Would you still be a marxist if karl marx was a 3 foot tall midget?

would you still be a marxist if karl marx was a 3 foot tall midget?

it's not that hard to imagine

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if the ideology was the same then what does it matter

trick question, he wouldn't be Marxist because shorter people have way lower Autism Level.

Sure. Imagine the meme potential.

The Mines of Moria belong to all dwarves! No longer will we be lorded over by tyrannical monarchs! The great forges that we have carved from the earth must be put into the hands of the masses for the masses!

This, I want Marx as some fairy tale character and some warlock with a hammer and sickle as his weapons.

What Marx actually looks like.

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Image having a 10 feet statue of Marx made from copies of Das Capital.

Why are you asking?

Yes but only if Engels was really, really tall like 8 feet

Imagine having one copy of Das Kapital in the shape of a to-scale Karl Marx.

And then the mines were flooded by orks, and goblins who heard about all the free gibs.

Dragons are very clearly a metaphor for capitalists stealing my surplus value

Any height Marx loses in this scenario is redistributed to Engels.

Holy fuck. Marx as a chainsmoking hard drinking pubcrawling procrastinating angry midget that hangs around with rich 8 foot gigachad Engels all day. How could anyone say no

whats the angle your playing at, op?



And then evil kings in disguise restore their power. And then they work the rest of the dwarves to death to satisfy their goldrush. And then they replace them with slaves of al species.

it's my freedom, anarchist

Isn't that literally one of the main plot points of Shadowrun?

Would you still be a Marxist if Karl Marx was literally Hitler?

no, but if he was a three foot tall midget then yes