Their heads didn't explode

Why does Zig Forums think every single white shooter is a false flag?

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It wasn't a false flag. Just a guy who saw a problem and took direct action. Nothing wrong with that. And he killed 50 people in minutes. Pretty impressive

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Muslims have No place in European countries.
Here's the full video in case anyone needs some motivation

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Mods get here now, reeeeeee

Muslims don't like the taste of their own medicine apparently. I hate all religions but Muslims are the absolute worse and they deserved what Tarrant did to them and they deserve every future attack on them.

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Why don't you do the same then? Serious question. You must just be a coward.

They wouldn't be muslims in europe if the capitalist US wouldn't feel the need to fuck every country for oil tbh.

Libya was more France than US but yeah, blowback's a bitch.

I respect any man who can kill over 50 of his enemies in mere minutes. It shows what white men are capable of when they get fed up.

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Yea. And unfortunately it's only gonna cost the lives of more innocent Muslims as more people Start to rise up. The government started and supported those wars. You can't expect innocent civilians to sit back and suffer the consequences without doing something about it.

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He killed 50 defenceless people while armed to the teeth. What a badass.

If shooting innocent people in a mosque is something that is considered "brave", then my god are you people pathethic. He didn't even face anything serious. From my knowledge he simply went to jail for a lifetime.

Zig Forums consensus amongst the loudest is that it wasn't a false flag. That's been my observation.
I think Qresearch thinks it's a false flag.
The biggest questions aren't listed. It's the disappearing shells and odd behavior of the shootees. That and there appeared to be what looked like a training session that a Muslim recorded at a different Mosque.
Also the guy was Australian and carried it out in New Zealand.
Australian already had what looks highly suspect, like a false flag shooting in Tasmania I believe, which impacted gun laws there.

He killed 50 terrorist invaders. Dude is a badass. He's got my respect. I hope he inspires more. Muslims are scum.

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The ruling class probably does too.

But he hasn't inspired you, I take it? You're happy to cheer others on but too much of a pussy to take part yourself?

Incels BTFO

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🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Hi, JIDF🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

HAHA BASED POL :laughing crying emoji:

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What a fucking Chad. A man who takes action is so hot.

Some Helter Skelter shit going on there bud

Remember lads. Subscribe to Pewdiepie. I can't wait to see more Muslim scum get the same treatment. Time to taste your own medicine you goat fuckers. Tarrant is a fucking badass hero

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Stop deflecting you little cunt. What is your actual excuse for not doing what he did, if you think it was such a good thing?

I don't think it was a good thing.

I think it served the globalist elite.


The superior white man kills 50 terrorists in mere minutes and gives Muslims everywhere nightmares for the rest of their lives

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Can't tell if you're baiting or not but sure I'll bait. I don't know if you realize this but shortly after the attack most if not all posts (in 8pol btw) saying it was a false-flag were anchored or deleted.

And the site and video were banned in NZ.

*knock knock*

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cmon guys why do you take the bait every time it comes dangling down


He was literally trained by pro-zionist Ukrainian fascists though and visited Israel months before the attack. That's indisputable.

So what I take from this is that this guy is more of Hitlerist than a true white nationalist huh?

Why bother labeling?
Can you only think in such terms?

We are being raided owo

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So epic

Damn. This is why I don't mess with white people. I'd rather have white friends than enemies. When these guys get mad the go all out and kill mass amounts of people in minutes. At least this board is mostly white people that's why I like it so much.

I'm not white, do you like me? I'm not black either if that helps, I'm more of a mixture between amerindian and european I suppose.

I Have No reason not to like you. I just find it funny that this board is whiter than Zig Forums yet nobody here ever threatens me or calls me a nigger.

Thanks mate really appreciate it

love you too user

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This cowardous piece of shit ran AWAY from a guy chasing him, because some random muslim picked up one his (sadly unloaded) shotguns. When he saw that he might actually have some competition he RAN LIKE A BITCH.

Literally, search this up if you don't believe me. He was clad in bullet proof armor with a semi-automatic rifle, and some armorless guy with a (pump-action) shotgun is a threat to him.

What the funny thing is, even after the muslim realized the shotgun had no bullets, he still freaking chased the supreme-faggot tarrant screaming something along the lines of "come here, let me beat the shit out of you" and he fled in pure terror LMAO.

You are FAGGOT. KILL yourself. Seeing people like you die is golden.

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