Zig Forumscucks learn about capitalism: the movie


I feel like this the start of something good.

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he juice fault work sucks!
is what they will take out of this.
there is nothing to save them

Spongebob did it better, and I fucking hate how wojack is mainstream now.

That won't be me.

Libertad o muerte.

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You know Porky has brainwashed people about what communism is when people who would be communists a hundred years ago are now right-wingers.


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They fight against the figure of the Jew which they isolate in Jews (and in non-Jews, for that matter). The Jew is simply the capitalist that is not on their side, and Marx reminds us in OtJQ that this 'Jewishness' of usury and commodity production is generalised in capitalism, mostly due to the commodification of production itself. They can be frustratingly close to anticapitalism although they still buy the myth that there can be capitalists and bourgeois sects who will invariably fight for their interests as it is with all the practitioners of identity politics. However, that anticapitalism can be a Romanticist retreat and not the aggressive Promethean project of Marxism. If anyone is looking to convince the wannabe dogs of the right, then it is essential that we drag them towards that rather than simply entertain their insistence upon a traditionalism which cannot exist for long in capitalism.

This is the kind of shit that makes me depressed.

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It's ok instead of being a slave to a jewish CEO I can be a slave to an aryan one instead.

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what y'all think of this.
it's never the corporations or the governments fault it's the individuals

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T.teenage sooner still living off their parents



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They're either coping, or are trying to justify why it's okay that so many people are forced to live a hollow life like this. I'll probably lean more towards the later because it takes some serious contempt for ordinary people who might have fucked up early in their life and conclude that they deserve to live in misery until they kick the bucket.

Also the gif I posted as legit one of the first times that made me skeptical about the path of humanity.

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Karl Marx failed. Most industry will be autonomous in decades and sterilization for welfare will be the law of the land.
1% Always Win

Karl Marx cannot be defeated. Is it possible that 99% will be culled by 1%? Yes. Will it change anything? Of course no. Humanity will remain as it is. Contradictions of Capitalism will replicate in society of the one who's left and either drive them to new abyss or to Communism.

The czeck word "robota" from which the word robot comes from, roughly means worker.
By fully replacing human workers with robots you also have to recreate their mental processes… So what exactly do you think going from a meat robot to a metal robot will change here.? Also sterilizing people for well-fare does not fix the problems that Marx sees as breaking capitalism. Lastly capitalism actually isn't investing in labour productivity increases all that much, so basically the effects of climate change are going to overtake automation.
All the other rulers and systems in history that are now dust, claimed the same thing. You can look at history and see a rampage of change regarding how societies and production are organized, and then it becomes obvious how far fetched this assertion is.

Hey, you know what's worse than your consumer base not having enough money to buy your products? Your consumer base being fucking dead. The bourgeoisie aren't cartoon villains you retards.

Feels great to be an early adopter.

They are not, but the conditions of 21st Century society is reaching a point where the continuation of capitalism renders the point moot. The wealthy are starting to care less about selling shit, and more about hoarding resources and bunkering in.

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pick one

They don't expect capitalism to survive, they're hoarding like the kulaks and waiting for everyone else to die.


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How could one ideology be so dogshit, it can't even understand concepts it itself espouses?

An individual's capability to make choices is less than what liberals think, but more than they could possibly know.

Zig Forums has known that Capitalism is shit for a while, that's why they're Zig Forums and not /capitalist/
What you guys and all leftists fail to do is say anything positive about Socialism/Communism, which is why NutSac is on the rise

What? Why do you think this? Does a nailgun have the mental process of a carpenter's apprentice? Robots need not have mental processes at all, they nearly need to be created with the ability to do labor as they are programmed to do.

Yet they worship a capitalist

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Even if people make the choice to be lazy and not think ahead, a society, that doesn’t stop people from doing this until it’s to late, is not a healthy society.

If only uncle Joe was still with us.

Missing the point here comrade, have you done your two years tour of duty on Zig Forums yet?


Considering how NatSuc is still capitalism anyway, what more positive thing to say about socialism other than it has all the good parts of capitalism without the bad parts?

Socialism is the only anti/post-capitalism ideology there is

If you hoard resources during a system collapse, you are going to get raided by marauders/former-capitalist-military. How could they possibly come up with such a strategy, without capitalism they can't perform their function of extracting surplus from workers, then they become expendable.

I have never seen a nail-gun nailing anything on it's own. So far nailing has always happened within a system that also included mental processes. When the carpenter uses a nailgun to nail something then there will be mental processes in the brain of the carpenter to facilitate this activity. If you wish to replace the carpenter with a robot, it then has to have an analogue to those mental processes.

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This, but unironically. I would go deeper into this but I don't have time right now. The whole idea of people being "independent rational thinkers" is complete horseshit.