Can someone give me a quick run down on Chapo Trap House and their book?

Can someone give me a quick run down on Chapo Trap House and their book?

Are they actual leftists worth reading or are they reddit tier radlibs?

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its called a guide to revolution but they literally do not believe in revolution besides a Chomsky tier revolution through the democratic party.

Amber Lee i was once in a facebook chat group with. Shit takes all round. Gun grabber. Seriously believes she is part of the "dirt bag left" and a Stalinist but also thinks disarming the police is a policy that the left should advocate. You have to be on several tiers of dumb shit arrogance to believe anyone is ever gonna vote for that, but particularly in the current climate. On their podcast she (and the others) have also pulled the whole "lol how u gonna fight drones with guns tho" as if all around the world insurgencies haven't done just that to great effect, as well as shitting on the legacy of groups like the black panthers and ignoring how racialised gun control discussion has been (which for radlibs is a weird one). Also even I as a bong understand the guns aren't going anywhere, when you go after them, you will only lose. Also Marx said no.

They had a 10 minute discussion about skincare on one of their episodes. They have a general stuck up aura and think they are ten times funnier than they are, but it basically amounts to their own cliquey in jokes.

They do to their credit get some good people on their show and will give a voice to SOME dirtbag positions such as Lexit, but are generally the opposite of what the left in America really should be.

They're idea of the perfect socialist politician is Salvador Allende, they pretty much want Sanders to set the stage for America's Allende to be elected and change the constitution.

They are milquetoast Social Democrats who are extremely bigoted against the Irish.

We should advocate disarming the police though, just not the rest of the working class.

Yeah because that worked so well the first time.

Based and redpilled.

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I wanna know your perspectives. Why would you be for or against disarming cops? Cause just seeing this topic brought up, with little context I would be for disarming but apparently that might not be a good idea.

Yeh its a great idea, ACAB but they also believe in gun control for everyone. They really think the united states could exist with nobody having any guns at all. Besides that, nobody in america would ever vote for it. Being anti gun automatically loses you a huge chunk of votes. Why would you do this, while claiming to be a socialist when Marx and Orwell both thought gun ownership is a good idea

This + the reintroduction of consctiption.

Lol Salvador Allende pretty much confirmed the theory that the bourgeois state has to be smashed and the workers given power. Surely it will work th-this time!


anti gun control = LARP horseshoe

Orwell also thought narcing on commies was a good idea lol.

A good example of chapo comes in the form of their last few episodes. A while back they had one where they spent a really long time discouraging people from defending the ussr in public. Not even full Grover furr shit either just anything at all. In the most recent episode Will Menaker spent the whole thing interviewing Alan Moore who literally advocated using art as a form of magick to challenge advertising and said some boomer shit about how "the individual is responsible for revolution" and a whole bunch of idealistic metaphysical shit which was interesting but had nothing to do with politics (which he and Menaker both implied it did)

I like Chapo still but they are the perfect example of everything wrong with the American left IE a distrust of anything even remotely Leninist on the ground that it is "impractical" in today's political climate while simultaneously advocating and tolerating and defending stupid shit that is 100 times more "impractical" a way to revolution and has repeatedly been shown to fail to build socialism and calling you the "fun police" or some such shit if you point this out, or even implying you're a crypto fascist


i am aware i was giving him so there is a trot and a marxist example (Marx) also Fred Hampton, etc

it is a good thing just nobody would ever vote it in particularly in the US

90% of what sucks about Chapo is explained by the fact their formative online years were spent on somethingawful.

Fuck disarmament. Disband the cops. Make those turds get a real job.

It was a funny book I guess

I haven't read the book but I've listened to a few of their podcast episodes and thought it was funny. I liked the one on CPAC where one guy (Matt Christman I think) was tripping on acid the whole time. Reminds me of National Lampoon in the 1970s or Hunter S. Thompson covering Nixon in '72.

It's not really a big deal. It's just entertainment. Probably for the best as well since you gotta remember they're competing with Joe Rogan for the 25-year-old white dudes out there.

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True but somethingawful also brought us the rhizzone which is the vanguard of Marxist-Leninist posting online

That’s fair

Tbh even if the Chapo crew aren’t Leninists they’re decently funny and they represent an alternative for young disaffected dudes in the West, particularly America, yeah they dunk on Incels but they also talk about how the DNC and libs suck just as much as republicans and they hammer it in constantly that capitalism is the problem fucking everyone’s lives

Right yeah. Like they have some shit takes or whatever but I'm not sure where going "Chapo is fucking cancelled!" is going to get anyone. I just don't see it as a big problem. But like I said I've only listened to a handful of episodes. More of a Radio War Nerd guy.

they can be funny but don't take them seriously for theory, they are demsocs at the best of times.


I think the bigger issue with Chapo is that they will never grow beyond their shit takes because they're so self-assured. When actual left-wingers try to pull the Chapo audience left, they will show their true colors and resist us. Shit, I've heard Amber bitch at people for not liking social democracy. The others tend to be more wishy washy about actual praxis.

Is there any visibility with regards to what happens to this money?

about 100k of the monthly take goes to cocaine

if you don't advocate the disarming of the police you are literally a calss traitor
the police force is by design obedient to the capitalist class, thus an enemy of the armed working class

Specifically for people preferring the Revolutionary approach?

Yeah, I've heard some of them talking shit about revolutionaries. Matt seems the most sympathetic to revolution but even he pulls out the "yOu cAn'T FiGhT dRoNeS WitH HuNTiNg RiFLeS" argument too.

The Rhizzone is the vanguard of spreading Identitarian Maoism, shilling Sakai, and spreading other types of burger-tier "Marxism" online.

Eh, arguably you can’t without a dual power structure

True, but they're much funnier than anyone on this board.

Show me one (one) funny The Rhizzone post. I'll wait.

the rhizzone is a place for dropouts, labor aristocrats, scientists, underemployed clerks, those on disability, those trying to get on disability, students, an actual worker who has adopted a relentlessly anonymous troll persona, and the mesmerizing ghost, the spectre, of capital. and comrades.

Also not hosted by shady Nazis

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jews taking $200k a month with patreon insisting you can't effectively fight against the bourgeois power structure?

color me surprised

They're funny sometimes and a good gateway for the normies/alienated.

They're not good for theory and praxis further beyond, at best, demsoc.

Matt, Amber, and Felix are probably the best on the show. Will is a bit of a dummy and Virgil is a lib.

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A bunch of trust fund brooklynites whose idea of socialism is dunking on liberals and peddling socdem policies. That being said, solidarity with Amber's tiddies

i advocate it, it just straight isn't going to happen and optics is a thing. Don't be an idealist. Be a materialist

you keep saying that as if it's an argument. it's like saying nobody is ever going to engage in a revolution in the US. why would you even consider yourself a leftist then??? it's called normalizing ideas ffs

im not saying its a good strategy but your argument sucks

what if police had to go by the same gun standard as the public so if they wanted to regulate the publics guns they would have to do it with the police as well?

people are more likely to engage in a socialist revolution (or revert to outright fascism) in the US then they are to give up their guns.

people need guns to carry out a revolution. You can bet any revolution without guns against the forces of capital is going to fail and history shows this.

no guns, no revolution

People don't generally go into revolutions willingly, forces push them to do it.

I am saying, in the current climate, "take the guns away from the police" is only going to lose you votes, on an issue you shouldn't be fighting, because the working class needs to be armed.

If you want to "normalise ideas" you should be normalising the idea of the overthrow of capitalism, using guns if necessary.

If you are gonna go not true lefty on me for advocating something Marx himself advocated.

Its better but all the same reactions to it apply. You won't take guns off americans, i would say particularly the police. Might as well advocate the US military goes to war unarmed or with RPG's and Kalashnikovs instead of advocating for no war.

I wouldn't say the goal is to demilitarize Americans, it goes the other way around. Whatever the police can buy so can the public, that's the simplicity of it. Eventually it would force the police to either demilitarize or face a completely militarized proletariat.

None of this will happen because the police will say they need more firepower than the public and half the public and all capital wil agree

Joe Rogan's format and appeoach is vastly superior. He just barely ever has lefties on. His politics are a product of what he's exposed to, same as his fans. People have tried to get Wolff on his show for a while. There's just not that many lefties prominent enough or willing to go on (some more should, just like Sanders going on Fox News).

I've read the book and I'll say I found it entertaining. It's funny for the most part and it was a super quick read. Maybe it's because I read it awhile ago, but I don't really remember much more than that it made be laugh so there's not a whole that really stuck with me. I guess it's like listening to cumtown it's funny while you're listening but you can't remember shit about it after. I'll also say that it's a book whose title calls it a manifesto against logic reason and facts so you shouldn't expect Capital Vol. 4 or some shit.

Basically just start reading it and if you don't like it stop reading it… Just like any other book. I wouldn't listen too much to the spergs here who don't listen to the podcast and haven't read the book becuase they've already they've already decided that Chapo are bad for whatever reason.

I live in the deep red rust belt and Chapo and cumtown are probably the best way I've found to get people to atleast be exposed to more radical ideas.

kek. i'm going to shout this next time i see a cop