Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

So obviously capitalism in general is the enemy but who are the most particularly abhorrent individuals among the elites in your opinion or the worst crimes/coverups/cults etc that they have participated in which personally unsettle and disturb you?

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didn't you make this same thread a while ago

Not OP, but this is new to me and I want to see this.
Some of the worst porkies I can think of are the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdock, and the Sacklers. I guess you can also throw in the Waltons and whoever is the current CEO of Coca Cola and Nestlé and such.

Don't know about you guys but I find the most abhorrent and horrible to be Bezos, Soros, the Rotschilds, and some more I guess. Musk too definitely.

Are the Rothschilds overrated for this sort of rating? What is some good evidence they belong up there with Bezos and Soros?

I agree Bezos is probably the worst out of all of them. Also all those oil tycoons in Oklahoma causing earthquakes and making the water flammable.

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What have the Rothschilds and Soros actually done that make then particularly bad? I get why they're shit in general but anything particular to them I've ever heard about them is just right wing conjecture

Well Soros literally funded anti-communist dissidents during the Cold War and helped speed up the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As for the Rothschilds they've probably done all sorts of shady shit as well but since no one ever reports on them can't give you any reports.

Well Soros literally funded anti-communist dissidents during the Cold War and helped speed up the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As for the Rothschilds they've probably done all sorts of shady shit as well but since no one ever reports on them can't give you any reports.

There's NXIVM, John of God, the Order of the Solar Temple that allegedly had some wealthy members, and of course there's the borderline open secret of the Anglos' ruling class being endemic pedophiles; there were accusation in Australia about of few members of their parliament having hired underage child prostitutes; there was that retired South African Sheriff who died of "suicide" while he was privately investigating an apartheid era pedophile ring that allegedly included prominent politicians and businessmen from that era, some of whom are still influential people in the country; and of course there's the Catholic Church and Hollywood that are infested with sex criminals of all stripes.

Just read about their history from the 18th century to the cold war, and the current business interests. Right wingers exaggerate their role, but they are absolutely count as part of the "overclass" of tip-top international porkies.

For example Jacob Rothschild, the top British Rothschild (the British and french branches of the family are the most influential) is on the advisory for Genie Energy alongside Dick Cheney, a former CIA director, a former US treasurer, a former secretary of energy Rubert Murdoch, among others. Just look at those names, it's parody.

Why the fuck are so many bug name porkies pedos

I've always felt that once you're living this constant lavish detached lifestyle that just a fine steak and fucking your wife in a high class hotel room are going to seem really basic real fast so they're always pursuing these insane highs that they feel they deserve to be able to participate in because of their elite status when in actuality they're not too different from some random edgy psychopath on the street except that the elites have friends to be evil with so its like a fun club for them.

Rothschilds supported Britain in WWI wanting a Zionist nation leading to the unpleasantness in the Middle East.

Well for one most of the victims are teenagers, who have always occupied a weird cultural place sexually speaking, which, biologically speaking doesn't constitute a pedophilic attraction. Like with the catholic church, while there was/is a large amount of abuse and an institutional cover up of it, the actual rates aren't actually elevated above the average, Porky is just able to use his wealth and connection to network with fellow sex criminals just like non-porky child abusers do, and cover it up more effectively. To say nothing of the role mutual blackmail plays a role. Further still, intelligence agencies network with organized crime that actually traffics child prostitutes in order to facilitate blackmail. I think people in general don't realize child sexual abuse is just substantially more common than people think it is.

Just like there is repressed faggots, there are repressed pedo who know their life would be fucked irreversibly if they indulged in their fetish. The common man just imagine his girlfriend is flatter and younger while fucking her and carry on with his life.
Pedophilia is more "openly" expressed amongst Porkies because power allow them to indulge in it with little consequences.

People who are famous for having capital, hmm. I don't really think much about c-celebs. The worst are those in real estate and in providing weapons for NATO. Among the rest, non-STEMlords are worse than STEMlords. That's my scientific badness ranking.

I'm not saying this isn't true but source? I've never heard of this and it sounds spooky

Most of the powerful families are jėws. But Bezos is still the worst.

I bet they engage in some culty shit, with rituals, orgies, animal blood sacrifices, the works. Not all of them, but the network is quite large. Jeffrey Epstein had a plane that took underage girls to the US for the rich and famous. Once you have that amount of money, watching Netflix or going on holiday doesn't do it for you because your whole life is a holiday.

What is your opinion on bohemian grove? I always thought the right wing perspective was stupid, and like many right wing interpretations of /x/ shit might even be disinfo, but theres definitely something happening there involving a lot of politicians and other elites.

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Individual members of the bourgeoisie, not "the elite" - a proto-fascist notion, are entirely irrelevant at best

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In 2012 we started Rich Kids of Instagram (#RKOI). It dropped like a bomb, melted the internet, launched a book , a BBC series and many Insta-careers for those we featured. Six years on and after a little trademark tussle with Facebook we have evolved from a hashtag to a brand.
i guess it shouldn't be like that but the success of these people irritates and depresses me tbh
same with all the bullshit Mr. Beast types on youtube who just flaunt that they spend hordes of money on shit with a modicum of sign value. the worst part about it is that it isn't useless


Let's invent our own bullshit thing.

right wingers are delusional oxymoron retards. they blame consumerism, late stage capitalism, "degeneracy", corporatism on leftism while still dick riding capitalism.
that's thee definition of reactionary, they acknowledge all the problems with capitalism but they would rather go through a mess of utopianism, fallacies, lies, contradiction, etc to fit the "traditional" values with their narrative than oppose the status quo.
and that's only speaking of the slightly "woke" right wingers, most of them either know nothing or believe in retarded rhetoric like "that's the price of freedom" or muh natural selection or muh nord aryans race is better.

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the clintons, unironically. so much blood, backroom deals and bribes. i honestly don't know why some rogue gunman with an axe to grind hasn't gotten them yet.

the more i see rich people the more i sympathize with stalin and start questioning the current state of morals and ethics. is that normal?

Pic related

Also there's plenty of confirmation on the porkies being pedos u stupid faggot

Forgot pic

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I don't think the rate is higher than in the general population. They are just more likely to have the means to fulfill their desires.

Honestly my take on secret societies and such is that the big bourgeoisie as a class do need good co-operation with eachother for the preservation of capitalism and debauchery becomes a supplement to forming class unity. Fraternities work in the same way and are bourgeois as shit too.

dude he literally has nothing better than the majority of people. i can tolerate it when i see a super attractive model that's rich or a skilled sports player that's rich, etc, but he has neither of those he was just born into a rich family

Zig Forums

Zig Forums

pro tip: Zig Forums hates the bushes and mccains and romneys too

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Only because they make fun of daddy Trump. They are all still retards.

Maybe, but a ton of people on Zig Forums hate trump for being a super zionist

It's really obvious that there's a deep state elite club with members occupying high levels in the democrat and republican parties who really run the show. Whether you believe it or not, Trump is the most likely candidate having never joined the ruling-class deep state club

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yeah because he was too busy mixing in with what I assume to be the corporate elite clubs of luxury real estate. so, you win some you lose some.

Lol are there still Zig Forumsyps who think Trump isn't "in the club"? He is the most pro Israel president ever, kicked all of the "economic nationalists" out of his cabinet and replaced them with neocons, and is on the lolita express flight logs right along with Clinton and Dershowitz lol

True he definitely rubbed elbows with the corporate elite. Although I guess he wasn't criminal enough to get the blessing from the Atlantic City casino mafia?

Yes he was on the lolita express. Funny how people bring that up a bunch as if he's big in the pedo world when he's really the one cracking down hardest on it

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I believe in Origin of the Family, Engels himself makes a comment on how the bourgeoisie relationship lends itself to adultery and moral decay.

The human trafficking arrests are a consequence of border policy, and include both trafficking for forced labor and sex-work trafficking. The vast majority of these arrests that do involve sex trafficking are not targeted towards high-level bourgeoisie pedo rings, but come about as arrests dealing with yearly trafficking as a whole occur. Those bourgeoisie who are engaging in such illegal activities have far more means of doing so then utilizing the trafficking that occurs yearly thorough the border and airports, and so far it seems unlikely that Trump will ever target these methods.

I'll take NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein, and the Catholic Church for $500, Alex

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Uh huh

I wonder how many people Epstein ratted out to get that plea deal

Daily reminder that there are people here right now who don’t want to exterminate the bourgeoisie and their families because of some liberal bullshit about “they can be reformed”. This thread is more proof of the revolutionary line that needs to be taken. They are products of their material conditions, shaped for a lifetime and the only cure is a bullet

woah so insightful dude, i had to look up a few of those big words

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t. four-eyes bourgeouis

Karl Marx
Capital Volume One
Preface to the First German Edition

I forgot to add the very public case in Italy with Berlusconi and a bunch of other politicians hired this one teenage prostitute, and the controversial Johnny Gosch Omaha Nebraska case. Also Epstein, though I highly doubt every notable person who knew him and visited his private island had sex with the girls he groomed.

I love how /pol tries to spin is a Democrat thing when, from the Johnny Gosch case, to the British government case, to the Apartheid government accusation the overwhelming majority of politicians and businessmen accused are right-wing.

It's an exclusive social club like others, basically an elite networking event with more alcohol and nudity, people focusing on it are wasting their time. All the sex crimes occur at private residences, Bohemian Grove is too public.

Go on and try to build communism with a nation full of counterrevolutionaries and tell me how that goes. Every time so far it has failed. If you don’t pull up the weeds by the roots they’ll grow back.

Revolutionary genocide soon

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Even if that wasn’t just a meme it truly reveals a lot about the Zig Forums radlib mentalty

The Detroux case is spooky af.

The case is sprawling but here's the best summary I can give in greentext

From there things get really fucking weird and all signs point to a massive bourgeoise cover-up

Theres tons of other shit but it all points to the abductions going higher than simple derangement on the part of one man. This is a good documentary about the case:

The Sacklers are among the worst, IMO.

Again, how many of the US's yearly prosecutions of sex trafficking are these? You just completely avoidied my point. Why isn't Trump pushing for more investigations into sex trafficking in bourgeoisie institutions?

Bohemian Grove doesn't need to be sinister, necessarily. Apparently there's lots of drinking, partying, drugs, sex and orgies. Maybe the owl sacrifice Alex Jones saw was a one-off play. Maybe they engage in some bullshit mystical shit because why the fuck not. Dunno if they actually believe in gods/demons/etc, probably not. I do believe that the rich and powerful do meet and coordinate, it only makes sense that capitalists get on the same page to defend their own class interests.

Another one is the Bilderberg Group:

–Karl Marx, Foreword to the first edition of Capital


what are porkies?

Just don't come for my Irish ass when shit hits the fan, I'm poor and on your side.

Again, you'd have us murder Marx and Engels for being "products of their material conditions, shaped for a lifetime"