The only people who think che guevara was a bloodthirsty bad guy or reactionary are people who have literally never...

the only people who think che guevara was a bloodthirsty bad guy or reactionary are people who have literally never read him.
“Every day People straighten up the hair, why not the heart?”
― che guevara

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And look where that got Che – nowhere. Follow the revolutionary line of Pol Pot and Mao if you want to accomplish something, lib. He wasn’t bloody enough. Revolution isn’t a dinner party. Pol Pot was throwing niggers in the rice paddies for fertilizer while radlibs were worshipping fucking Che their commodified print t-shirt

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The model for the most successful communist revolution in world history – Kampuchea’s, that is, was fully modeled after the Maoist prototype (Cultural Revolution, SUPER Great Leap Forward, people’s communes, etc), used Maoist slogans and had thousands of Chinese technicians assisting the Angkar. And what were the results of this Maoist line taken to their logical conclusions? – Full communism, the end of classes and exploitation, the abolition of money and markets and distribution according to the principles laid down by Marx in the Gotha Kritik.

motherfucker please, the Angkar's agrarian reforms were incredibly reactionary and basically destroyed any hope of Kampuchea developing their productive forces anywhere past the fucking Bronze Age.
Pol Pot's ideology is so anti-Marxist it's like Bizarro Marxism. Inverse Marxism. Full reversion to agriculture, empty factories, national-chauvinism abound.

I see you are still struggling with anti-communist lies. The Angkar was forced to empty the overpopulated cities out to be able provision the population and remove the reactionaries of Lon Nol from the cities where they could foment trouble. This policy was immensely successful. The urban parasites at last began to build the new Kampuchea through their own labor. 97% of Kampucheans worked in collective farms in a truly classless society, raising rice production nationwide threefold. Your “muh Bronze Age” meme is easily refuted with reference to sources compiled by anti-communists themselves such as 'Pol Pot Plans the Future' translated and edited by David P. Chandler, Ben Kiernan and Chanthou Boua, which is full of documentation on plans for building light industry.
Fuck off cultist. Pol Pot actually achieved what Marx wrote about unlike your individualist state-capitalist monstrosities that failed and reverted back to free-market capitalism in almost every single case.

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Epic cringe dude, epic cringe

I am neurotypical, unfortunately for you
Epic word-salad, comrade. Your big-brained urbanite words are meaningless and have led to no transitions to communism. On April 17th 1975 Pol Pot and the Angkar led the people of Kampuchea into a radiant new era of full communism and prosperity. No other “communist” state has achieved such success. This is why they are so attacked and slandered by the bourgeoisie and liberals worldwide. They built socialism alone with no outside help, no tools, with their own hands and the work of Comrade Water Buffalo.

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But what if we combine Pol Pot's agrarianism and Stalin's industrialism?

Hitler eco-fascism?

Don't forget losing to Vietnam and being banished from Cambodia like fucking bitches.

The Vietnamese installed a puppet government which restored capitalism. They then proceeded to decorate the country with atrocity propaganda like “muh S-21” Nice to see a “leftist” board cheering this on.

ah yes i remember that famous passage from Gotha Kritik where he says

defending a cia scrub
>low tier

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yes and remember no wearing glasses

It gets tiring, but I am imbued with a revolutionary spirit which compels me to spread the truth here and elsewhere day in, day out. This board will be saved from its anti-communism

no proof. Even if there was proof it would be worth siding with the CIA if the occupiers were driven out of Kampuchea

Literal urbanite propaganda

angry stalin is pointing to proofs you mong

I'm sorry, mate, but the fact of the matter is that you can't claim the victory of higher-stage communism after having turned the entire economy agrarian, at least not without throwing Marx in the incinerator. The leading revolutionary class is the INDUSTRIAL PROLETARIAT, and capitalism must reach AT LEAST partial industrialization before a proletarian-socialist revolution is possible, you fucking revisionist.

It’s anti-communist shit that’s spammed every time and falls for the genocide meme, not worth my time

And where did that got Pol Pot - in the pockets of CIA.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting my fasprim fren.

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Marx is not a god. Pol Pot on the other hand achieved a classless, moneyless communism society without exploitation and with distribution according to need.
The leading revolutionary class is the INDUSTRIAL PROLETARIAT, and capitalism must reach AT LEAST partial industrialization before a proletarian-socialist revolution is possible, you fucking revisionist.

zero proof
I do this shit here everyday. I am 100% sincere

Zig Forums pot’s reforms destroyed any hope of food sustainability in Kampuchea causing major uprising in the “new people” i.e. urbanite cooperatives and hilarious starvation.

The real reason pot and his supporters began spreading anti-Vietnamese propaganda and trying to invade is not because they’re racist or some gay shit like that. It’s because the entire fasprim model (like the retard Nutsacks before them) was inherently unsustainable without having an outside enemy to extend imperialism to and would have collapsed upon itself even without Vietnamese help.

Most Vietnamese villages the DK attacked were robbed of their grains and agricultural equipments because by this point DK was on the verge of a major famine with even the upper cliques and army facing food shortages. And hilariously enough, Pot and friends only started their purge of urbanites when the rice production dramatically fell to below the pre-DK average blaming them for the drop off because they were some how “Khmer bodies” with “Vietnamese souls” (I.e. muh Jewish Bolshevism!!!). They even had a gayer version of Lebensraunm called Angkor Krom for fuck sake. And the anti-glasses meme? Glasses are Vietnamese!!!

Even more importantly, Pol Pot himself never learned a word of Marxist theory in his fucking life (because French utopian socialism is somehow more important apparently) since at the time most Marxist works weren’t translated into Khmer and most real Kampuchean communists only got their theories from Vietnamese translations which were immediately banned when Pot got into power.

In short, the DK government were nothing other than a bootleg Chinese version of Nazi Germany.

Prove it

Sounds hot af, Pol Pot really did see the future coming.

Mods? can we just funnel every single autistic Pol Pot supporter into a Cambodia general thread, or ban them outright? Its odd how, without even trying, they are far better at derailing and fucking up every thread they touch than any stormfag.


seconded. Let's go full Viet Cong on the motherfucker.

Agree. But I don't think that Zig Forums is place where you should defend Che's legacy.


My dedication to the Pol Pot-ist line can only be proven through how much I post here.

I messed up greentext

Actually, I’ve read that people’s shit was used by the Angkar for much-needed fertilizer. It would not have gone to waste. As concerns Pol Pot, most people didn’t even know who he was until after the end of the regime due to the secrecy of the upper circles of government. Khieu Samphan I think it was explained once the importance of the government appearing monolithic and mysterious in the war against imperialism.


Pol Pot poster is just Ted Kaczynski who got permission from the prison guard to shitpost.

God how I wish that was true.

Pol Pot was just a CIA puppet not to mention he wiped out 1/3 of Cambodia's population, made living conditions shitty, and killed smart people, Vietnamese, and people with glasses. Pol Pot was just a retard who happened to be a communist

citation needed.

This line is so fucking memeable holy shit

No, that’s going backwards silly


Show you are the real deal by posting without glasses.