Let's create a thread where we describe our ideal socialist state...

Let's create a thread where we describe our ideal socialist state. What would you like to see in a post-revolution world?

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That aside, my utopia would be work no longer as a necessity but as a way to build human character, and a restructuring or reestablishing of the social human bonds that are nonexistent because of alienation.

Anyways I always thought of communism like we all be living in some megastructures surrounded by green wilderness. Necessary workday would be one hour and rest of it would be spent on whatever you want.

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Flat is justice

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a machine that takes me back to my own time so i can tell everyone how we did it

>the peoples stick to beat all these chavs into behaving less like human cancers so that I can walk around at night without fear if being robbed or beaten up

How do I into economics? Why can't things just be?

The current capitalist system encourages over-supply of goods, but is also wasteful in the extreme. By eliminating planned obsolesence (a feature of the profit motive inherent in capitalism), the production of the 150 gorillion useless gimmicks and consumer products (for example the useless plastic crap you see advertised on instagram all the time) and rationalizing distribution methods, we wouldn't have to produce nearly as much as we do today. We could work a lot less than we do today for the same material living conditions as we enjoy today, at least in theory.
Are there any good counterarguments to this assertion? Genuinely curious.

Yeah, yeah, I have read the book too. We were talking about your utopia.
How can things be cheap if people work 10 hours a week? Are they paid dirt wages? Then even cheap isn't enough for them.
Healty food, for instance, demand a lot of work and sometime the cops is lost.
We can buy that when we are upper middle class living in the city and the farmer is a redneck white trash living in a trailer, but wen we are all equal, and if we work 10 hours a week, it will be hard to just produce enough food for everyone.


Assuming this is simply post-revolution, the "ideal" socialist society should be one built on necessity and tooled towards further technological and industrial development. It is impossible for a socialist society to be in fufillment of what we make imagine to be "truely ideal" because it is not for us a permanent state of affairs but a means to improve conditions until communism is viable. Conceptualizing an "ideal" socialist society is only setting one's self-up for disappointment as certain expectations are not met, and misses the point of a socialist state being a developing tool. I think as socialists we should be more "constructively cynical" in our views of socialist development and society.

auotmation. we don't have to worry about full automation collapsing the economy unlike capitalists

Not really, as capitalism also creates a vast number of bullshit jobs that only make 'sense' within a capitalist framework. Eliminating the production of useless consumer articles that are designed to break and that nobody pays attention to for more than two years before the next gimmick appears will free a ton of labour for more socially necessary labour, spreading the required labour over more workers and thus reducing everyone's required labour time.
Imagine that you have a house, where you're living with three other persons. If you have to do all the necessary chores because the three others are busy with blogging, checking the stock markets or coming up with a good advertisement script, of course you will have to work longer hours to get the chores done. If the three others were assigned a chore each however, the time you'd have to spend on doing chores would be reduced by 75%.

And yeah, as the other guy said, automation. Development of automation is today contingent on wage-levels, where automating production doesn't necessarily make sense if you can just hire a bunch of cheap workers. I'd expect automation to increase under a socialist society, as the process of automating production wouldn't be dependent on the profit incentive.

basically this except with work completely abolished, and labour being free from alienation, plus free movement of people with no border controls, stading army abolished, instead a system of militias not connected to nations being implemented, universal joined economic planning instead of economic planing at the national level, police abolished, massive immigration from and to everywhere preventing the formation of nationalism ever, basically everything associated with the modern nation state being gone

Working class supremacy, national chauvinism
Focus on sport and healthy human bodies.
Rejection of post modern architecture
Meat based diets
Revitalization of Old Growth forests
Destruction of the modern city in favor of small scale village communes
Authoritarian super state to remove ills of the working class, (prostitution, drug use, sexual deviancy)
National Church, esoteric Marxism. Lenin and Stalin are two essenses of the Godhead Engles, Marx is a prophet Trotsky is Satan

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this has to be possible first
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A place where people don't fucking die in the streets.

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this has to be possible first

this would be terrible.


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If we reached a level of development where work would be completely abolished, then there would much les movement than now even without restriction because getting a job is the main reason immigrate in the first place.

Could also break up work with education. Would make working life actually bearable. I could see myself enjoying spending my life learning, teaching, and working instead of just working.

Socialism will be global, and ideally the World Socialist Republic will be super-centralized. Their would be a parliament, sure. However after they pass a bill it has to be approved by the people via direct e-referndum. Also is a petition reaches a certain number of signatures it goes directly to a referendum, without any parliamentary action required. Also their would be asteroid mining and space colonization and shit.