What do you to make ends meet? How do you keep your sanity knowing full well that your labor is wasted?

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1. I handle cargo at the docks
2. Don't care, I work so I can eat. I could do with better pay since I'm literally risking my life every day, but that's gonna take some socialism to accomplish. What's worse for my sanity is thinking about the increasingly real possibility of nuclear/climate-induced holocaust within my lifetime

Assembly worker at a plastics factory.
Focus on just doing the work, or spend time on the phone, or practice meditating while working.

Drive an ambulance, but work in a hospital on the side because American EMS pays next to nothing

Student atm, worked as a pot-wash last summer, gonna work as a bouncer this one.
I keep sanity by building rapport with those I am working with, and also in the knowledge that one day I will cooperativise everywhere I have ever worked at.

Originally went to trade school for machining, decided after to take an opportunity that opened up and become an aircraft mechanic instead. Currently have one of my certification completed and getting a job in it while working towards another. Also a certified Firefighter in my local department.

Work at a bank in the town I went to college at. Had this same job since I was a freshman. It's been 3 years since I graduated. I dunno how I do it.

got fired around 4 weeks ago by my two homosexual lover fag bourgouise bosses so they could get a second elevator in their house. (not joking, they have an elevator in their mansion and don't even show up to work 90% of the time)

it was a software company that made payroll shit

now i sit on my ass and am trying to find part time jobs since the economy is so fucked.

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I thought c*ders were supposed to be able to get work anywhere any time as the new ubermensch of society

lol are you kidding? programmers have always been underpaid and overworked. they won't unionize because most of them seem to be too conservative for that.

Who the fuck has an elevator in their house?

Programmers keep getting fucked over because the mass majority are too cucked to fight for better working conditions.


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Retail, part time
I go to work, do a half assed job and rely on the fact, that my hours eventually pass

i was joking about lolberts.

Tell him to unionise, then he will get brought into socialism.

I'm a warehouse worker currently. Not that bad as jobs go. I get a light amount of excercise, get to do a lot of the work on my own, and take as many cigarette breaks as I want to, provided I get my work done. I know I'm getting royally ripped off, but it beats having a 0,79 cents on my bank acoung which was the case untill I started on the job recently. My sanity's long gone. I cope by going to party meetings (I joined the Communist party recently), reading Lenin and drinking.

(a lot of proles here btw. isn't the meme that this board is full of petty-bourg life stylers?)

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Also started as a warehouse worker. I just ship equipment though, boring as fuck and its for 4 months and a big "maybe" if theres any future work. At least weekends are off.

I work in a warehouse loading packages into trucks for one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. I have a bachelors degree as do many of my coworkers (some even have higher degrees) I cope by listening to audiobooks and music while I work and drink and write when I'm not. I also shitpost on m y shitty union's facebook page a lot. (Casual sex also helps but not when I'm in a depressive episode.)

Fuck, honestly, how do you even find a job comrades? I’m in a deep hole right now and just need some work, I live in NYC, I’m 21 and still getting through college, the only experience I have is working retail and making a resumé is a bitch. It’s so hard finding work out here for a brother.

I'm so sorry man, making a resumé is ass. That shit must suck…

Part time retail job
Prick boss is almost never around and management doesn't care a whole lot so it's fine, I guess.

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Temp agency helped for me but that's not a guarantee.

I deliver food for a shitty gig-economy app service with my bike, I also get some exercise which kind of makes up for the shitty pay but literally no other place wants to hire me so I kind of gave up on life.

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I work as one of those shitty online english teachers for asian kids and also work on construction for a friends company during summer.
Keeping your sanity is easy, you know that otherwise you're fucked so you make ends meet. Its a shitty life, barely make anything but have enough for a couple of beers on the weekend and to eat out once a month.

Don't give up user, I'm rooting for you!

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No that’s r/socialism

I clean cars and do a little bit of janitor work at an auto-repair garage.

I work at a mall.
My only motivation at work is to pay bills. However, it is quite sad that the job is very pointless with literally no worth.

This is a question to you, but also to a lot of other anons with the similar situation.
Do you have plans on doing something else.
For example I'm
And since I'm still at uni (hence not working construction all around) I plan to enlist in the military and after the year of service try my luck at military psychotherapy.

I'm a student doing research in machine learning this summer.

Hey there fellow EMT. I'm currently doing an associate's degree so that I can become a medic. I'd like to be a firefighter someday but I honestly don't hate working in EMS atm. The pay is just absolutely horrid, I've been working two jobs with two different companies in order to afford rent. Hopefully things get better once I'm a proper paramedic.

if nuclear holocaust was going to happen, it already would have

Working at Walmart as a stocker for dairy products. Better than my previous job as a cashier.
I like the job, but the problem is that I have to start at 4 am still tired and have to work in a cold ass room. So I keep my sanity by napping during lunch and eat fast foods.

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How would you know? The consensus among internationam relations scholars seems to be that this is uncharted territory. The nuclear peace theory is interesting, but we'll never know if it's correct or not until the moment the bombs drop.
I read somewhere that McNamara said that in retrospect, he considered that there was a 50%(!) chance that the Cuban Missile Crisis could've gone ballistic (at the time, he thought it closer to 25% IIRC). Nobody knows if a nuclear war can happen or not.

International* ofc, and saged by mistake, regards

because firing a nuke in the first place is a huge collaborative effort. even if some schizo took control of a nuclear power (which hasn't yet happened) I doubt it would make its way down the entire chain of command without someone disobeying orders. if it does then we are just really really unlucky.

You don't get it. In times of high tensions, command gets paranoid. Ever-faster missiles means you might not have more than 10 minutes to make a critical decision, or less. When tensions are already high, false warnings or misunderstandings can seem frightingly real.
Nobody starts a nuclear war for fun and some schizo taking power isn't what everyone is fretting over. A lot of wars don't happen by design - they just happen (seriously, there is a lot of literature on this even if it sounds banal). What world leaders are fretting over is the chance of an accidental war. You see this mentioned a lot with regards to the ongoing Iran-crisis.

I drive a box truck around my city picking up donations for a thrift store. The only thing that causes my sanity to slip is that I've been slowly trying to organize that store for years and have gotten nowhere but the job by itself is alright. It beats the fuck out of what I was doing in my early twenties, being a security guard was the most alienating experience of my life, it's what turned me towards Marx.

look into hospital side work
it's much easier and generally pays a lot more

1.selling shitty consumer electronics to retarded boomers
2. cope by recommending them dogshit options that cost a ton

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Scientific worker at a research institute and a phd student in physics at the same time.

Long hours, unpaid overtime, low pay compared to other university graduates in STEM fields, but not that bad given that I live in former eastern bloc country that among other became a laboratory for Chicago-school style economic policies. The end result is that you hop the border to western europe and you get two or three times the money for the same job, while having only slightly larger life expenses(rent, food, etc.).

The international cooperation with scientists from other countries and really interesting work make this worthwhile. But the general prevalence of burnout, depression, stress and other things among phd students is real and sometimes even I get affected. Realizing the sheer absurdity of entire existence of all is what helps with the sanity.

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I'm graduating in a week then moving back to my parents and start looking for jobs. I'm gonna miss NEETposting even though I was in education

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What did you do before? I'm thinking about getting a trades program where I work so amount of years then get a masters in physics or something. The expenses of transferring to my state university from my local community college is too high.

Did masters in physics at technical university. But it is again eastern europe so the University is funded by the state, but you have to pay for dormitories, transport and food, which can sometimes be prohibitive. Fortunately many students rely on assistance from their parents and this is generally understood by all that there is no choice.

If you are in the USA, there are people far more qualified to give you advice on this. I would recommend to not rule out studying abroad though, as it has its advantages.

I'm fucking 23 and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I can't decide what would be more useful to the cause of human liberation:

1) Going Che and becoming a rebel doctor
2) Becoming a lawyer and fucking with corporate asswipes
3) Becoming a professor of philosophy or history and awakening the minds of students
4) Becoming a mad scientist chemist or something and using that knowledge for revolutionary purposes
5) "Salting" a proletarian profession and instigating dissent/class consciousness among fellow workers
6) Writing for some left-wing newspaper or website that only like 9 people regularly visit anyway

I'd appreciate some help with making this decision. I don't care about money, living standards, or even personal happiness. The only way my life could be worth living is if I'm doing the maximum possible to bring about an end to the nightmarish hellscape of global capitalism.

become a public speaker or something, maybe become a professor for qualifications or some shit idk

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You probably need something to make ends meet, before you may even consider anything in politics.

I doubt you'd succeed at any of these things considering you're 23 and haven't done anything with your life

Public speaking is probably the only thing that I could never imagine doing.

To make ends meet, I grow marijuana and sell it (legal where I live). I don't find this particularly intellectually stimulating or beneficial on a macro-scale, and I can't really see myself doing this long-term.

Well, I have 6 associates degrees and a relatively high GPA from community college. I've also helped organize local anti-war protests and volunteered at a local university's biochemistry department.

What had you accomplished with your life at 23? Do you have zero regrets about your career choice? If you keep going on the path you've chosen, do you think anyone will remember you after you're gone?

I work in the burger schools. I am not sane.

What state?

We know it’s true because of the cold war.

administrator at a bank
pay is decent enough, but the work itself is soul crushing. the whole racket is symptomatic of capitalist realism, with the constant digital panopticon surveillance that you're expected to augment with your own self-monitoring and stifling corporate 'mandatory happiness' culture with the diversity 'be urself!' posters littering the walls alongside other ones that list helpful techniques to stop yourself going insane from stress ('10 tips to keep the mind monkey at bay!').
I'm lucky, they haven't increased my targets yet but that's how they control the contractor teams - they pick favourites and give them easier tasks and dump the arduous ones on other people so that resentment festers and the precarious temps never develop a sense of shared interest and solidarity.
Materially, I'm safe for now. But that 'security' will only last until the work keeps coming in, as they can dispense with us in an instant.

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its also kinda sad and funny that we're not even creating any value, just maintaining the already accumulated surplus by making sure angry customers don't sue us.
If we didn't have capitalism, literally millions of people would be freed up to do actually productive work that does socially useful things.

Not really. That nuclear proliferation has a stabilizing effect is without doubt, but other factors coincided with the relative peacefulness of the Cold War (stable, bipolar international system, etc), so it's impossible to isolate MAD as the primary factor for the war not going hot. Consequently, it's impossible to determine whether a nuclear war can happen or not. Ask yourself this: if nuclear war is impossible (and consequently, conventional war among nuclear-armed great powers), why do countries still engage in costly military arms races and engage in tense and risky strategic maneuverings? Why are world leaders so nervous? The past 20 years of relative tranquility following 50 years of relative stability lends one to believe that the age of great power conflicts is over, but that's naive speculation. Truth is that the security dilemma is as relevant today as it was back in the age of Athens and Sparta.

Electrical work in between college
Have hobbies where I put my labor towards meaningful ends, either towards myself or others. Self-teaching myself how to smith.

I'm doing a master's in neurobiology. Not exactly work since we don't get paid, it's still 10h a day in the lab though.

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I work in a warehouse. But I really want to be a writer. I'm the starving artist stereotype it seems. I try to radicalise my coworkers, but people working in a warehouse or manual labour don't really give a shit about it. They just want the day to be over so they can go and have a beer at home, relax and sleep.

Anyways, media / journalism here i.e. petit-bourgeois scribber / hack (with gumshoe characteristics). Don't want to say which beat because it was fairly niche but that's how you need to go if you freelance. Wrote for a lot of different places and did some traveling, and made more money than I expected, surprising mom and dad (take *that* mom and dad!), and saved up some cash. Had some interesing experiences, and am mostly satisified with what I wrote, but I'm burned out and want to do something else. The work is mentally and physically exhausting (very stressful), and there are a lot of toxic and bad incentives arising from the time- / attention- / cash-strapped digital media economy that encourages not only the exploitation of the audience for clicks but also the exploitation of journalists in the workplace, as if the former wasn't bad enough. The digital media economy is also just absurd with 1% types throwing money at various startups expecting the next Buzzfeed, which recently cut 15 percent of its staff including its entire "national" desk while raking in $80 million in profit from the ad side of the house. Also your benefits suck if you have any (I didn't).

I tried to resist the clickbait lies as much as I could but it's kind of a losing battle, and if I stayed in that's what I'd likely end up having to do. At that point, what's even the point? But I think I started to approach this psychological barrier where I'd find myself staring at the page one day with all the motivation gone. Burnout is endemic in the industry but there's a wall of silence around that and a lot of stupid macho bullshit.

You can come up with some interesting stories to tell people at bars, though. And you'll get some hilariously negative reactions from people too, like a lady recently told me I was "making the world worse" when she found out I worked in the media. That is debatable but it was rich coming from her because she was a manager for a Wells Fargo branch.

Not sure what to do now which is a bit of problem, but I'd seriously settle for a warehouse job like some of the socialist buddies I've made since I started going to party meetings. I will write no matter what, but my old beat has me burned out. I wouldn't mind writing for socialist and anti-imperialist outlets but I'm wary of approaching that as a "career." More just because I want to from time to time.

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Don't do it!!!

Florida. Specifically a very class/race polarized metropolitan area. Full of this culture

1. I'm a software developer, I work with learning management systems.

2. I try to sneak in some time working with personal projects (at least one hour every day), plus my colleagues good people and help keep me sane.

This week our company CEO held a meeting with the theme "You get the results you deserve". He shared some great stories about when he started out in sales and how they had to work 12 hour days, and one time his "friends" wouldn't let him come with them to watch a movie because he didn't manage to sell anything that day,

Any US lawyers here? Is there any future in labor law (defending employees against employers), considering how stacked the deck is in favor of business owners?

Just graduated, going to move down to the bay area with friends and try to find some publishing internships. In the meantime might volunteer for AK Press.

I'm obviously not a lawyer, but it seems like a lot of labor legal groups are gaining momentum. You could try looking into Bluegreen Alliance.

Bipolar orders aren’t that stable. In non MAD settings when one power becomes slightly more powerful then the other, war is in their interest because if war happens now they can win, but if it happens later they might lose their advantage and lose. Tripolar systems where two powers can prevent the third from being a bully, or a monopolar system where all power is centralized in one place are more stable.

To control nonnuclear countries. The US has a big military to ensure that smaller countries do threaten the power of the US. Same goes for China. They don’t have big militaries to go to war with each other, they have big militaries to go to war with other countries.

World Wars have been replaced by proxie wars with the goal of containment strategy where one power tries to over through the regime of countries allied to their enemy to economically and diplomatically isolate them from the world.

Also if there any lefties in the bay who wanna hang out, please reach out. I need more friends than just my roommates.

In my experience lawyers that focus on labour cases inevitably have to take other (corporate, civil, etc.) cases as well, because the latter is progitable, while the former is merely a kind of charity under capitalism.

The lawyer('s firm) has to make a profit as well to be able to remain sustainable under the governing conditions of the market.

One of 'labourly-conscious' lawyers in my country defended Scientology vs. the state just to be able to keep defending labour in the future.

You must dirty your hands, ffs. The conditions are against us all.

Not him but is there any room for international students on East European countries? I speak conversational Russian and Polish. If there's no real discrimination against outsiders I want to seriously consider options of studying on former USSR states.

Maybe do the chemical thing and make simple medicine making kits for insulin or something, I think that if you sell kits it can subvert copyright laws on chemicals or something like that, do the research yourself i'm not a lawyer.
Or try to accelerate the advance of production amplifiers by becoming an automation engineer or something, though that's more acceleration than subversive.

What if one dirties their hands with stuff like criminal defense for drug "crimes", would that provide enough income to spend most of your time going against employers? How about going up against super-wealthy health insurance companies which constantly fuck people over?

That's an absolutely fucking brilliant idea! Thanks a lot!

I work as a labourer for my uncle’s plastering business, it’s alright, I could be a neet, but I feel a lot better working, and I can get to sleep a lot more easily, I don’t even have anything I want to spend my money on, I just like getting out of the house.

Don't you mean that the value of your labor is stolen?

I have a youtube channel and I speculate on crypto

I just remembered that I read it on some article on biohacking, you should look into that movement in general, you sound suited to it.

What is the name of your channel?

I'm on welfare, volunteer at a credit union 3 times a week. It's alright I guess. My life isn't going anywhere though, only a matter of time til I get kicked off the sick. I have no real goals or ambitions, just wish I get hit by a car one day.

I'm a NEET and I will refuse to work in this society, as long I don't have to live on the streets. I also consider to go to jail, if they would cut my neetbux. Jail in Germany is quite comfy and living in a false society makes in the end no difference to real imprisonment.

I feel you on that German bro. A peaceful confinement would probably be a
better life than a lot of workers are living. I've been locked up for relatively short periods and in a way it is kind of like being in a monastery I would imagine. On one hand you miss having agency in the simple things like being able to walk to whatever public land you want to. On the other hand you get piece of mind not having to think aboit or make decisions like what am I going to do today, how am I going to pay for that, etc.

you're one of the worst posters here, so I have to agree

y-you too

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all of those are garbage life choices/goals that reek of naivety.

what an egocentric tool. no one takes you seriously, especially if that's what you consider "doing something with your life". seriously, what have you done with your life aside from smoke mj and dick around at community college for a couple years? "intelligentsia" like you do nothing but push the proletariat further to the right. i honestly have no guilt in telling you to go fuck yourself.

I'm a construction worker who contracts with a private company to do oddball jobs out in the countryside. Pretty good gig considering I just stand around most of the time and eat but it does require physical labor sometimes which sucks from time to time. Not to mention I'm out in the sun 8 to 10 hours a day. Also gotta wake up at 4am-6am depending on the gig and the drive, yea I hate it. Got benefits and weekends but no union since everyone I work with is super reactionary.
Only reason I got the job is because my dad knew someone who worked in the office so I had a reference and a degree. Yeah capitalist nepotism.

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Fucking kek. A prole just can't win, can we? Get into a Union though. They won't boot you if they're friends with your dad, and you might be able to gradually change their views.

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The only way to get a job here is if you have connections or know, same every other job I've worked. I live in a deep South state where right to work is held up like the bible. I'd love to join a union but there is nothing in my specific field. I know a few people in the carpenters union so if worse comes to worse I can give up agitating my current job and join them, train to be a journeyman. I managed to get a few coworkers to hate Trump so it's gotten better personally. the union also drug tests to get in unlike my job which is another reason I got it.

I drill n' fill peope's teeth and that's my joy… Hope i reach retirement before big clinics buy us all so i would have to treat patients in the most profitable way for my employer instead of the healthiest way i know.


Wait? Really? Where do you live? In my country calling patients customers is just a joke (at least until now)!

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I do 1st line technical support. it's mostly alright, but at least once a day you get a problem that will make you tear your hair out.

Take at least a few years of organic chemistry if you can afford it.

Apprentice on the metropolitan company while I graduate in Psychology.

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Removing asbestos and mold, some general contracting and landscaping. It's shit work but it's flexible and pays okay, $100 to $150 a day. Really not looking forward to getting mesothelioma with burger healthcare though. Probably going to try and get into the pipefitters union soon.

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Attics are the fucking worst, every time I'm in a 120 degree attic wedged and squirming in the bulky suit with my body blocking the light and my face shoved in a pile of vermiculite as I'm trying to reach the far edge with a dustpan, that's when I know I need to change jobs soon. Feels like I'm living Darkest Dungeon every time.

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Do they give you protection at least or is it deduced from your pay?

I get protection yeah. It's very informal since we're not union and often far from safe/the safety is on me and how much I make sure my mask is secure and suit isn't compromised. Not sure if it's deducted from my pay directly or not but I don't see it come out of my paycheck at least.

Monopoly will swallow your business anyways, so if you are not Porky's son it's a waste. At least you can become a killdozer in the end, haha.