Why do leftists tear you to pieces if you just try talking about loneliness as a hetero male?

Not even spewing misogynistic shit, not saying you’re entitled to women, not blaming women for anything, literally just talking about loneliness if you have a penis and like women gets you attacked in leftist spaces, why? Are we supposed to be castrated, is it wrong for us to desire companionship? Not even tryna make an incel post, genuinely wondering why you can’t talk about your own problems. Is it just the era of idpol?

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Guilt by association

That's not my experience at all. Loneliness is a universal human feeling. Humans are social animals, we need company to function properly. I don't think anyone is shaming hetero men when they talk about loneliness.

Perhaps you're thinking of society's pressure on men to "suck it up" or "stiff upper lip" and just deal with all the emotional and psychological problems that arise living in a individualist consumerist society with superficial relationship and alienation from your labour.

Leftists definitely do, whenever I post on leftist forums online if I dare to write something about extreme loneliness and depression over a lack of intimacy I get attacked. Unless you ramble about how happy you are to be single and sexless you get attacked.

Companionship is bourgie

Do they still do that? Used to be okay, then it wasn’t, I don’t track it. The impression I got from watching unassociated fluctuations in media was that cultural acceptance of loneliness was on the upswing again.

I think this shows pendulum swing because it has something akin to boom-bust patterning. People want to help the lonely, so they try. Some of it works (most people get richer during a boom/most lonely people get less lonely), some it works brilliantly (a few people get rich in every boom/a few lonely people get popular, or make lifelong friends), but society overextends (brittle or irrational investments fail/sometimes lonely people are more than people can reasonably accommodate), and then goes into retrenchment (debts must be serviced/emotional injuries take time to heal).

Don’t conflate sex and companionship, hah. That’d be likely where you’re going wrong. Don’t be nephilistic, seeking to go down from Heaven to find a wife; it’s important to be able to find virtue in men as well as women.

Because any space that does not have a party line on idpol (particularly feminism) comparable to that of the CPGB-ML will be infested by liberalism. Even in other groups I have seen feminists joining and then "dating" the leadership who then in turn turn the place into radlib central to secure their access to pussy.

Incels have some of the most insufferable identity politics
Normal people can talk about loneliness tho

How are we defining incel? Because, I don’t see why it’s perfectly fine for trans people and women to talk about dating problems but not men, like, insane incel rants about skull sizes and chads and the femoid plot is one thing, talking about how dating is hard in the 21st Century is another.

The answer is simple. You are talking to the beneficiaries of the unequal distributioon of mates, to the attractive males and females who are in their harems. The status quo serves them just fine, male virgins seeking justice are a threat to their privilige.

Because moaning about your shitty non-problems is for little liberal bitches that don't have anything better to do in their lives. The biggest, most difficult problem they've ever faced is that a girl didn't want to kiss them. They never had to work really hard, they never went hungry, they were never beat up for being poor/brown/member of a union etc.

Little kids died so you can wear your fucking shoes, get over yourself.

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If you get dissed on just for talking about your dating issues then those people are assholes. As long as you're not acting like a stereotypical incel sperg with the conspiracy theories and endless obsession over their inceldom (which will all but guarantee them continuing being incels).


Nice way to silence dissent cunt, just tell people complaining that the act of speaking out is the cause of their issues so iether they suffer in siolence or are themselves to blame.

because your posts on cth made you sound like an incel

– I had a patient, let’s call him ‘Henry’ for reasons that are to become clear, who came to hospital after being picked up for police for beating up his fifth wife.

So I asked the obvious question: “What happened to your first four wives?”

“Oh,” said the patient, “Domestic violence issues. Two of them left me. One of them I got put in jail, and she’d moved on once I got out. One I just grew tired of.”

“You’ve beaten up all five of your wives?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” he said, without sounding very apologetic.

“And why, exactly, were you beating your wife this time?” I asked.

“She was yelling at me, because I was cheating on her with one of my exes.”

“With your ex-wife? One of the ones you beat up?”


“So you beat up your wife, she left you, you married someone else, and then she came back and had an affair on the side with you?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” said Henry.

Guess he had a good personality and respect for women :^)

I think on this board when people see someone describe themselves as an "incel" they are adhering to a specific ideology like MGTOW or whatever you see on /r9k/. Usually I just use it for anyone who wants sex but is unable to get any for any reason and that's it. So therefore females can be incel too.

my gf and I are polysexual and bisexual you retard, the most of a harem we've had is other dudes in bed with us

anyone who unironically identifies as incel is likely going to sperg out about state issued monogamy or some shit so they are already out of the ballpark. then you have people who want to be slick entryists with their misogyny but don't have the thinnest veil of subtly, usually ranting about the same shit but shouting vulgar workerisms. That's also shit-ass awful and I wish they would all go away.

If you want to talk about social atomization and how online dating culture ruins intimacy and inherently lends itself into women seeing men as more of a commodity (and somewhat vice versa) then whatever, that's fine. Just don't have retard spergouts about how much women deserve the rope or something.

If you're not a virgin you can't be an incel. Otherwise the term would be meaningless. This means practically no female above 20 is an incel.

But I don’t do that sperg shit, I specifically did the latter and that’s what I get shat on for.

Kys. The only thing that matters is 1 male having more than 1 female, depriving always one virgin more of his partner for every additional conquest.

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the "thot phenomenon" threads are spergouts

imagine being such a liberal moralist that you don't have the occasional threesome

Imagine being such bourgeois decadent hedonist that you think everyone is afforded the luxuries you are

Dissent against what exactly?

Imagine forgetting so hard to pretend to be egalitarian that you rank everyone 1 to 10… I get that Zig Forums is run by the same broken slaves that think fascism is strong on Zig Forums, but you are supposed to pretend.

I guess so.

My situation is weird, I'm bi, but with a strong preference towards women. I have only had sex with guys though, simply because it is way easier despite having a much smaller pool to choose from. But I guess that would still disqualify me from being an "incel".

The established sexual order that is based on chaos/anarchy (freedom in burgerspeak) and the accumulation of sex and love at the top and absence at the bottom that inevitably results from that.

I can see were you are coming from, I'm also attracted to cute traps/femboys but those are even more unachievable than females :/

have you ever considered that the reason that nobody is keen on bedding you has to do with the fact that you advocate taking away all of their freedoms for some weirdo sexual caste system based off a subjective measurement of one's value based off subjective beauty traits that is predicated on the idea of reproducing at all?

Even if I am your boogeyman sex chad, I've got no plans for reproduction anytime soon. Having a kid in this capitalist society is immoral. I might adopt tho, because I'm not particularly concerned with "muh genes" and whatever spooks you hold.

Good thing I didn’t make them then?

then what got you so unjustly persecuted

Only because they are rare. However they are usually huge sluts, I have even managed to fuck a few. They tend to be incredibly narcissistic and vapid, don't expect more than a one night stand.

No because I have never voiced these things in real life you fucking moron.
Are you retarded? it's subconscious, animals don't fuck because they think about the sperm entering the egg but because they are rewarded with opiod release for fucking.

I said that I’m severely lonely, that porn and tinder make those feelings infinitely worse and are just a retreat from trying to date, that a lot of men are this way these days, and that they can’t adapt to changing relations between men and women. They’re men that don’t know what behaviors can get them companionship, because of our society a shit ton of people have socialization issues, some men are incredibly attractive and have status amongst others so they can do things “the way they used to be done” (no that it’s good or right) while others understand the new dynamic much better and succeed because they know how to socialize and fraternize in this new world. But there are also a lot of socially maladjusted men in this new world who have no clue what to do whatsoever, either due to looks or personality, I fall here due to my personality, and I honestly don’t see wha recourse I have beyond giving up and continuing to retreat and/or eventually killing myself.

literally muh freedoms shit. Shut up liberal. Nobody cares about abstract "rights", what people care about is their real material experience of life. If you had sex with plenty of females you do not want to lose that, not "freedom" you just use that to shield yourself and disguise that you have taken something that now someone is lacking.
No. No classes, no castes, no chads, no virgis
1 Male = 1 Female

And what is the political solution to this that the left should in your opinion take more seriously? Because more attractive = more sex is a fundamental feature of natural selection that is traceable across hosts of species. How do you negate this? Bonus points for a political solution that isn't batshit.

teach me senpai

idpol neoliberals

See, this is where we disagree, what amounts to slavery isn’t a fucking solution, Jesus

Basically there is no solution, a lot of guys will just be lonely as our society tries to work out a new synthesis, because I know I fall into the category that will remain alone I just wanted support and got attacked for it, which is why I realize suicide is the correct solution for men like me



Why do you people conflate the full array of romantic life with sex?

There were still massive deiffernces in the degree of the dicrepancy across human history, so clearly society can widen that natural gap or closen it. Generally monogamy should be rewarded while promiscuity should be punished to counteract the natral reward/punishments that work the other way.

Incel Special Ops reporting

Because I think I might kill myself

Fuck, leftists are basically all the same, aren’t you? There’s literally nothing you can do for the rising number of socially isolated males so you just attack them with your idpol bullshit until they shut up and happily die for the revolution

You're not Chad OP, therefore they rationalize that you are a piece of shit and deserve loneliness.

My dude, I am the last person to really ask for advice. But here's what I got, I am 6'2" and when I was in my best shape I was like 185lbs. So work out, build your chest/shoulders mostly. I didn't have a six pack either. Get your hair cut/styled in the best way that fits you, do not try to look like a twink or whatever gay stereotype you are attempting to look like. Get drunk and go to gay clubs that usually have younger patrons. Where I live (South Florida) helps. If you live somwhere like Iowa, you might be SOL. I don't feel like I am anything but kinda lucky to be honest. Right now I am fat (Like 215lbs), old (33), and I have lost some attraction to guys, so I pretty much have given up

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So you’re saying I’m right?

this fucking board is literally made of people identical to the strawmen pol makes about leftists

Just because you don't openly state your contempt doesn't mean people don't notice it. How you go into any social interaction emotionally will reflect through whole transaction, and people are keen on picking up on little details.
Well if people did it just for the orgasm why don't we all just masturbate?
As someone from the ennobled position of having a gf, a lot of our fetishes revolve around delaying orgasms, because it isn't about the orgasm but the act of fucking someone itself. It's interactions and power play with a partner that you trust, borne of the warped sexual psychology of the two of us. If you are reductionist about the nature of relationships in these conversations then I have no idea how you'd even peruse a relationship irl, you're a domestic abuse case waiting to happen. It's sad the transactionalism of capitalism broke you, but you don't get pity by being a weird sexualized tyrant.
Imagine thinking twitter tanky talking points apply to actual communism
like… forcing them into relationships
I've not accumulated much of anything really. I've got a gf, sometimes we fuck some other dudes and sometimes we fuck some other girls, some on a semi-permanent basis but others just because they are curious and we are willing. Since we are open about our relationships and we take things at a pace they are comfortable with and respect what they want, people are more willing to see us about these things. You could learn from that.

I can sympathize with the aspects of online dating that commodity people like that. I didn't experience it myself but I've had plenty of friends who got burnt on that shit and came to me to talk about it, so I've got the perspective on how it works as opposed to what genuine courtship looks like.
The societal standard has broken down (as it should have, it was very abusive and hollow in how people interacted and anyone who unironically thought it fostered healthy relationships just needs to see the number of broken households to know the old standards were shit). The best way to tackle that imho is to try to work on the individual level with what people are comfortable with. It's seen as uncouth for women to be forwards with what she likes, so generally you need to build up rapport with someone before you can start asking about, say, what they want out of a date. That said, being raunchy is somewhat more acceptable now through social media, so you can get a feeling of what they like through the kinds of jokes and sexual banter they have.
I'd extend this to women as well, I've been confided to before about this kind of thing, asking what men like and how to win them over, what is the way to approach a guy about dating, ect. Like I said, trying a personalized approach to the person rather than trying a society-wide courtship method is always much more successful. I know, easier to say than do, but it is a genuine way to actually approach and get to know people.
I'd honestly just get off the dating app stuff, all it does is promote the transactional mode of relationships and you probably won't find many people looking for something genuine. Approach people at your workplace or school or whatever, build friendships with them, try to understand them, and play up to what they like. The "friendzone" is a grand myth perpetuated by dudes who aren't earnest about their feelings to other people, but at the same time you shouldn't come out as madly in love during the first date either. Just go with whatever pace you all feel comfortable with.

You know when I was writing I was thinking "I bet this guy lives in Europe". Well at least you have trains that can take you to a city much more easily that someone living in the middle of nowhere in burgerville. Well there are also a lot of twinks who only like other twinks. You don't have to be muscular.

No more Zig Forums

naturally, any person Zig Forums ostracizes tends to drift to drift into circles that offer them some kind of protection, hence trans leftists and whatnot. When liberalism fails to protect people from a bunch of ironic unironic fascists, they seek other systems.

People in general don't conform to Zig Forums's hypocritical purity obsessin

we need to stop covering for degenerate lifestylists

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I like how Zig Forums gets a rock hard erection for "converting" (see: inviting them to make the board worse while most of them don't actually change their mind) Jordan Peterson fags, chapo trap house liberals, furfags, "gender critical" bullshit, and Zig Forums boomers but when it comes to incels the sympathy and understanding and attempts to have good faith coversations just go right out the fucking window, despite incels, particularly if theyre also neet/hikkikomori being some of the easiest to actually convert to leftism if you know what to say

Tbh I can't stand the noise from clubs and so on and they privatized the trains so they are a lot more expensive than driving would be, but thanks anyway anonrade.

you should read about sexual life in the ussr. people fucked a lot, but there was none of this repressed degenerate fetish shit



Why would you be entitled to another human being? You're a fucking reactionnary sperg, if you weren't so bitter you might have a chance but being an incel ranting about muh chads n stacies isnt helping

I think the better answer is that that is a reversal of causality, it is the virginity that creates the associated idelogy, not te other way around. All who claim otherwise are idealists and therefore liberals.

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Keep knocking down those strawen roastie, the man who took your virginity is not going to come back, he has newer fresh young sluts now.

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What changing relationships? You think autistic virgins didn't exist in the past?


I'm a dude

true, but the ideology perpetuates the virginity, and it elevates it into a form of identity politics as well. then it goes from where one can reasonably talk about societal ills and the atomization of society to "we need sex castes!"

People married out of obligation and the need to stay alive not because of love. That's why marriage is a spook and it's not because a women is forced to stay with you means she gives a fuck about you and isn't cheating on you with the delivery man

love is a spook
true, but as she had something to lose it reduced the risk, today there is no consequence for getting as much chad dick as she wants iin her teens and tweens

So you admit to literally wanting a slave and you don't give a shit about all that sentimental love bs. Just get a hooker at this point. They're not even that expensive

What is a fetish at this point.

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also sex is free for chad why should i pay for it

Incels tend to get pretty mad when you don’t conform to their worldview , they start calling you a chad and shit,like i love you for calling you handsome but we (as leftists) just try to help you
Also incels are using an unironic anticommunist meme (seize the means of reproduction) as an argument so..
In general though leftists have nothing but sympathy for alienated people

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For calling me*

Mfw tried to start a dialogue and then my thread dissolves into Incels ranting about wanting slaves so people have to counter it

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Youre a total schizo dude. People aren't cartoon characters. Chads and incels are total spooks. You can't get laid because you're an autistic faggot. Most people have sex without problems and some are promiscuous because they're attractive but not to that extent that you think of. People, especially women could pick up on your misogyny and that turns em off. If you acted like a regular person and focused on your general social skills it wouldn't be that hard

Why did women not pick up on the misogyny of Henry? see

Some sociopaths have good social skills and are charming + deceiving. You're a faggot so you're easy to read

He explicitly stated, he wasn't feeling entitled to women, you illiterate sperg.

No, itS an example of a general law. You name-calling me only displays you lack of arguments.

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He did,

Burgerstan is a sociopathic shithole and their culture isn't universal.
Go ahead and bully people then, you have your answer on how to fuck stacies.

Incorrect, you can be an incel if you haven't had sex for a while, grannies with dead husbands are incels, I'm technically an Incel despite getting raped shit like that

Why were you raped

This is probably why you got shit on for talking about it


This, imagine your biggest problem is not being able to have sex with the same frequency as a stereotype of male machismo

anyone who is virgin above 25 or so likely has a lot of problems

Are you really saying that the average women dates misogynist?
Also you get no pussy despite being misogynist, doesn’t this disprove your argument?
Was henry a chad?

Don’t the victims of bullies tend to be antisocial?Like what did you expect
Also i used to be in a popular kids gang when i was 10 and we did picked on a poor soul (i felt and still feel bad about it)
Am i also one of those bullies?

This like i have never seen anyone get actually bullied in my country
(pic KKE's secretary with his harem)

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personally, i fuck tons of bitches. and i'd never take any of your advice. you sound full of shi'ite and you're probably a fat jewish girl.

Yeah must suck to be in such a rut.
if Stalin was still alive he would have yeeted incels to Siberia for being decadent bougie fags

Shalom sister

Since when did this board become Zig Forums. Plus don't we have a containment thread for this

Nice strawman retard. The poster was claiming that females detect “misogyny” and do not have sex with those were they find it. If Henry is not a misgynyst, I don’t know who is.
I didn’ get any pussy back when I wasn’t either.
Sure, but anyone who is sexually “successful” is.
No. Asocial maybe. You are just parroting the just-world-myth. Maybe the homeless are just bad people too.
And I’m sure females rewarded you with sex for this behaviour but not the bully victim (or vastly less).

He was 10 years old. You know anyone who had sex at 10yo