Capitalist Roaders Attempt to Stop Advance of Socialism

Hong Kong police use rubber bullets, bean bags, tear gas to clear protests; curfew and PLA deployment ruled out

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I'm very critical of China (fuck 996, Jack Ma and neo-Confucianism) but I can't sympathize with the Hong Kongers. Hong Kongers never protest about the third-world living conditions their fellow lower class Hong Kongers live under (you have working-class families living in overpriced closet-sized apartments) which could only be described as neo-feudalism, but the moment they can vent out their Sinophobia they go all out like rampaging hooligans. Hong Kongers are not interested at all in "human rights", all of this is pure Sinophobia, they delude themselves into thinking they're not Chinese and they blame mainland Chinese people for all their problems in life.

Fuck off Americuck.

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I meant that the protesters were capitalists not the government.

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What a bunch of cucks.

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There's a labor element to the protests, sure. It's whether they take this shit further or not that matters. Hong kong, is the duty free of the fucking world and my country (NZ) is on it's way to becoming the same thing + the bourgeoisie's island playground + bunkerfields and the proles of Hong Kong deserve our support for kicking off like this

Dengoids will insist that anybody who isn’t down to work 60 hour weeks at starvation wages building iPhones is actually an imperialist liberal wrecker.

that dude has a keyboard, why he bitching

keyboards are a spook

So did the Nazi Party.

Supporting Hong Kong over China is like supporting Nazi Germany over the Soviet Union.

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The absolute state of HK liberals

Thank you Xi!

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What is the precise issues they are fighting for again?

Although to be fair social dumping in Hong Kong by the neighboring region of Shenzhen is pretty bad.

Reddit News is blasting this shit from the top of its lungs, every single thread is filled to the brim with CIA/NSA cockroaches disseminating propaganda and stifling dissent, The US military is either trying its hardest to start a Chinese capitalist counter-revolution or trying to convince the burgers that WWIII will be good and fun

Hong Kong Gov are voting on an extradition law that makes it so that Hong Kong courts can decide to extradite to China, Vietnam and some other nations they were previously unable to.
I guess people think its a step in the process in making Hong Kong Chinese. But seems like just a reason to express their anti-Chinese sentiment.

Dengism is pretty shit and capitalist. Xhina could grow at the same rate using planning (The USSR did) however doesn’t Hong Kong have a GDP per capita of 100,000 USD? If they gain independence they will be the republic of the bourgeois, in that 90% of their population will be Porkyies. And this will increase as people like Jack Ma will move there once the Chinese economic slowdown kicks into effect.

Wouldn’t Hong Kong courts being able to extradite people make them more autonomous?

Yeah they need to killed.

They were previously unable to extradite lots of criminals to China and they will be able to if the bill passes. The belief is that it is a step to Hong Kong courts becoming more cooperative and similar to Chinese courts while also allowing people to be punished by the Chinese legal system that Hong Kongers want absolutely no part of.

Though this is just inference on my part, it might be that someone could get a translation of a protest groups intentions that describes something different.
My thoughts are that the people in Hong Kong will go out in the streets for any reform law that benefits China in any way, even if it is mutually beneficial.

They are westaboo middle class libs and would love to be a US colony.

Also who is to say that the Hong Kong government isn't oppressive in its own right? The whole point of DOTP is to oppress the former bourgeoisie so capitalism is not restored. Capitulating to this morons allows an attack vector by the US, UK and their imperial allies.

oh, look! trash people

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Nothing to see here, proles!

Capitalism was restored in China 40 years ago.

if china isn't socialist and the working conditions are worse than for the average HKer, why are you cheering this on? Communism really is just a form of misanthropy for some people

Honk Kong is rich by exploiting the international proletariat, the bough off labour aristocracy is complicit in this.

As if we should have any sympathy for the hanjian who screech about Chinese "colonialism" while waving British colonial flags and even advocating the return of the British

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If Corbyn was PM their would be nothing wrong with this.

Broke: Hong Kong belongs to the PRC
Joke: Hong Kong belongs to the UK
Woke: Hong Kong belongs to the UK only if Corbyn is PM.

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i think when 1 million people are out on the streets protesting the state, definitionally, we must support it

There is nothing inherently progressive about protests. Purge the liberal in your head. If you're an American you should know this because there were mass protests in the U.S. against desegregation but I'll chalk this one up to naivety or crypto-Trotskyism (bad for your brain).

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agreed my fellow 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸comrade🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Anyways my reading is that Hong Kong is kind of a cyberpunk-like place made reality and ruled by a small handful of tycoons which is a handover from the British colonial system, with the British being replaced by Beijing but with the same elites in charge which was done to maintain stability and keep the capital flowing. The mainland allows this to continue because of that capital. As a result, Hong Kong can be a pretty shitty place to live if you're in the working class.

So there are various formations / class interests at work such as:

+ Pan-democrats / middle class + union labor aristocracy backed by U.S.

+ Right-wing HK nationalists. These are young, downwardly-mobile HKers who want independence and the creation of a Singapore-like state; also anti-immigrant (they blame mainlander proletarians who have moved to HK for their plight).

+ League of Social Democrats and various single-issue activists on issues like environmental stuff, welfare, etc. The only vaguely "left" formation and sidelined compared to the right-wing populists.

Seems like misdirected anger as other kinds of "right-wing populism" but in this case misdirected towards Beijing. To be sure, Beijing is complicit in this whole system via the "one country two systems" but why not have the CCP just come in and clean house and take out the local elites? Well, there are probably no easy answers but the solution might be more interference from Beijing, not less of it.

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A good case for greater PRC control in Hong Kong

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He has it but it's not detected

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A big fear about the extradition treaty is that those involved in the 2014 Umbrella protests would be brought to the Mainland and would basically bypass HK law: what's the point in HK law if Beijing can just bring people to try them there.
The thing is, due to the lowkey electoral rigging that was undertaken in 2014 over the 2016 election, the law will most likely-pass. What occurs after that could get pretty bloody.

Also one thing worth noting is that the current British Conservative party is really pro-Beijing, despite pretenses they are all-in with Xi: so if anything happens in Hong Kong they will get fucked over for it,

This is why democracy is gay

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The HK government is run by the Pro-Beijing faction.

Because if it was just a question of how to make things feel good for now we would be reformists and liberals.

I get what you're saying, and I don't care for the CPC, but between them and ruthless imperalist neoliberals, it is an easy choice.

Except the Hong Kongers aren't imperialists, and the imperial elite of Hong Kong is perfectly fine with Beijing rule.

This, HK will out socialism Dengism.


The CPC are ruthless imperialist state capitalists. Why are they better?

The PRC only cares about GDP growth. Hong Kong has an extremely high GDP. As such they don’t really care what happens as long as A) they continue to have a high GDP. B) Don’t declare indpendce.

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Hong Kong shouldn't even exist. The protestors should be punished accordingly for their reactionary politcs. The era of empires and colonialism is over.

Hong Kong porkies have lost influence since '97 from being 20% of China's GDP to 3%. They want that back.

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This reads like Zig Forums speak but replace “jew” with “west.” They claimed that the protests are funded by the US but no proof. It wouldn’t surprise me if the National Endowment for Democracy funded them, however until their is hard evidence you can’t be sure.

No, it really doesn't. It's not implicating all western people as part of a magical cabal hell bent on destroying the "east" through the use of social and political policies that have "mystical" attributes.

Why did mods ban >>2916345?
Is critiquing arguments not allowed here?

There are some buthurt mods who give bans if you criticize PRC stance on Taiwan or HK. Funnily enough I got banned even though most of the time I defend Dengism.

No, their just doing that with western governments. Take “More than 70 western NGOs support the protests” and they show tweets with a hundred likes. A tweet with a hundred likes “supporting a protest” doesn’t make i western backed or whatever. TeleSUR is clearly exaggerating the situation. A few irrelevant westerners with twitter accounts saying positive things about something doesn’t make it CIA funded.

fucking trots

Even if they are CIA funded, what needs to be remembered is that the West will opportunistically back any group they see as weakening a competing imperialist power, regardless of the ideological orientation or class character. Literally the same shit as the Kaiser funding the Bolsheviks. In fact, if there is any serious communist movement in a non-western aligned country, we can almost be certain that the CIA will try to get in on it. The vulgar anti imperialist reaction to this would be to literally cheer for the repression of communists in non-western backed countries, like those assholes who were making excuses for the repression of communists in Iran. The CPRF could literally demand the return of the USSR and start taking steps towards revolution and they would probably get secret CIA backing. This isn’t to say that the current protests in HK are good, I don’t know enough about them to be sure. Just that covert western backing isn’t in and of itself a sign that a group is reactionary, nor is it a valid reason to not support said group. All it means is that imperialists are trying to take advantage of the situation, which they always will try to do. Vulgar anti imperialists waiting for a revolutionary movement with no interference from imperialists is the Marxist equivalent of anarkiddies waiting for a revolution with no authoritarianism.

Read mao and you will see, that deng did the right thing.

Does this mean that third wordlists can only support revolution in Burgerland?

Lol at 'a without much of a future for the working poor'. Do you know how many welfare leeches there is in hong kong that work minimal to get to enjoy that NEET bucks? Many, I mean, many 'working poor' has a better life than the middle class in HK. They get their public housing with almost no rent needed to be pay. They get better life standard than I do lol.

HK is a shitty place not just because of how the local government is shit. The youths are shit. They hate China for million reasons, some legitimate, some isn't. Most of them are egomaniac who think they can do no wrong, and will whine and bitch if they don't get their way; The olds are shit. They are just like the Chinese HKers hate: doing gross shit like spitting all over the street etc ,selecting their representative council member by whatever they will provide free shit to them; The 'HK nationalists' people seems to adore wears their thin veil of 'Imma fight commies and help HK be gud111' as a way for them to gain power fast in a 'somehow immobile, unless you work really,really hard society', pulling cringy stunts like filibuster every damn day ,even to those that could really help the people, or refuse to vow to be a councilman (if they really care about the people they claim they care, they would at least try to change the corrupted council from the inside and vow).

HK is shit for a long time, even before the return back to China. The people who get a dime of sense left when that was announced, and only the dimwit stay in here. And with Shanghai taking the position of financial center in Asia that HK used to have, this place is just going downhill.

Should you be angry that the police use violence toward the protesters? Yeah, you should. But also remember that the protesters themselves ain't innocent either: they do have attacked the police too, with thrown brick, umbrella etc. Does it justify the violence? Not all of them, but the police themselves are human too, they can get hurt, and have get hurt (I remember a police was stabbed in the eye by the tip of a umbrella back in Umbrella revolution) from the protesters. I can understand why they would use this amount of power to counteract the protest.

Based Papa Xi putting those anglophile liberals in their place.

Third worldists don’t believe revolution is possible there. Their only option is third world revolutions against western backed regimes like Egypt or Brazil.