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For all the newfriends, this is an ANTI IDPOL board.

“This priesthood of bad conscience, this nest of pious guilt-mongers, is exactly what Nietzsche predicted when he said that something worse than Christianity was already on the way. Now, here it is … ” – Mark Fisher, Exiting the Vampire Castle

Exit the vampire castle, user. EXIT IT.

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Its not really any more though. It's just r/socialism where you can use slurs.


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Hasta la vista sionista

What is your personal definition of "feminism"? It often differs from person to to person, from intersectional brain rot, to recognizing how both masculinity/ "femininity" are spooks.

The board is now run based on BO's arbitrary preferences and they will come up with some mental gymastics to include whatever you banned.

I am a feminist, but banning discussion in that area is dumb fuck.

the people doing the banning straight do not understand why this board was good in first place, they think it is because le correct theorists all gathered in one place for extremely euphoric discussion. Turns out everyone that thinks this is an illiterate retard and the BO even said he learned most of his shit from twitter.

in fact it was a good place to shitpost and also maybe discuss some leftist stuff.

Mods should get the wall for what they did to this place. Would not be surprised if inflitrated by intelligence services tbqh absolute wreckers

im pretty sure that it just reactionary mumbo jumbo but the old BO certainly lost the plot at one point, right around the rojava purges and all the good posters got banned or left due to it, i would say then the influence of idpol grew because the good posters were the ones who stuck around and grew with the board, leaving it to be reddit refugees.

(and new BO is apparently carrying on this legacy)

Newfags gtfo.

why ? do you really think reasoned Marxist feminism can fix misandrist mainstream feminism ?
Go have a look how online discourse develops, after a while the class aspect gets dropped, and it devolves into reactionary screeching. It's quite obvious that this is the wrong frame of reference if class contradictions are on the back foot.
We have to invent a new discourse where misogyny and misandry alike are negated, we should in the spirit of equality equate misogyny and misandry, and attribute it the same low rank in cultural hierarchies.


Okay I don't know if it occurs to you folks but there is a whole lot of definition-fucking going on here and it needs to be cleared up:


Kinda really on the fence about nazbol. I don't think you can have a serious understanding of what it means to be properly class conscious and anticapitalist if you're going to cling to a very reactionary set of beliefs "in addition to" them.

nazbol is a meme and not even a good one, it's invoked like a chaos god when people want to be edgy, but it evaporates when serious discussion of points occurs

fucking liberal, dont diss mark fisher like that

Yes, I suppose you can only be a "real" communist if you hold arch-reactionary beliefs like feminism and LGBT..

Find me a successful revolutionary Marxist who was not also a feminist


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nothing in that screencap is wrong

Well how do you intent to fix this:

I'm not anti identity politics, I'm anti identity politics being weaponised to promote individualistic agenda.

Also the Vampire's Castle doesn't just refer to idpol extremists, but all types who try to bully fellow leftists.

agreed 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸fellow leftist🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Identity politics are inherently individualist

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They can be. But what about the collective identities which are the result of biological features, are an actual material reality and effect peoples and institutions actual behavioural choices towards you, the fact that there are people and institutions who discriminate over various features means those people share a collective experience and therefore it builds into their identity, whether that is right or wrong, the fact is it does exist.

It is not enough to say they are simply individualist, very often identity struggles come in the form of collective struggles, the civil rights and feminist movements for example. There is a reason these come attached to left wing movements, often.

The point is, the class struggle is a collective identity every worker experiences, regardless of any other collective experience, the experience of class is the most present and most universal


Just because Hilary Clinton said it doesn't mean its wrong. The Flint water crises does have a racial component to it.

Peak idealism.

What a load of crap, your water supply has to deliver clean water regardless of racism. "We can't have clean water until we end racism" is peak neo-liberalism

are you denying racism exists in the here and now? are you denying that many comrades are racists and it will get in the way of praxis? how can you not critique racism as idealism itself that needs to be combated with theory?
the water isnt clean because of racism and it aint like a guy saying nigger racism its an institution that has reality, history, weight to it

Okay, source?

This isn't something anyone is saying, jesus

I'm saying that the drinking water can't have lead in it, period, no excuses, no exceptions. I'm getting a undertone from this as if racism were a apology for not having certainty of clean drinking water. Because this is the meaning of Clintons tweat. She means it as excuse for letting existential infrastructure rot. Learn to decode neoliberals, they are trying to normalize 3rd world conditions.

I'm not even accepting that "race" is real, it has 200 years of scientific refutations. Race is an old term meaning subspecies in current scientific jargon. To me people using the term race is the biology version of saying the sun revolves around the earth. To me this appears like an attempt at clerical domination, why do people keep trying to drill race nonsense into my head.

I get that there is discrimination of certain groups, that is ongoing for historic periods of time, but I'm never going to accept the use of categories and frame of references invented by 17 century slave merchants to serve slave-merchant interests, for theory.

As for praxis dead slavers from a bygone era won't be allowed words to hunt the living and discrimination will be combated via statistical analysis on the basis of empirical evidence. The dynamic of in-group out-group subjugation is a ridiculously trivial pattern to detect a squeeze out of a system.

Nazbols get memier by the day


Fuck off to Zig Forums, mutts