gritty" you could say, and the Soviet authorities didn't want people getting the wrong idea.

Also how Stalin was a suspected police informant because he kept busting himself out of jail (he was smart, is why) while Hitler was literally a police informant.


stalin was an OKHRANA agent too

And unlike Hitler, he was a good one.

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He also escaped Siberian camps on his way back, seduced a noblemen's daughter.

lmao pretty pathetic source. Some guy can claim he has a document but he has to actually demonstrate he has the document to prove it, but as far as I'm aware nobody has, and allegations Stalin was an agent were debunked pretty conclusively in 2003 by Aleksandr Ostrovskii, who features heavily in Kotkin's recent round of biographies. Where Hitler was literally a "V-Mann" (Verbindungsmann) a.k.a. "police spy."

remember that one?

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every time I see a comment like this I can just taste the hatred that went into the humans v orcs things
honestly these people are so detached from reality


more like an orc agent, amirite?

He served like 8-9months of his 5year sentence, and he didn't even do anything along the lines of forced labour but was just sitting in his cell writing.
You can compare it to Breivik crying over not getting the newest playstation. Tho I guess for you faggots not playing games is considered "hard time"

LMAO, he was fawned over, had a personal secretary, regular visitations, quality food and continued access to political activity. He was given a flick on the wrist by a sympathetic bourgeois legal system and acted like he was persecuted for oppression points to put in his book. Like all right-wingers nothing more than a slimy grifter desperate to make themselves out as a victim.

Hitler’s imprisonment was stated to have been a relatively comfortable stay akin to a hotel where he was able to write a dogshit book

If Stalin was an OKHRANA spy do you think he'd be stupid enough to go around showing people "his" badge?

This turned out much better than expected.

As much as I hate tankies you have yo respect Stalin for dunking on Lenin and Trotsky for treating him like most bourg treated proles

Won't anyone think of the bankers?

That doesn't mean anything if you've ever been involved in an actual communist organization.

Like only twice? Definitely not a spy.

sometimes I lose faith in this board but I am glad that Zig Forums manages to be laughably worse 100% of the time

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He also died sitting in his own piss and shit, with no one making a move to help him lol

time won't spare you either, fascist

It’s more lol because his guards spent most of the day sitting on their asses outside his room, even though Stalin didn’t get up like he usually did in the morning. And when they finally called the doctor it took him 2 hours after the call to actually bother to get to Stalin.

Source: A British comedy movie

My Source: Historians, witnesses, and Soviet Media

Your Source: It makes me butthurt daddy Stalin died like a unloved hobo

keep crying nazi

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I’m not a Nazi though, i’m a anti authoritarian anarchist. Stalin is a Red Fascist.


StaLiN's BuTTLer oN tHE eViLS of ThE TYraNt

yeah, sure

Yeah he ended up dying as a deranged lunatic. The guy killed all of his former comrades who made the revolution possible, his own wife killed herself(probably due to living with the gravedigger of the revolution), and after Operation Barbossa(retard Stalin ACTUALLY believed Nazi germany would keep its word) which killed millions of Soviet citizens, Stalin was such a bitch that he was nowhere to be seen for a week.

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Imagine actually believing this. That one of the foremost agents of geopolitics in the era would, in an era of escalating tension and confrontation against Japan in Inner Mongolia - MPR, and against German proxies in Spain, Stalin simply signed a pact (following the precedent set by western allied powers to prolong preparations for war) and immediately thought everything was hunky-dory. You're delusional

are you mad that you got btfo'd on 4/pol/


Your father figure was a colossal retard

You're retarded. You know Stalin didn't die when he passed out in his room, right? He regained consciousness for a little and died in bed after 4 days.

This literally never happened.

Cursed source. I can't comment on the rest though.

Okay? Full mobilization was avoided as the Stavka thought open military conflict could be avoided a while longer, and preliminary industrial evacuations to the Urals had already been initiated. My only point was you can't seriously expect Stalin to have had no idea of the impending, as these preparations had begun up to a year beforehand. So no matter the incompetence of that which is immediately prior to the opening of hostilities, you can't make the argument that it was the gross and plain naiveté of the Soviet general staff and Stalin, whom were wholly complacent and disbelieving that ANY conflict would happen.

And don’t forget how he single handily killed a hundred mercenaries with a large sword in a forest, and came out with mere scratches.

Also how he single handily killed a platoon of White Russian’s with nothing but a pistol.

It should be reiterated that every american nazi on this board is genuinely stupid. These people are, by and large, real life schizos in need of help and there is no reason to engage with them except for occasional laughs and to prevent the dissemination of obviously incorrect takes.

There continues to be no evidence (literally none, a couple guys that didn't like him whined that he was a spy, that tends to happen when you work for an underground political organization) whatsoever that Joe was a super secret spy. Literally none, a couple guys that didn't like him may have whined that he was a spy but paranoia is a real thing when you work for an underground political organization and not some pussy German window breaking club. No primary sources, no nothing. Not that we need any, because the claim is breathtakingly incoherent: it would be insanely contradictory for a literal tsarist to play a pivotal role for the reds in the civil war (Stalin was a faithful general that performed excellently throughout the entire civil war and was generally praised by Lenin, only receiving criticism for his crass manner). I would love for galaxy brain to explain to us why a tsarist agent would wait until over a decade after the whites had already been brutally defeated and repressed (with the direct aid of stalin) to start 'sabotaging' the bolsheviks (by killing some dudes and proceeding to carry out the most ambitious and successful campaign of economic growth in human history and insuring the security of the soviet union for decades after his death). What the fuck did the ohkrana hire him for? To escape? Was escaping his job? Because he did absolutely nothing else for them. This shouldn't have to be explained. Go ahead and tell us that you were just being epic and triggering. Good one. Go back to facebook and talk about freemasons and old town road with your 15 boomer friends, dork

Before cartwheeling his way to the tzar, and personally flossing on his corpse.

tfw Stalin pulled himself up by the bootstraps

To be fair, the guy was already provoking mass unrest by enacting collectivization and moving around swathes of the population, often by force, to accomplish mass militarization and industrialization in a period shorter than anyone at the time thought economically or even physically possible. I don't know what else he could have really done about the German threat before they decided to show up.

However, disappearing after the invasion began was not very leaderly. He obviously was hoping he could just hold out longer or even indefinitely, which was an unrealistic expectation given the circumstances and Hitler's own statements. CCP probably had the most correct take on him, 30% bad, 70% good.


This page has no sources and doesn't even mention all the actual preparations made by the soviets, which would contradict this guy's claims. Here's Zhukov's word from his autobiography:

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I hear Argentina is lovely this time of year.

It's false that Stalin went crazy or had a nervous breakdown during Operation Barbarossa. I'm going to quote Stalin: History and Criticism of a Black Legend by Domenico Losurdo:

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Fair enough I suppose, he was a complete retard when it came to the military especially, he refused to let his soldiers retreat at the beginning of operation Barbarossa which led to several of the largest encirclements in history, including the largest encirclement in human history, he valued loyalty over competence which led to some truly terrible commanders, he kept counterattacking which became repetitive, and expected for the Germans, this allowed them to prepare, causing possibly millions to die in senseless counterattacks, he didn’t let civilians evacuate in some cases because he thought it would make the soldiers defending them fight harder, he killed much of his military staff in the great purge, and he generally fucked with the military constantly before mid war. His terrible decisions probably cost millions, maybe even tens of millions.

How about the Center of the planet?

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If you had these sources, wouldn't you post them here? It turns out you don't have any sources after all.

imagine being such a troglodyte that your ideology comes from a failed 20th century dictator that shot himself in a hole in the ground