More tankers on fire in Oman Gulf

Where is the thread commrades.

Oil jumps above 4% on reports of suspected tanker attacks in the Gulf of Oman.

Wil burgerstan try to escalate anything with Iran? What is gonna happen.

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I feel like the US have become extremely lazy and incompetent with their skullduggery and false flag attacks in these times. The whole first as tragedy then as a farce thing. Either that or they were sloppy before anyway just there wasn't so much alternative media

something tells me iran didn't shoot those ships.
op you should add a poll with those options:
Who shoot the tankers?
[x] isreal
[x] glow in the dark niggers
[x] not iran
[x] not russia

Considering American rhetoric towards Iran, it's possible pro-war extremists are forcing the issue on both sides towards a diplomatic crisis that neither has control over. Has anyone got a decent article to read about this?

Why bother posting at all?

And I just read a headline today that everyone is afraid oil would drop down to $30 a barrel even. Looks like they sorted that out.

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yes, we know that Iran didn't put these ships on fire

This isn't a Hollywood movie.


do you even Tonkin bro?

do you even Northwoods bro?

Why would Assad gas his own people bro?

That little girls testimony that made us go to Iraq one time? That was an interested parties daughter bro and they gave her acting lessons bro bro bro

Most people don't realize that the US exports more oil than multiple OPEC members . American petroleum reigns supreme atm. All out war would be counterproductive, but with Venezuela out of the picture and Iran getting buttfucked by sanctions, US oil exports are looking real hot right now. Iran is pissed because of the sanction waiver expiration on oil sales. It's for the best if Iran goes hot with the Arab kingdoms because then the strait will be closed, and PRC gets fucked royally if implement price controls and stuff like that which will fuck the entire World and cause industry to come back to America in exchange for causing everyone else to go back to the dark ages. Neat thing about Trump being President and has screwed the Republicans into backing him in the Senate, as long as the Senate stops then no one can impeach so he can go hog-crazy. The Military wouldn't like it much, which is you have paramilitaries.

The US is trying to push Europe towards supporting it but everyone is basically telling the yanks to fuck-off. They need some degree of European support because if they don't it basically means the death of atlanticism.

I'm surprised to see how much skepticism is in the mainstream media right now. Maybe it is just reflexive stance considering the boner the white house has for confrontation with Iran. But it's weird to see CNN write a headline like "Iran will get the blame, but the Gulf of Oman truth is likely a lot murkier"

Personally between 9/11 and everything after, I'm totally unable to believe my government on these issues. So fucking sick to death of this shit.

the US is a net importer and American oil is shit tier in terms of quality

I think European states (especially Germany's) reaction to this has been the true sign that atlanticism is dead. Normally one of the big three (UK, France, Germany) would come-out in support of the US but all of them are seriously apprehensive. Now a part of that is that the UK is currently in the middle of a political crisis and we may have the first attempt to unilaterally dissolve parliament since James II but that's a different story: but the Frogs and Krauts resisting is pretty damn interesting.

All the players in this are jingoistic, old guard, war mongers aside from Trump who is just a neophyte.
Occam’s razor is pointing us toward a false flag.

Tbh i doubt it is an outright false flag, more likely it is some group Iran threw guns at a while ago gone rouge. Iran has recently been trying to reign in various actors, and rumours are that they provide intelligence of terror attacks in the West when groups aligned with them are gonna do something fuckign stupid against powers they don't want to fight.

Still, not a justification for war.

Is this the effect of Trump? After bumbling Venezuela, I think it might be harder for them to manufacture consent from the MSM

To be fair, Germany and especially France were at odds with the US and UK in the lead up to the Iraq War as well. It's why "freedom fries" became a thing in the US.

Even if that were the case, the U.S. claimed it was sophisticated enough to be state actors.
I doubt they would provide that level of weaponry and training to a couple rogue groups.

Eh they do to Palestinian Jihad and they are just a 2007 away from turning against Iran.
But the point i am making is that I imagine Iran was linked to this, but did not authorise it.

what a coincidence

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no more wars for Israel!

So is this going to be Iraq 2.0 or Vietnam 2.0?

Vietnam, but with mountains.

Vietnam: 331.210 km²
Iran: 1.648.000 km²


Vietnam 2.0 but without a South Vietnam to do all the dirty work.

Instead, they just have insurgent groups like the MEK to aid in the dirty work.

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Are the burgers seriously going to go to war completely alone? I can't believe they are gonna be stupid enough to do that with basically all Western nations telling them to fuck off. On the other hand, if Iran is toppled this would be a major geopolitical victory, maybe they risk killing Atlanticism for what they could gain by installing a puppet in Iran again. The Gulf of Oman is the eye of the needle for the oiltrade and Iran is basically the gateway into Eurasia, which would thwart any pipeline plans of Russian/Kuwaitia/Iranian origin and the New Silk Road project of China.

Please end my suffering.

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Also doesn't have Russia a pact of military aid with Iran? Jesus Christ…

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There's no way the yanks are actually gonna go to war with Iran, right? They're just gonna slap them with a bunch of sanctions, r-right comrades?

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The US has Israel & the Saudi bloc supporting them, but yeah most of NATO won't.

It's worth noting just how much of the War wasn't done by US personnel.

I suspect that a few others from non-NATO countries might pitch in a nominal amount but it really does seem like they're gonna be alone.

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could this be it? The last imperialist breath of the US? You know, going out with a bang all that. Would they actually go to war with Iran, and if yes, what's the possibility of them coming out on top in any way?

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Here, I upgraded your screenshot.

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It will be the American Suez.


I can't imagine they'd be stupid enough to outright invade. They'll probably just try to color revolution it and back groups like the MEK or Sunni jihadists in Balochistan or something.

Or there's always the nuclear option.

Iran will win the war against America

Nuclear isn't an option, the fallout would destroy the gulf monarchies and the world economy depends on their oil even if Ameica itself is oil independent

nuclear was never an option. A nuclear bomb's effetcs couldn't possibly be entirely contained within Iran it would either fuck up the gulf states, the caucasus or central asia, and there's no way the US is talking their way out of that.

balochistan has a population around like 2 million, I doubt that would lead anywhere.

Chechnya has fewer people tbh.

Possibly, though Ansar al-Furqan was ready to start shit during the protests last year. And I'm sure whatever Sunni groups do arise within Iran, however small, would attract plenty of Salafists from around the world who have been primed by the Saudis and Qatar over the years to eagerly destroy the Shia apostates of Iran.

Either the burgers relent on their ridiculous claims or Iran will buckle under the sanctions and military threats. However, the US' demands are entirely unrealistic and Iran has put a lot of prestige into rejecting them. Relenting would be very painful for the Iranian leadership and hardliners especially, so I don't really see this happening, especially since the US is basically demanding they just hand over all their leverage or else.
On the other hand, I don't see the US relenting either, as that would signal to all the other regional upstarts (and other great powers), that the era of US hegemony is over, meaning the US will just have greater difficulties pursuing its foreign interests going forward. They need to 'win' this standoff.

Add to that that Iran is a highly strategically important country in a highly strategically important region, and that tensions are currently sky high with a lot of unknown factors and actors in play, and you have a recipe for disaster.

This might be it, comrades.

Nothing less than WW3 will end the US empire. Unless China goes capitalist there is no way that western capital will allow them to pose a serious threat without a fight.


No "rouge" Iranian commander is going to be sniping at tankers in the gulf of Oman for some internal reasons. The American military leadership is aware that an open confrontation with Iran would end in disaster, see the Millenium challenge 2002.

I have a hard time seeing who is doing this shit. Could be American spooks or some crafty people making lots of money on oil speculation and/or a higher oil price

The fact that they are this hostile towards Iran HELPING people off of this tanker tells you all you need to know about what America's intentions are.

From CBS:

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I´d maybe say its a reminder from Iran that it is they who control the strait of Hormuz

I'm theory is that this stuff will be thrown out at the beginning, but we'll see less as we move closer.

People on the other hand seem to be vehemently against this war though. Even basic liberals seem to think this would be a disaster. I really feel like a lot of that is based on the fact that it's Trump in charge, because they literally did not give a fuck about Obama.

It's going to take more than a couple oil tankers being blown up to push this thing through…
Fucking lol.

UK blames Iran for oil tanker attacks

The British government agrees with the United States that Iran was behind the suspected attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, a BBC reporter wrote on Twitter.

“We strongly agree with the US assessment,” the reporter tweeted, quoting a UK Foreign Office source.

The Foreign Office had no immediate comment.

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When was the last time Britain didnt act as the running dog of the United states? Like the Suez crisis or something?

Not really indicative of what the truth is really. The Brits were the ones who brought in the intel about WMDs in Iraq that looked exactly like those from Michael bay´s the rock

They are saying it was a mine and that they have footage of an Iranian boat trying to remove an unexploded one

Considering how badly the Iranian military dealt with Iraq in Iranian-Iraqi war Its going to be Iraq all over again.

That was 40 years ago, just after a revolution: Iran is far more powerful now.

Syria, 2013: only because Ed Miliband whipped against the war, and the lib dems & tory pacifists stabbed Cameron in the back (also Libya spooked a lot of people).

Nick Griffen played a part in it.

Fucking what? The BNP was beyond dead by 2013.

He did a "Fact Finding Mission"


He must have struggled with that one

Good for him? Changed fuck-all.

If there's no rogue element, who blew a hole in the Tankers?

Serious question: what do we do when WW3 breaks out?

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The Sauds are a good possibility: threatening gulf oil in-order to help themselves.

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What our ancestors and forbears did 100 years ago: resist this war of imperialism.

Just like how Iraq was supposed to be more powerful too compared to when US invaded right?

Iran's domestic fleet is about the same size of the whole US'. The IRGC have insurgents under their win in almost every neighbouring state. Iran has 100m people spread-out in an are larger than the UK, France, and Germany combined. Fuck the US ran a wargame against Iran and FUCKING LOST.
If you are just gonna say "BUT MUH IRAK" you need to read some fucking literature.

Daily reminder that Trump being president is the only reason the msm is 3ven remotely critical of this. I'm not saying accelerationism works but the level of criticism lobbed at Saudi Arabia and even Israel to a lesser extent during trumps first term by the msm has been interesting and if he were to go to war with Iran I think the antiwar sentiment would be 10x what it was under Bush because liberals did not give a single fuck about Obama doing this same shit in Syria and Libya

The threat of insurgency failed to prevent an invasion nearly twenty years ago.
From the majority of responses to this thread it seems that 4 Zig Forums is in favor of war with Iran
How things change lmao

That's not the point, Iran could realistically stop an invasion by conventional (well more hybrid), means. Iran's navy is about the same size of the US but it can afford to put it all in the Persian gulf. The idea is that a conventional war with Iran would be a legit war: consider it like the Winter War or first Chechen war. Sure Iran may lose in the end, but the US will not come away without a scar (unlike the initial phases of Iraq & Afghanistan).

I am not saying the US won't, quite the opposite. I am just saying they will get fucked.

Also another thing: this will be the first major war Israel has fought against an opponent that doesn't border them. They've performed raids, but never properly gone to war. No idea how this will work for them.

just dont fuckin jinx it user

Iran could launch missiles at all the desalinization plants in the region and thereby end the existence of Saudi Arabia. The army would be spending all their time managing the flow of refugees lest another ISIS come about. Even so, more are going to show up in Europe, which may be enough to finally force them to stand up to America. I don't think the jews in Tel Aviv realize what they are advocating for here.
Can only imagine the humanitarian crisis will be met with even more regressive civil administration policies.

Honestly just sounds like a case in which coalition air-superiority will be used to isolate and contain conventional ground forces.

I know I said I was a tankie, but this is ridiculous!

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A war with Iran is irrational, while the US has enough firepower to obliterate Iran, it's doubtful the empire can stomach the cost, Iran is a huge fortress, it's borders are mountains, virtually uncross-able salt-flats that will eat any heavy vehicle, swamps, and ocean. It has a large amount of rockets that will probably be capable of biting a significant chunk out of US naval forces, sending sailors into a watery grave, as well as knocking out surrounding US bases, Saudi-oil production is also vulnerable,. Overcoming Iran's air-defences will not be possible without Sacrificing Air-force pilots. Political costs of body-bags from the front is high, additionally grinding wars make you look week, the dominance posture only works if you can win wars without taking much of a hit from it. Plus there is the possibility that secondary powers might support Iran because they pursue a proxy war attrition strategy against the US, basically propping up Iran's war capabilities to increase the US costs. There are no Allies in Europe for this particular war.

Are you a real person writing this?

There have been so many posts these past few days that read like a bot has aggregated the semantic structure of the arguments in a thread and spat back out a reasonable interpretation.

starting a ethno-war with 200 million Arabs…

Yes I'm a real person, in the sense of meat-bag, you can still consider me to be imaginary if you feel like doing enough philosophical gymnastics.

this doesn't makes sense, what you wanted to ask was whether a somebody trained a text bot. Well there might be bots around here, but I'm not one of them, and the bots around here probably aren't the kind that can be trained, because there is not enough training material around here. Reddit might have some bots with regard to Iran war, but those likely are shilling for a war rather than against one.

with digital saliva, mmm yummy

Sit back, relax, and sigh in relief over the fact that it will finally be over soon.

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Strap up and wait!

IMHO the MSM are reluctant to cheerlead war on Iran because Obama gave them a stamp of approval with the Iran deal. Notice how the MSM cheered Trump bombing Assad (which Obama came close to doing) and condemned him for opening dialogue with North Korea (which Obama put sanctions on). The situation in 2011 Libya or 2013 Syria was just as murky as the Persian Gulf in 2019 but no-one in the MSM questioned Obama's policies at those times.

No, they cannot obliterate Iran. Just like they couldn't obliterate Vietnam even though they bombed it more than all of the allies together bombed Japan or Germany during WW2.

Bombing shit will mean nothing, it even meant nothing in Iraq where they only really held Baghdad even though Iraq is tiny compared to Iran and just a flat desert.

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God dronefags have such a shit understanding of how war works.

I'm a drone operator currently based in the Middle East. Reckon I know more what I'm talking about than some airchair general bub.

Do you have over 300 confirmed kills too?

301 when I found out where your parents live.

You're a big guy.

Yes. These shitty drones will take over Iran and kill 20+ million Iranian citizens and also take control of the gigantic mountain regions

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If the USA goes to war with Iran, you will see sabotage attacks on arms factories in continental USA. They will resort to these tactics because they are easy and effective.

Just as you kill your "enemies" at any time, even if they are on a break, you will be killed by Iranian soldiers when you don't expect it. If you fly your drones from continental USA, they will break into your house and kill you in your sleep. There is nothing in the Geneva conventions prohibiting this.

Well this is a misunderstanding, but on purely technical level that ignores everything but military equipment, the US has a few thousand nuclear warheads it could use to pretty much send it back to the stone age. Granted the ramifications of this will pretty much end the USA, because the rest of the world would temporarily drop all their infighting to move to carve the US into little pieces after having calculated the risk involved with such nuclear spasms.
Yes pretty much, Iran will not fall from an attack with conventional weapons, and a bombed out infrastructure would probably mean a building boom with Chinese characteristics.