With the exhaustion of oil and modern technology the future world will look pretty steampunk

With the exhaustion of oil and modern technology the future world will look pretty steampunk

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With the exhaustion of oil modern society will completely collapse

Though I hope you’re right and the Dark Ages for our industrial society look more like the 1800s than a complete regression in technology and culture

yes steampunk is the attempt at rebuilding

You can synthesize oil from coal, and I doubt that we will run out of that any time soon. Also if you used up all the oil it would create devastating climate effects that might raise more pressing questions than rebuilding into steampunk i.e. survival in general. Also, why the hell should modern tech be used up?
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You can use solar to synthesize oil from air. Peak oil presumed technological stagnation. Technology outpacing environmentalists is an old story at this point - though in fairness, the environmentalist’s rebuttal that technological change must be forecast conservatively is valid.

Despite the existence of solid alternatives, an economic depression is still possibly in store if extractable oil starts running low, but a nasty recession is more likely; either way, modern economies won’t collapse.

No we’ll have nuclear powered stuff.

But the chances of being able to do that are slim, especially when life will be much more taxing due to climate change, burning wood and coal would just be easier
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this is not yet possible outside the theoretical realm.

nuclear power is steam genius

Picrelated: the Soviet Diesel-generating train engine, capable of running on coal or wood.

We won't fall back to steam tech. We'll just use more expensive (and polluting) fuel

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Daily reminder that wind, solar and nuclear is needed for the continuance of the development of productive forces, and with it, socialism.

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wind solar and nuclear energy are all reliant on oil which is limited. there is a chance harnessing it isn't even possible

by what mechanism does charging a battery depend upon oil?

Power generators are mostly powered by coal where renewable energy isn't super workable in this retarded economy

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The Amish death squads will seize their opportunity to take over.

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Be a man among Mennonites


By that logic we're already living in steampunk

something fission china biofuels nuclear thorium something


Yes idiot. Guess what does the coal boil?

you clearly don't understand steampunk idiot

while in principle both use water nuclear power requires far more precision, which steampunk in general is an asthetic that harks back to an age where thing were less efficient.

No cars, no USA and with it gone no more wars, dark age communism, society will have to find ways to make progress again… Sounds good to me.