Why do so many right wingers try to claim overtly Marxist philosophers as their own, such as Debord and Adorno...

Why do so many right wingers try to claim overtly Marxist philosophers as their own, such as Debord and Adorno, for their critiques of liberal capitalism? Are they so convinced liberals and communists are the same thing they can't understand the fact that liberalism is the philosophical handmaiden of capitalism? They realize (sometimes) that liberalism and capitalism go hand in hand, yet they can't understand that the end of capitalism is the answer

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The thought leaders of the right are retards

First of all, right-wingers believe commies and corporations are on the same side because they tend to share certain social values.

What righties miss entirely is that the reasons for that are almost completely opposite. It's literally a fallacy by association, that's all they're capable of.

Very informative oh wise leftist.

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Because fascism is all about taking the popular anti-capitalist sentiment/movement and redirect it away from the bourgeoisie.

They don't. Radlibs and corporations share the same social values.

Buzzword tbh

he wasn't wrong

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Literally who are these people?

Using the dude that wrote one of the most dogshit rants up to paper isn’t a wise idea

He would have won and proven his "rants" right if he had a ton of resources like the Soviet Jewnion.

The brainlet is some kind of a libertarian, I only know him since Hakim dunked on him once, no clue who the Marxist is though

Lmao so he'd have won if he didn't lose basically? You've got a big brain buddy

Jack Angstreich and Academic Agent.

No, he wouldn't have.

I love how libertarian's entire concept of capitalism is just guy selling bread.
That's it, nothing else goes into it, just guy selling and another guy buying under watchful eye of supply and demand.

Check out this video by Caleb Maupin:

He would have won if there was a level playing field you dummy.


If Hitler was Russian we would be living under fascism right now. Maybe if you understood that you would be more dignified than the baboons you hand around with.

Maybe it’s because they don’t care about what arbitrary side of the table they’re sitting on? Maybe they can take certain ideas that they agree with from those for whom they also disagree?

There are plenty of liberals that claim to be communist but will suck the dick of any corporation that engages in woke marketing

And that would prove the mercurial nature of his racialist theories. also
his ass would've been grass in a Gulag, and he wouldn't have had the time to prance about and write his nonsensical book

Oh sweatie… should I break it to you that Hitler actually wrote the entirety of it in jail? How do you know that Hitler wouldn't have gotten rid of Stalin before this even? His brownshirts were flat-out killing people in the streets – Jewgashvili would just be another target, and frankly it wouldn't have taken all that much effort.

Yes, because he was in a luxury prison with daily visitors and no hard labour.
Are you the same guy who claimed that Hitler did hard time a few days ago?

Roosters for an internet cockfight

one of the staples of fascist ideology is the belief in no one is equal and "muh strong will prevail", but i guess that doesn't apply to when you got your shit kicked in.