Friendly reminder that you're the useful idiots of the corporate power structure

Friendly reminder that you're the useful idiots of the corporate power structure

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Not a single communist in that picture, you fucking retard.

At least we know OP probably isn't white.

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pic 2
pic 3

Fucking phone


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The middle pic is actually from an Australian neo-Nazi group called "Antipodean Resistance." Sick people.

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I see you're new around here. allow me to clue you in.
also, read a book.

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name one ring wing government ever that got rid of the corporate power structure

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the reason corps are pandering to lgbtq ppl is bc they have money which they can spend on commodities
why wouldnt they do this if selling commodities is what they are about? there is no conspiracy needed to explain this
you only need that conspiracy to tie things together that are unrelated (like marxism and the lgbt firendly corps) so you can keep your retarded ass conception of the world where everyone you dont like is in one camp

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Show one time Zig Forums supported a megacorporation because they like gay people. The opinions range here from "they are co-opting a legitimate political project" to "homosexuality is bourgeois decadence", with the latter being more frequent. The average poster here just wants class struggle instead of identitarian struggle. Or are you implying that everyone who doesn't want to lynch gays must have the same political project?

Nice to hear that from the worst corporate cock suckers


lurk moar.

the latter is not more frequent you fucking faggot

you can have my love of cock when you pry it from my cold, dead ass

Literally no communists support any corporations. If "communists" support them, then they aren't by any means communists and are liberals.
Supporting identity politics (having pride in or ideology based around race, gender, sexuality, etc. …) is inherently anti-leftist.
Daily reminder: commies =/= liberals

Right-wingism is literally feels > reals.

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