What are your guy's thoughts on deleuzeian/landian u/acc stuff? I haven't read much on it myself, so I also wanna ask what they think of praxis, do they desire it at all?

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Accelerationism is nonsensical, it believes that the working class will embrace socialist liberation due to the heightening of contradictions, when it’s just as likely that without a proper theoretical framework they embrace reaction.

As Marxists we must prepare the working class for the inevitable conclusion of capitalism, things are accelerating with or without our input, there’s no need to accelerate them further. If anything we don’t have ENOUGH time

What do you want to know?

its basically this: the previous economic system sets the right material conditions to bring about the next.
The transition from capitalism to socialism will only be successful given the right material conditions.
Therefore the faster those conditions arrive the better.

However people tend to be afraid of the word accelerationism and are against it as a knee jerk reaction

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How do prepare the working class to revolt in the age information capitalism, where we live in a society of control? Which are our current conditions, at least in the west. As opposed to living in an age of industrial capitalism, while living in a society of discipline, which were the conditions where previous socialist (unless you ask leftcoms lol) revolutions were carried out.

I’m a ML dude, I just think trying to push for fascist dictatorship as fast as possible isn’t the way to achieve socialist revolution (and no, when I say fascist I mean the US turning fash to save itself, not the USSR being fash or something)

Accelerationist would say that capitalism will not collapse. It's inherent contradictions have never been enough to stop it. The most likely conclusion of capitalism would be a post human society where robots continue working in factories even after humanity has long been extinct. Continuing to produce useless commodities for no one

Trannies have jumped on this acc thing because of deterritorialization of gender brought on by capitalism

A lot people misunderstand accelerationism. But it's incredibly obscure and relies heavily on deleuzo guatarrian literature which is complicated enough in itself

Mostly I wanna know what kind of actions they consider revolutionary praxis, do they think making subversive art and arguments is praxis? Do they think voting for trump, or Yang, or bernie, or joe biden could be praxis?

Most leftist tendencies view unionism as good and a way to reach their goals, but how do accelerations want to achieve their goals?

Or do they think that things will just work out without doing anything? A lot of them also say some very end of evangelion sounding shit about transhumanism, which is the most fascinating part of the tendency to me.

You're arguing again a point no one is making though.

Deleuze is not an accelerationist.
Mods please anchor this shit thread.

All economic systems reach a state of advancement that bring about a new economic system through the change of material conditions.
For example it can be argued that the lack of goal helped bring about capitalism etc.
Therefore capitalism will provide the material conditions to dethrone it.
Trying to react against it has failed in the past and voting for SocDems will only maintain the current order.
Acceleration advocates for not slowing the eventual destruction of capitalism.
So voting Trump will help to end capitalist the fastest

Unions are irrelevant. At one point they fought against capitalism now they just bargain with capitalism for higher wages. They do not help workers or accelerationism.

On an individual level a single person does not matter in the grand scheme of things if thats what your asking

this is just speculating on technology

I'm not saying he was, but some deleuzians are. Although most of them are twitter weirdos, so i'll give you that.

I get that, but in the past union salts and activists were able to make small differences individually that would collectively become strong, do the accelerationists have any similar activities? Or is it really just forces completely beyond human influence?

Yes, you can look into Land's work on the Dark Enlightenment
Essential move away from federalized governments to a hyper capitalist form of government run by a CEO

Stop with this this terrible vaporwave / 80's shit. It's inherently reactionary, we need to come up with our own art.

vaporwave is anti capitalist retard

Doesn't matter if it's anti-capitalist. It's a style that has long since melted into air and been co-opted by the same multinational corporations whose decadence it made fun of (surprise surprise, irony is one of the most easily diluted elements). Besides, aestheticization of politics is pretty cringe and bluepilled and the accelerated degradation (or undressing?) of grassroots art movements into commercialized kitsch means we probably shouldn't uphold the latter as revolutionary or otherwise progressive and critical. Especially when it doesn't actually have any positive, constructive elements to it.

You're description of vaporwave makes it sounds prefect for accelerationism though

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I'm confused. Some people say Land used to be lefty who knew socialism was inevitable consequence of Capitalism but later became edgy lolbert to delay said transition as long as possible. If I'm reading you correctly he is not actually delaying revolution per se but merely using such dystopian system as praxis. Which was is it? I know I should read him myself but he somehow figured out how to write even more obnoxiously than moldbug and I can't in to /cyb/ lit

If accelerationism is anything more than a meme then it already shed vaporwave a long time ago.

All cultural ideas are memes.

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t. Hideo Kojima

Increasing the cost of labour is an incentive to automate

Unions good praxis, human rights and dignities for proles, lumpens etc good praxis

His early works in fanged noumena still deal with capitalism as a progressive force that build the condition for socialism and how therefor more capitalism > faster to socialism
then he did drugs had a mental breakdown dissapeaared for a decade and then popped up in China with neoreactionary technodystopianism and a twitter acc

This is a bullshit definition of accelerationism. It's basically a tabloid journalist level of misconception. Deleuze and Guattari (arguably the original accelerationists) were pretty fucking explicit about the fact the nothing has ever been killed by its contradictions.

everything is a meme who cares

Nick emerged as a leftist in the 90s and never denounced it but moved on from politics to philosophy
Nick sees the future as a dystopia ruled by AI but that doesn't mean it is the end goal or something he is in favor of
Ultimately the praxis is to accelerate capitalism to reach the next epoch

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Problem is, this epoch is mass human extinction which Land kind of views with an apathetic "meh" and even seems to favor.

How is that a problem? He's not promoting it like a malthusian he is just analyzing the trajectory of modern life and saying this is where it is heading towards

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Decreasing the cost of automation is an incentive to automate.

Workers' cooperatives selling capital at reduced prices to capitalists is a way forward.

Do we need a thread on this every day?

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if we automate the proletariat out of existence then by definition the bourgeois cannot exist

Shitty self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yes, that's kind of what I've been thinking about.
We'd reach an economic and technological singularity by doing so and after that the only question is to see who remains.

Any good books on this topic?

One Dimensional Man
The Influencing Machine
Psychopathology of the beautiful fighting girl
And of course land/deleuze guattari and baudrillard too

you sound butthurt