Does anyone here know if the left has a problem with thots and grifters the way the right does? Just curious...

Does anyone here know if the left has a problem with thots and grifters the way the right does? Just curious. Hope you guys are doing better than us.

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I don't use a majority of social media sites, so I wouldn't know. My assumption is "no".

There's a ton of liberal #Resistance grifters but actual communist grifters? Can't think of any. Some DSA people qualify but they're libs too.

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There is breadtube whichis cesspit of grifters some of whom are female.

If a thot is someone who gets money just for being hot and posting pictures of herself, then yes that is bad. It's parasitic and it feeds into sexual dysfunction.

Barely. It's very lucrative to pose as a radical among liberals, like someone like Anita Sarkeesian does, but there's no money to be made grifting in the left.
This is because of a number of facts:
- The left already has plenty of women within it.
- Leftist men aren't obsessed with their own masculinity, nor desperate for some thot to confirm it.
- Leftist men are better integrated socially.
- Those who aren't can count on support from the leftist community. They aren't stigmatised for being "cringe", i.e. slightly socially awkward.
- Leftist men are more comfortable with their sexuality, have less repressed urges.
- Leftist men don't have beliefs that contradict their material interests. Since they aren't cucked in their belief system, they won't allow themselves to be cucked in their sexual endeavours.
- The left has less wealthy interests groups backing it. Most prominent right-wing pundits are funded by the Koch brothers or some similar people.
- In fact, any intelligent person on the right is either rich themselves, or directly paid by rich people to defend their interests;

The fact that the right has such an enormous problem with thots is very clearly indicative of its failure as an ideology.

It isn't. You just don't like them.

Thots are attracted to good looks, influence and money. Since the left wants to abolish the latter two, thots have no interest in us.

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Obviously that was a metaphor. They're better able to analyse themselves due to lack of spooks. You can never truly be "in touch" with your sexuality, or overcome "repressed urges."

It is. You just like them.

The first needs to go too.

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There are plenty of people out there who take advantage of people to try to gain social capital. It's not really a left/right thing it's more of drive for fame than anything

Contrapoints had absolutely no way of predicting how successful her channel would be.

There's nothing wrong with trying to gain social capital.

Well that kinda defines a lefty grifter tho, and the word is opportunist because grifter is too american.

They are petit-bourg ho receive that money. Workers created it.

Everyone is trying to gain social capital/street cred. It's when someone starts taking advantage of people is when it becomes problematic. The left should take advantage of situations not people.

Sure. That's how capitalism works. Although I struggle to see how the classical exploitative model works in a situation where works are voluntarily handing her money.
Either way it's better to have it in Contrapoints' hands than in those of another capitalist.

Precisely. I don't see this happening much on the left.

It is your own fault for watching fucking Twitch.

that is muh free market fucking helmet.

i don't give a shit about e-thots because I have a girlfriend and friends who I spend time with instead of giving a shit about your gay internet shit

I could care less what weebs such as yourself throw money at.

Kill yourself

liberal detected.

Great analysis Mr. Rothbard.That will szrely rid us of them. I suggest you take your own advice,

I've seen it happen. It doesn't happen often but when it does OHHHHH BOI that drama is going to destroy the group. It's a rare thing on the left since we have a better sense of solidarity. You think Dick Spencer is going to wait outside a jail all-night for some Neo-Nazi lackey? Fuck no. Don't think that the left is immune to drama/abuse bullshit though, that's toxic bro.

Watch out guys. We got a badass here

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what you fail to understand is that on the list of communist priorities getting rid of e thots is not on the list.


is irrelevant.

literally equals you are angry at yourself for being sucked in by e-thots. Nobody in the real world cares about e-thots, only people that buy into e-thots care about them.

This thread was started by somebody from the right, so telling them to kill themself is entierly justified regardless.

Seriosly even if you don't understand the details, just by looking t who produces the surplus and who gets it tells you who the exploiting class is. Capitalsism is just one specific and currently dominant way of how it happens.

I never watched thots or any of your shitty youtubers/streamers ameritard, but they are still a drain on poeple and resources that could and should be used better.

I don't care for e-thots, we dudes can livestream ourselves playing video games and we can still make money, don't even have to be attractive, hell you can even be super racist if you want.
Back to thots tho sex work is real work in my opinion though it definitely varies of what type of work it is (cam-girling/prostitution/etc.). Labor is labor.

Also why would you give random people on the internet money nigga like haha there's pornhub and youtube bruh lmao

Reddit spacing: The highest form of faggotry

I'm not american you fucking burger. A drain on fucking who? How is it any more of a drain than cigarettes or something but oh no e-thots are what reaaaally gets your goat.

Wonder if you have a healthy relationship with women.















I'm sexually abstinent, haha. No sex, no problem.

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I don't have a problem with thots. It's their enablers that I want to gas.

we have Jimmy Dore.