Liberal white women

Middle class white women are worse than your typical white pewdiepie fan. Atleast the latter's racism is easier to identify. Both are complete retards but their female counterpart are just as racist but hide it behind a thin veneer of wokeness that's vanilla enough to be compatible with mainstream capitalist ideology(use the containment thread)

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can someone explain this article. are they complaining that the black guy was too nerdy or what?

Yep pretty much

They're complaining that he didn't meet the criteria for what a black man should act like. They thought all black men act like thugs, so they should naturally act like thugs in bed.

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I think you are on the right track but missing a step, because there's class stereotype there as well.



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wait what is wrong with pewdiepie all the sudden?


He's loved by alt right and fash sympathizers and your typical edgy gamer

Yeah whats wrong with him he doesn't own the means of production

he has almost 100 million subscribers you can say the same thing about any demographic

still a bougie little bitch who grew up in an affluent family and went to private schools and got famous because of glitch in YouTube's algorithm coded by a bunch of underpaid and overworked indians

He is a petit-bourgeois stooge selling his ass to the spectacular apparatus

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Wasn't he a virgin?

Practically nobody with that money has not invested it, which means he does. But even if he didn't he would still be upper class with that income/wealth/lifestyle which makes it in his interest to help fascists

Why does a person's family history matter?

and your shoes are made by underpaid chinese

So? I work minimum wage and still invest

do you have anything pointing to his interests being in line with fascists?

From what I've gathered he lost his virginity to that woke white hoe and she was disappointed with his lack of baboon manners.

Yep not a fascist at all

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no thats comedy today. welcome to post modernism

After the prison? Anyway, I consider our friendship ended.

Fascists will protect him from the commies seizeing the wealth.
But what are your dividends? Chances are it is less than wht your employer is taking from you in surplus value.

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But communists don't seize wealth the seize the means of production and then issue their own currency.
Also fascists would just as much seize his wealth

I'm not investing for dividends I'm investing in companies are turning a profit,

Same with pewdiepie, his income is less than what Google is making off of him.

We get it, you're not good at sex

which would make his money worthless, see why he would not want that?

holy shit I forgot the "don't click" story lmao

But the fascists in Germany did the same thing, remember reichmarks?

The german bourgeoisie kept control of the means of production, they even lent money from proples to buy up property and then leave them with the worthless money, that is why they supported the Nazis.

It was great, too bad that story is tainted now by the knowledge that he is a sexhaver

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yes the bourgeois but pewdiepie owns no means of production

Are you seriously this dense?

you haven't been correct yet so try harder

Read the Society of the Spectacle for more details.

stop getting upset about this meme. the only reason they do it is because of reactions like these.

I do, they're my friends

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Zig Forums fell for the we live in a society meme. It's literally an unironic variation of we live in a society.

doesn't matter. Zig Forums is going to keep doing dumb shit so long as they get a vague notion that they are "triggering the libs", and they will grasp at straws to do so. you can't force them to be self-aware so just stop.

I would talk about specks and eyes, but it would be lost on you

Please do you schizo tard


I'm waiting brainlet

I'd give the one on the right hard, thug sex