What is the incentive to be a doctor or some labor intensive job in a socialist country today?

What is the incentive to be a doctor or some labor intensive job in a socialist country today?

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IDK, ask cuban doctors

Everyone doesn't just get paid the same in Socialist countries.

A better question is why would anyone be a garbage landfill worker or janitor and how would socialist states fulfill the need for these essential but intensive and unpleasant jobs.

Because you want to
Is that a hard concept to understand?

the way I see it, there's still a limited number of "good" jobs and qualifications to meet. if someone can't make it at what they want they'll have to just deal. for jobs in high demand like doctors there can be limited additional bonuses from useful labor according to cockshott. this is all based on cockshott's LTV distribution of course.

What is the incentive for someone to be a wageslave performing a non-job in a "capitalist" country?


relying on people wanting to do a job is really fragile when there is no more intensive to be a doctor rather than something simple if it yields the same results

IDK, have you tried working in a mine hundreds of meters under the ground?

Or in a factory at a conveyor belt?

That is why you have balanced job complexes.

This isn’t apparently a problem socialist countries really observe. What I want to know is, why don’t they propagandize their employment methodologies? Why don’t they publish for propaganda purposes the methods by which they don’t run into this issue?

I’ve heard this “criticism” of socialism many times, and I haven’t heard a good rebuttal; yet I got the impression from studying history that socialist states work people to death more often than they get taken down by slacking. Clearly they do have some method of recruiting people into unwanted edge-case jobs.

I don’t think doctors are the most likely job to go unfulfilled. Doctors are too vital; the honesty and efficacy of medicine impacts productivity in every domain, and even corrupted leaders do (or SHOULD) want uncorrupted doctors. Doctors thus are likely to be relatively highly paid under most any system, and if their pay rate falls near everyone else’s, that should only occur because their social status and psychic profit factors went through the roof. Ie, nonfiscal compensation.

Does the high level of income equality make staffing easier? Low wages go farther when the economy is built around making low wages go as far as possible. I think it’s possible that “the lowest” jobs aren’t that low in a well-constructed economic system, but indeed are in fact give superior prestige and income relative to the same work under capitalism.

It’d be ironic if socialist states inspired such superior labor output through cultural and economic factors that laborers under socialism became more likely than laborers under capitalism to work themselves into crises of health.

In Japan, which workers die of overwork? The committed loyalists who love and are loved by their corporations die of overwork. They don’t intend to die, but they do accept the risk. They want to be where they are, more or less.

In America, antipathy towards the bosses limits maximum engagement with work. American laborers all want to be somewhere else. They don’t want to be where they are. We see in America’s world-leading prosperity that this pattern doesn’t necessarily impoverish a nation, and yet… I don’t know what to say here. It stands out as salient.

Doctor is not an undesirable occupation. There is no shortage of people wanting to be doctors. In the West, the doctors form cartels, which is why it's so expensive. Cuba doesn't have that problem.

scoring pussy. Self fulfilment. A desire to help sick people.

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do you think there aren't such a thing a volunteer doctors? do you know anything at all?

Work very few hours for the same pay as some more "prestigious" and cleaner work. For instance maybe a full work week under socialism is like 26 hours a week, but for garbage men/janitors it is 18.

Everyone gotta clean after themselves.

AH yes, my well paying labour intensive programmer job. I sure do a lot more intensive labour than the guy laying bricks on the road, I get paid more so I must be.

Whats with this right-winger belief that all doctors are doctors because it pays well? Being a doctor allows you to help people and you become a very big asset for your local community. You get tons of recognition, trust, and admiration for your work. Who the hell doesnt want to be smart, useful and well liked?

you don't spent 10 years in school learning programming

thats a massive intensive

this is not guarantied and isn't reliable

Yeah, the person literally saving lives and taking care of a communities needs will totally be ignored and not fairly compensated for their talents and knowledge under socialism. They will live next door to the janitor at a local school with the same yard and interiors. They certainly wont be popular and well liked by the people they are constantly treating and saving

Well, in a socialist state some people can be paid differently or get different fringe benefits. You saw this in the USSR. In other states you are simply told as a child what job you will be trained for, which is how China currently works.

when an easier job yields the same results? why wouldn't it

popularity is a spook

What is "spooky" about the idea of someone who wants to make a positive impact and be recognized for it?

This is what that book "Capitalist Realism" means when they say that its easier for people to visualize the end of the world than the end of capitalism. The idea of someone not being motivated by the profit motive or having an easier job just short circuits your brain.

thatch a really flimsy ideal to rely on when doctors are needed
and yes popularity is a literal spook

I'm not saying that EVERYONE will not be motivated however why would most people want to pour that amount of work into something that yields the same results as an easier job

You don't know what a spook is. Quit using that word. I said the word "popularity" and you latched onto it as if I was talking about a popularity contest. Wanting to be well liked (also known as being popular with others) is not a fucking spook. It is how humans operate.
I didn't know I could learn to treat peoples illnesses and wounds by becoming plumber. Unless, yet again, you mean "results" as in money or getting easier work. Which in that case you've already slipped back into capitalist realism.

no you don't know what a spook is.

thats what you were talking about don't try and back pedal now

saying popularity is how humans operate is no different to saying religion is how humans operate
both spooks

I didn't say that though

Labor credits, my nigga.

there's innate demand for food, sanitization and health. Contribution in those areas are quantifiable. Create incentives for ppl to work those jobs if the demand is too high.

There are a ton doctors in Cuba, so some of them work other jobs and most do it gladly.

I don't think any socialist country has ever observed this apparent doctor problem. The late USSR had certain problems in manual labor jobs (slacking, workplace theft, although not as pervasive as people say today) but it has never encountered a shortage of doctors or any widespread health problems due to such. Soviet healthcare was pretty high quality, Cuban healthcare is still top notch even today.

I always imagined some set-up where young people, like 18-28, would do 10-20 hours a week for a couple/a few years doing shitty jobs that cant be automated. Problem with that of course is that if they demand any kind of skill that kind of high turnover could be a bitch. Idk tho how does that sound as an idea at least