Che's Birthday

Today is the birthday of this absolute socialist legend. He would be 91 if he were still alive. Let us remember this hell of a man who is one of if not the most iconic and inmortal communist revolutionary to have ever lived. As a tribute here is this absolute gem of a song dedicated to the true GOAT
also mandatory che flag for posting itt

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Forgot it's with two m's in english, sorry about that

it's alright, English is a retarded language anyway

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Also an F to pay respects to Che

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The most iconic and Immortal commie of all time was wearing a ROLEX a very iconic watch for a Capitalists. he should have been wearing watch from a state owned factory from East Europe. Hypocrite douchebag is more like it. Oh and don't forget the murders he committed.

Do right wingers also accuse Che of killing gorrilions? Not that he has no blood on his hands but it still seems retarded to me.

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Foco theory might be wrong but he is still a hero

Right wingers will accuse any revolutionary that fought to take bourg property away of being a psycho serial killer, that's how the game works.

I think focalism was perfect for Cuban conditions, and for any other country ruled by imperialist powers at that time.

Not really, in South America protracted People's war was king, even the nominally focoist ELN and FARC essentially practised PPW

He's a hero, sure. But he was still a 'romantic' (read: non-histmat) revolutionary in the end. This incompability is what highlights him as a kind of existentialist revolutionary, a 'pure will' against historical forces.

Should he be condemned for this? In terms of theory, he should be criticized. But when it comes to morals, examples, purpose, he should be put on a pedestal.

The lesson? There is no over-arching strategy without the correct theory, regardless of exceptional human will.

May he rest in struggle.

yeah but Cuba's geographical position made it a lot harder for the US to interviene. I mean, look at Colombia and Nicaragua today, they're both shitholes compared to Cuba.

Why do you consider Che to be non historical materialist? What action or belief did he hold to make you believe this? I can understand why so many people here believe him to be a romantic revolutionary but going as far as saying this seems a bit too much imo. I mean I believe everyone here realizes Che was more of a ML than Castro ever was, I'm not trying to attack you but I just want to know why you believe this.

he actually wore several different watches, all of them set to different timezones so he could keep track of the political happenings with a sense of time relative to those timezones. Most of the watches were gifts from comrades.

TL;DR: you literally can't "force a revolution" if the socio-economic necessities aren't there.

Don't debate me, comrade, debate Marx & Lenin.

Again, based, still, non-Marxist.

I see. Tbh Che to me seems like a person that was "born" to constantly face and participate in revolutionary struggle. Like there was no way he would've stayed as a minister in Cuba forever. He had to constantly fight, even if it meant fighting somewhere where your defeat was guaranteed the second you got there. Idealistic? Yeah. Utopian? A little I suppose but I still find him so admirable and his desire to bring the revolution all across the world is truly incredible. He died doing what he loved most.

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There's a reason why 'redlibs' and 'hardcore communists' can find a commin ground in Che.

For the former he's a never-to-be-accomplished force of nature, hence an anomaly.

For the latter, he's an adventurist idiot, whoms't can not but die in search for the 'originary' harmony.

I'm sorry to break it down to you, comrades, but there's literally no way for the 'labour agent' to appear!

What remains is the acknowledgement of radical difference!

it hasn't even been day one and were already getting gassed? That was quick.
you should

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We should come together as grown-ups here!

If this specific mode of production takes its place as such, we MUST acommodate!


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TL;DR: sadly "Che" has become a fetish object. There's no way we can repeat his example, yet we are still confined in the same problematic of his.

happy birthday eternal comrade che

he's dishing justice in heaven now

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But user, you're the one who praises the jews!
After all, Capitalism is the shackle with which you are restricted. Replacing your slave-owner won't make you free. Remember to get yourself branded!

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I'm a linux user (Arch btw).
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Capitalism works well if you don't involve any niggers, whiteys, asians, pajeets or indians tbh.


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I used manjaro myself but switched when I realized that Arch is the white man's OS.


No, you don't.
Again, cf. with histmat, you under-read fagget.
Yeah, Utopian.
Idealistic, yeah.
No one tries to go against this fact. Yes, Che's desire is eternal, and so on, yet, still, he was COMPLETELY RETARDED when it came to actual historical materialist analysis. The guy was like "lol, fuck everyting, IMMA bring revolutions to places where it won't be, lol!"

Oh, look! Trash comments! So valuable! So bzzzzzzzzt under muh value form!

Everything I said is true, so I don't know what you're going on about.

Huh, I just came from listening to El Comandante when this thread popped up. Neat.

This shit again.
1) Rolex in the 1960s wasn't that expensive at the time. Mercedes and other expensive items were far cheaper back then.
2) At least several had been personal gifts in international relations.
3) ethical consumption under capitalism doesn't exist. Personal property under socialism isn't the same as private property and is seperate from public property. so any toothbrush level fallacy fails too.
He actually did have several such watches as well.
name one that wasn't part of the revolutionary war or in defense of Cuba from attacks like the Bay of Pigs. Funny how your seem to ignore the same shit done by US allies like the Saudis… how convenient.

He wasn't he was trying to maintain the flames of revolutionary potential in those countries. Bolivia and all these countries still had and many still have revolutionary movements because of people like Che.

What are you even trying to say?

It's unfortunate but what this tells us is that a massive part of politics is simply "it's ok when our side does it". Imo, it's mostly true but there are some things I personally would never do, call me a moralfag or whatever, but it's just what I'd choose. For example from the shit the US has done, I wouldn't interfere in a nation where clearly the majority of the population is right-leaning.

right wingers accuse fucking Robin Hood of being a psycho terrorist

THE MOTHERFUCKER ALSO DRANK COCA COLA!! from an expropriated factory

As a teen, Guevara already had read thousands of books and figured out that a conflict between the US and USSR would develop and argued with his dad about that. He read more than Lenin, Stalin, and Mao combined. He read Kant, Hegel, young Marx and old Marx, psychology with a foundation in material circumstances, he studied math and specifically linear programming, he promoted use of computers in economic planning, and it looks like he was already aware of just-in-time management two decades before that even becoming a term; he also wrote in-detail critique of standard soviet economics. Check out Helen Yaffe's Che Guevara – The Economics of Revolution.

If Lenin was less wrong than Guevara, how come Socialist Cuba still exists, but not Soviet Russia?

Damn, I didn't know any of that shit. I knew he became leftwing from an early age but had no idea about the rest.

He got those watches from killing capitalists like yourself.

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