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So I've started listening to the audible version of "War and an Irish Town"
With just 20 minutes into the book I'm mad as hell and want to travel to Ireland to smack around all these libcuck Sinn Fein Members. 😤😤😤
10/10 narrator sounds like a great comrade

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You can stay, but never do that again

Sinn Fein are traitorous scumbags, they don’t give a shit about Ireland, they know that if this place United with the south then their party would have no reason to exist anymore. Every time the IRA iced some invaders, Sinn Fein were the first ones jumping up, and down about how sad, and evil this is, what a bunch of fucking cunts, they sucked so much dick, and betrayed Ireland in every way just to acquire more political power. Now they have betrayed even the Irish people, they ignore the growing homeless problem, they ignore the housing shortage, they actually promote the importation of cheap foreign labour which has fuck up wages for tradesmen, the south has went from an almost entirely Irish nation to only 80% in about 20 years, and Sinn Fein loves it, what the fuck was the point of fighting for hundreds of years to keep invaders of this land if we are just going to sell ourselves out in a couple decades, they now promote cutting dicks of kids, and bumming your da. A shower of cunts they are, and every other party is about the same, and yes I know the National party is alright, and they aren’t corporate or NGO puppets, but they’ve only came up here recently, and most people still haven’t caught on to just how disgusting Sinn Fein has become.

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Also FUCK the American Irish community imagine unironically pulling support for the IRA because they're in solidarity with BPP

Is that ethnic nationalism I smell?

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Why is this allowed?

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Perhaps it's that anons mention of ethnic composition and the explicit support of the national party that made him question such.

there's nothing wrong with ethnonationalism user

If we didn’t care about our people, nowhere on this island would be free from the empire, and we would still be a fucking colony, and we fought for our people above all else, we didn’t lose millions in rebellions, famine, civil war, etc, just to fucking throw it all away in a single century because some fucking traitor scumbags decided to do what Britain failed to do in hundreds of years of occupation, and colonialism. I believe in my land, and it’s rightful inhabitants, not fucking corporate conglomerates, foreign NGOs, or the opinions of some multicolour haired retards.

NP from the lads I’ve talked to in the party seem solid. They aren’t going to start sucking Israeli dick, they won’t start importing hundreds of thousands of people to undercut wages, and further divide the people, they actually want to develop the country, and actually fix real problems this place faces rather than who you can fuck in the ass or what made up pronoun you want to be called. I’m sick of all the parties here copying the Americans, and Brits, and introducing all their retarded ideas as to not feel “left behind” they would rather look good in the eyes of their EU masters than putting Ireland first.


Lmfao, any worker portion of such a movement will literally the first one on the chopping block.

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Fucking disgrace

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What do you expect? Just about every party on the island defends private property, and Catholicism. To go against either would be political sucide. You think farmers would jump at the opportunity to give up their land or religion? Besides the members I talked to have already said they were trying to convince Barrett to change some policies, the ban on abortion for example, they wanted him to change it to where abortion would be allowed in the cases of rape, disabilities or if the child would be a serious threat to the mothers life due to possible complications. I doubt they are planning to sell out their entire voting bloc lad, they are a democratic political party remember, and betraying the people they said they were fighting for would effectively kill the party.

We're hitting levels of pathetic that aren't supposed to be possible.

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I'm sorry user, but are you fucking retarded.

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They who do you propose anyone here support? Every party is capitalist, even Sinn Fein has dropped many of their socialist policies in favour of copying non issue problems from the US or UK. Also the original IRA wasn’t a socialist organisation during the uprising, and war for independence, they were a collection of different movements including socialists, but Patrick Pearse for example would probably be called a fucking ultranationalist by today’s standards, the IRA didn’t become socialist until the 60s, and even then several different kinds existed, the provos were by far the largest, and most well known group, and their members were supposedly closer to being apolitical or actual nationalists. The more socialist elements of the IRA could be found in the other splinter organisations like the official IRA, the real IRA, etc. Unfortunately it seems like the only party on the island that doesn’t openly ignore the people, jump up, and down when the EU, UK or US tells them to is full of nationalists, besides, the party is small enough that it wouldn’t be hard to influence, if enough members bring up the same suggestion or work their way into a higher position, it wouldn’t be terrible difficult to change it from within.

I’m not religious, but what has the church managed to do that has fucked everything up so badly? It’s not like they have any influence anyway after getting caught out for bumming kid, and going after them would only piss of a large portion of the population which they’re is no point for because the church is on it’s way out to begin with, and the only people that keep the thing around are old people, just wait a little longer, and it will effectively lose every bit of power it had, assuming it hasn’t already.

I’ll give you an example of what happens when you betray your own party, labour in the republic said they were going against water charges, but the moment they were implemented, that same party turned round, and came out in support of it, they immediately lost just about all their backing, and they now spend their days dancing on the street to earn back voters, it’s happened enough times for people to catch on.

In a capitalist society, money is power, and the Catholic Church has 4 billion euros worth of land and assets. Catholic Church loves running schools and hospitals.

This is power. Real power. And it's not going away any time soon.

Any day now.

Have water charges been reversed?

I actually went to a catholic school, and I can tell you now, the church may as well be dead already, religion barely came up, and when it did we had to look had several different kinds of religion, like a quarter of the people in there were orthodox Christians, prods, and even one or two Muslims, the church is dying for members, they even had to import priests from south east Asia because nobody wanted to join here, and don’t forget the church has over a billion members, they have have they are happy to ignore their members constantly, and the church has nowhere near the same power it once had, it’s even losing that little power.

No, they were implemented in full, no real surprises there, every party in the country was pretending to go against it, but you could tell that they just wanted to save face, and they were happy to forget the issue once it was put in. If the republic actually spent their money wisely the south wouldn’t be getting taxed up the fucking arse, they could cut the billions we waste every year in foreign aid, and use it to fix the massive fucking debt they are in.

* they have over a billion members, and while it looks like they make a lot of money, it’s nowhere near enough to keep things running, chapels are getting demolished every year, especially in France for example.

The ICA was, and were the first to sustain casualties. In fact, through all of the conflicts it was the socialists who stayed true to the cause even after it "ended". It was socialists who originally fought the hardest with the "anti-treatyites", and after the Officials and the Provos ceased-fire it was the Officals that became an Anti-EU Marxist-Leninist party while it was the Provos who created the social democrat Sein Fein that exists today. If anything, it is the more "nationalist" side that has always capitualted.

Clearly not.

Hmm. Hmm.

How many pedophile priests went to jail?

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They did fight, but unfortunately they lost, and killed Collins anyway, pretty much fucking up any chance to get the north back quickly. It was the provos that did the vast majority of the work during the troubles, and they didn’t make as many fuckups as the other groups did, like blowing up civilians every fucking time instead of soldiers. they were sold out by their ‘leaders’ for a little political power, the IRA today is just a bunch of fucking gangs, and retards that pretend to be the IRA so they can scare of competition in their drug, and bootleg cigarette businesses,

Most of them were dead before it was revealed they were pedos, but the ones that did get caught out were thrown in prison, also what do you think this place is? Do you think the church has power here anymore? The media shits on them constantly, and they spend 99% of their time begging for new members.

Also the men that fought in the provisional IRA definitely are against what Sinn Fein has become, and I know because I’ve actually talked to several of them, and they all seem to get fucking pissed when I bring them up, they know the UK was beginning to get exhausted with the whole affair, and giving this place back was starting to look like the only solution, all the IRA has to do was keep up the pressure.

hey is this book good? i am thinking o buying it from an book expo today

Also i am between that and Μao’s guerilla one
Or a pack with many guerilla warfare ones (Lenins,the green book, werwolfs guide and a cia one handed to contras) any thoughts?
Also the 150 Questions For A Guerrilla
In general I want to get a better understanding of guerilla organization ,mostly so I can rp as a star wars rebel better

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The National party so far in the book has been nothing but cuck central that has to be forced to fight by the left faction of Labor and the Republican club. They also unironically try to stoke sectarianism further and reduce the struggle to Catholic v Protestant.

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Haven't read it but I know Mao and Che wrote pretty good guerrilla books

I thought they wanted to implement something similar to Éire nua specifically to reduce sectarianism, and allow prods in Northern Ireland to unite with the south more easily as they would still have a voice.

Problem with Éire Nua is that it puts the six counties with the rest of Ulster: which would create a massive clusterfuck. Like in the late 1970s the UDA/UVF were willing to accept a 32 country republic if the six counties got a devolved assembly (basically they wanted the authority of stormont to say the same and the difference would be they would be under the republic instead of the UK). Eire Nua would have rekt that.

That could easily be solved by simply using the existing borders of Northern Ireland instead of ulster, it’s a pretty straight forward solution, you don’t have to copy ideas exactly, and include their faults.

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Boston ought to be nuked for letting conspiracy twats talk about whitey conspiracy theories to actual Irish people like this.

I just relistened to the video, where's the conspiracy theory? Is conspiracy theory just the term you use when someone says something you disagree with?

"Le great moslem replacement"

They never used that term in the video. Besides, replacement migration is hardly a "conspiracy theory."

Lets see that again to really make sure you actually read what you just posted.
Capitalist countries with low birth rates need to import people both for the aging population and cheap labor so the country continues to function and doesn't economically collapse.
Meanwhile retarded Nazi's and crypto ethnonationalists
Muh white race is being replaced even though race isn't an actual fucking thing
Right wing """Socialists""" instead of stopping capitalism and Western wars of imperialism we're gonna go beat up migrants and team up with Nazi's because cultural spooks.

This is a total straw man. I agree that low birth rates can cause policy makers to decide to bring in outsiders to make up for the shrinking population. I never brought up Jews, and I never suggested the existence of a conspiracy. The main problem is the underlying capitalist/liberal assumptions that policy makers have which cause them to view replacement migration as an appropriate solution. Again, this doesn't require a "conspiracy" or "muh Joos." And stopping wars of imperialism is definitely a top priority, as those simply cause instability that drives migration in the first place.

When you spraypaint "the Irish a minority in 30 years" you are doing neither to combat Capitalism nor the polices or people which put them in place. You are only strengthening the Right wings false idea of a anuddah shoah and are only dividing the working class between Irish and migrant workers.

Well, what do you want people to do instead? Why should a people give up their land so that the bourgeoisie can hire more cheap labor?

Hmm yea this is great and all but where is the socialism?

Collectively as a class seize the means of production be the workers Women,Migrants,Men,White,Black,Latino,Christian,Muslim,German,French etc while being non sectarian in the coming imperialist backlash and to not appeal to right wing talking points many of which just devolve further into bullshit conspiracy theories involving deeply triggering and problematic Jews controlling the world importing migrants to exterminate white people especially when your right wing talking point produces a US vs THEM instead of a Worker vs Bourgeoisie. Basically falling for stupid spooky nationalism divide and conquer 101.
Because all workers collectively own the earth not just White workers own Europe so you should kick all the Black working class out because some spooky racist strasserist or social democrat believes in ancestral lands and the spiritual essence of a people and race.

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Fight for said cheap labour’s rights and bargaining power to eliminate the potential profit from such further imports?

Right, because denying people ownership of their own lands will NEVER, EVER lead to imperialism. The Golan Heights belongs to everybody, and Tibet belongs to everybody, and Native American lands belong to everybody, and Venezuelan oil belongs to everybody.

Everybody who works on it fam

Under a socialist world government. Yes
Under a socialist world government. Yes
Under a socialist world government. Yes
Under a socialist world government. Yes

If you'll rather a white social democrat over a Black comrade living in your mostly white nation only because he's Black or eats some different food you're a piece of sectarian racist shit who should go purge yourself.

You can do that while also opposing immigration, genius. Have you never heard of Cesar Chavez?

So if me and my crew go to the Golan Heights and we work in the oil fields, the oil is ours? BASED

Sure but only one solves the problem while the other (yours) only makes it less terrible (arguably)

You mean the guy who led the decline of the labour movement by failing to adapt to globalism? If anything you are proving my point. It is precisely that people like him failed because they fail to attack the true heart of the problem

You and everyone else that works on it, sure

Did somebodies posts get deleted? What was he saying?

Nowhere, this place doesn’t have an actual socialist party, it has plenty of liberal parties, it has prod parties, but it doesn’t have any socialist parties, and most of all it doesn’t have any parties that actually care about the Irish people, they pretend to care as they fuck over everyone, sell out the working class by bringing in cheap foreign labour to keep wages down, I’m convinced they don’t even know what socialism is anymore, they look at one of those retarded Americans with their dick cut off, and they think that must be socialism because the creature wears a hammer, and sickle shirt, I’m pretty sure yuri bezmenov called these people “useful idiots” they are just here to cause a collapse or shift in politics, but they aren’t to be kept around after the revolution, but unfortunately the Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore, and these spastics don’t actually know what they are aiming for.