Can I be a communist if I hate people who are ugly and fat...

Can I be a communist if I hate people who are ugly and fat? This group would include at least 75% of all trannies (ugly) and 39.8% of US adults (fat). I agree with Marx on most of his economic principles (I'm about halfway through Capital Vol. 1) but I'd never be in a party with a fat ugly tranny, this is not the future I want to live in.


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Yeah why wouldn't you?
Fat people are at best lumpen and at worst bourgeois
Also previous communist regimes all put an end to obesity as soon as they took over food

You wouldn't sacrifice complete global economic revolution for sharing a space with a tranny? You're a fucking pussy

on the contrary I wouldn't want to risk trannies ruining revolution with IDpol

"Communism is when you love and want to fuck trans and fat people, the more you fuck the Communistier it is" -Karl Marx

yes this is my concern too
all the self-proclaimed "communist" trannies I've interacted with focus too hard on idpol and too little on economic principles. Plus, they ruin the aesthetics of the movement if they are fat and ugly (which a sizeable portion are). And they are prone to get too emotional really quick which only hurts us even more

This is just further proof that trannies are brain dead. A material analysis of trannies makes them a by product of late capitalism.

They're radlibs

Capitalism forces people to work in shitty jobs that don't work them out well, add in shitty food that's easy to produce but also not very helpful for the average citizen and you have yourself a debased population who's potential virtue has been squandered by the shitty living that they were forced into.
I would pity the ugly tranner, not hate them. They're just trying to make sense of this world, but might not have the wits or will to be able to see the truth. Then again, only god can see what is true and false and we don't even know if such a creature exists.

since all leftypol will be purged in any real revolution y'all have nothing to worry aboot

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Sure why not, nevertheless take this topic to the containment thread new friend

You already had this thread a month ago user

I'm new here, it must've been someone else

Some people are just born ugly. Hating people for genes that they cannot control and did not get to choose is idiocy.

just disliking people for being ugly, fat, trans, that's something you can't control.
being a dick to people for being ugly, fat, trans, that's just cruel and wanton. it will sow conflict in a party, and this is literally the most petty fucking reason to do so.

I think people are batshit crazy thinking they can create the perfect system. All that effort and they could have just put less effort into filling the holes as they appear. They're all doing more endless hard work to to the easy work for them because they were too lazy to do the easy endless work. They're just creating more problems.

what the fuck is this post lmao

what about being a dick to people who subvert your cause for their own?

Well, I want to have sex with farm animals but people are too concerned about wasting everyone's time not doing anything with communism instead of helping me do anything with animals myself. The whole point is that we don't need communism to let people be successful in life.

what about looking at people whose appearance you dislike, and then judging them immediately on that basis?
if you think i'm opposed to kicking revisionists out of parties, you really don't know me, but i'm smart enough to know that all fat people, or all ugly people, or even all trans people aren't just automatic traitors.

What the fuck even is this sentence?

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Don't ask Google.

Shut the fuck up Cuck. Obesity is high amongs the working class in the west. You're a class traitor

fuck off fat cunt, go buy some more donuts

Vote for Andrew Yang. UBI is the best path forward for us.

You are literally ruining the revolution with IDpol by opting out of the party because there's a tranny.

*non-passing delusional tranny. I'm all for trannies as long as they're not men in wigs

My point remains.

sorry but delusional people are not welcome

Then GTFO.

no u

any party with trannies is automatically counter revolutionary


because trannies ruin parties with IDpol

LGBT rights in general was created as a means of dividing the Working Class.

If that's true, then you clearly played right into porky's. Have some god damn self awareness.

porky's scheme*

LGBT Rights was created by the CIA because they wanted people to EXPRESS THEMSELVES instead of working for improving the lot of the Working CLass.

allowing trannies plays into porky's hands. rejecting trannies helps the working class



Capitalists use trannies to further expand markets, they are good consumers along with all lgbtqwert people so porky encourages this behavior.

IDpol divides the working class

I guess we should exclude men and women from our movement too, then.
Then stop hating on trannies, you idpozzed retard?

you're just shit posting now. not an argument.

as soon as they stop existing

Your argument was that if a group is being used to expand markets, we should exclude that group from our movement. I am shitposting because I use your "logic".
Not an argument :^) Take your idpol back to Zig Forums.

yes the whole purpose of trannies is so capitalists can create better consumers.
You have not post anything relevant just shitposting

take your trannism back to liberalpol

Trannies existed before they were being used to sell products. Identities, like man, woman, teen, tranny etc. is being used to make profits, that's why capitalists appropiate identities. That does not mean trannies were "created" by the almighty Porky in the sky.
Stop projecting.

No they did not

Beauty isn't real, it is a human construct therefore it doesn't matter. And hating on fat people isn't going to make them healthy. But to answer your question, yes you can still be a communist.

lol. this take.

negative reinforcement works

When did capitalists start appropriating the LGBT movement for profits? I'd say somewhere in the 00s, right? Trans people have existed since early 20th century where surgery became possible, and cross dressers and the like have existed for thousands of years.

at the inception of it.

this is not out of faggotry but it was a spiritual thing channelling gods etc

Do you have an example of capitalists pushing for trans rights in the early 20th century then?

Trannies are bad because it is literally eugenics. Instead of creating more autistic tranny communists it culls it.

I didn't say capitalists push for trans rights since the beginning I said capitalists have used the tranny movement and a means to encourage mass consumer tranny behavior since the beginning

not an argument

Which is even dumber, as trans people were such a tiny minority and the general population was so transphobic it would only hurt profits. It wasn't untill working class people wanted rights for homosexuals in backwards America that the capitalists jumped the bandwagon.
And again, if capitalists pushing an identity in order to expand profits is a reason to exclude that group from our movement, then we should exclude every group.
Neither was your comment, just pure speculation that reeks of repressed faggotry.


And? your acting as if the current multi nation corporation acceptance of faggotry was the only way the capitalists promote things.
Back in the early 20th century the capitalists promoting trans "people" were the gaybar owners, capitalists that put on cross dress shows etc

the working class has never wanting rights for faggots. the idpol movement was spearheading by upper class liberals and petite bourgeois.

I agree exclude every group that is a creation of capitalist idpol.

So a few petite bourgs, clearly people without any actual power or incentive to "divide the working class".
Currently 62% of Americans support equal rights for LGBT people. So you're saying the working class of America consists less than 38% of the population?
Alright. We'll have a movement of exactly 0 people. Good job, little worker.

yeah thats how it began

you're saying all 62% are working class? Even if you take some unsourced statistic at face value you're probably not correct anyways

you're delusional

The majority of them does not want to get rid of capitalism either. People are idiots and need to be forced.
No, I'm not saying they're all working class, but out of 62% of the population, a majority HAS to be working class.

Not what I said, you illiterate retard.

The majority who are against the gays are working class too.

Not even that guy, but imagine being this bad at reading. I guess this is why you have such trash opinions.
What he's saying is that everyone's identity under capitalism is defined by some type of idpol which is used to sell them shit you moron.

you're saying that all 38% are working class?

Also retarded thread, you cannot be a communist if you hate people, rather than their economic categories in the capitalist theatre, if not, actually capitalism in itself:

And why should we support whatever the working class supports? Also polls mean nothing you cannot prove that poll is correct.

Not what I said, you illiterate retard.

ok same fag
fuck off

Why not? people are scum who defend their freedom to retain their ranking above others.

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if they are against some kind of idpol they aren't materialist, thus they aren't communist. Communists principly believe in total social liberation.

this isn't true. Communist believe in the working class owning the means of production and the liberation that comes from that. Not liberation of groups created by late capitalism

Entirely artificial mode of categorization just for the purposes of trying to carry on your reactionary idpol rather than actually adopt a dialectical and materialist method.

Literally every has-been reactionary that comes to this board asks "can I be a communist without (challenging reactionary notion here). The answer is no, it shall always be no, and read a fucking book.



I agree, and I'll revert it, why should we be against anything the capitalist class is for? (not that a majority of capitalists are for trans rights).
This is completely unrelated to the point you were trying to make, but communists movements being more successful in the third world probably doesn't have much to do with them being against trans rights.
Unless you think a majority of the population is capitalist, then yes, it is self evident that they are primarily working class.

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Proof that they are?


Being anti-LGBT is idpol. If you hate workers for their sexuality, then you're dividing the working class with idpol.
See my above point.
You really are retarded.

you claimed they are not socially liberal


source?proof? No its not

By this logic we should accept pedophiles and zoophiles are much as homophiles and trannies

no u
stop making claims and refusing to prove them

that isn't something that you source cuck, it's a moral argument. If you call yourself "anti-lgbt" then that's an identity.

lmao the conflation, pedophiles and zoophiles both cause harm whether mental or physical whereas transsexuals don't.


My proof is that you base your politics on identity. That means you're an idpoler as much as the Zig Forumsnigger basing his politics on racism.
You can't compare those at all. Whether a person identifies as trans or not does not affect children or animals or anyone else.
My proof is that America is not a country where a majority of the population is capitalist. Do you understand?

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No its not. IDpol is that of choosing identity over class. Being anti LGBT can be done for idpol reasons but being anti lgbt because it is harmful to working class movements is not IDpol


Sorry, was that you saying that you're wrong? It's not good for you to get angry you know user.

Exactly like you say, their "ranking" - this is constructed by, mainly, capitalism. Hating people rather than capitalism is irrational, unproductive, blinds you towards how to achieve your goals, and is detrimental to your mental health and stability, which are crucial for any communist to retain their sharp critical thought.

Typical reactionary drivel.
The previous poster explained - just as racism is reactionary because it divides the working class, so is your anti-lgbt idpol.

Imagine thinking this is a clever argument. Hasn't the concept of consent crossed your tiny, feeble, ape-like brain? I swear you are so retarded any sexual contact with you is on par with rape, since your stupidity makes you incapable of understanding a concept as simple as consent. Moron.

All this is just Zig Forums tier internet edginess you have been force fed, use your fucking brain and get over your pitiful, teenage angst.

ok well i don't so you're wrong.

Whether a person identifies as pedo or not does not affect children or animals or anyone else.

but you can't prove that the people in the polls are majority proletariat.
you can't even prove that poll is correct.



You do, so I'm right.
Correct. A pedophile who does not harm children does no harm to society.
I really don't know how to get this into your thick skull. If a majority of the population supports something, and the population consists of 90%+ working class, then that means that no matter what, that majority will be primarily working class.

Answer this then you angsty shit-tard.

What excactly is your argument? You don't like my post-script, the only place where I don't have an actual argument against your bullshit? Typical that this is what you respond to.

You are void of any intellectual support for your retarded edginess and have resorted to posting angsty one line responses for about 10 posts.

Sage this cancer thread.

lol good luck with mass support on that position

except you cannot prove that they're working class

answer what? some retarded shitpost with no reasoning behind it?


this is just butthurt

bumping because you saged

Durr hurr? Xd

I really hope you go back to Zig Forums. You would bring the average Autism Level of our movement down by 10 points.

You still haven't answered this. Can you go 5 posts in a row without actually saying anything? I bet you can, retard.

The only part that post responded to was that I used the word Zig Forums in post.

What the fuck are you even arguing about? All you have said for the last 5 posts is "lol u bad".

well you ran out of arguments a while ago now you resort to shitposting

trannies btfo

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This retard is obviously a troll, in a retarded troll level thread. They have stopped arguing for about 10 posts, and refuse to answer even a basic point which I have replied back 3 times now:

Please do not respond to this thread unless an actual argument is made, otherwise you're wasting your time.

Mods, it would be nice if you bumplocked this thread since we already have a thread to discuss sexuality and related issues.

I tried my best to get an argument out of you, but I realize now that arguing with a brick wall isn't as fun as it sounds.