News 6/17/19

Netanyahu opens Trump Heights – a non-existent settlement in illegally-occupied Golan
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu took his friendship with Donald Trump to a new level by inaugurating Trump Heights in the Golan.“It is a historic day,” said Israel’s prime minister, positioned next to US ambassador David Friedman.

Venezuela Reveals Evidence of Widespread Juan Guaido-led Corruption, Misuse of 'Aid' Funds
Jorge Rodríguez revealed documents, Whatsapp screenshots and photos backing his government's assertions that Juan Guaido and his allies are profiting from the political and economic standoff.

Tear gas in Toulouse as Yellow Vests protests continue for 31st straight weekend
Police in Toulouse, France, deployed tear gas and charged demonstrators, as Yellow Vests protesters took to the streets for the 31st consecutive weekend. It comes as the Elysee Palace pushes for a controversial reform package.

Kurds say White Helmets not welcome to help fight fires in northeast Syria
“They have a very negative reputation among Kurds. This is especially due to the fact [that] White Helmets entered Afrin region after Turkey took over the area on 18 March [2018]. Their presence in Afrin totally damaged their reputation.”

Germany's Far-Right Party Defeated In Closely Watched Mayoral Election
The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has lost its first mayoral contest, handing embattled Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) a solid victory.

Spain’s Supreme Court endorses 1936 fascist coup
The Supreme Court handed down an injunction halting the acting Socialist Party (PSOE) government’s plans to remove Franco’s remains from a state-run mountaintop monument, the “Valley of the Fallen.”It argued that removing Franco’s remains to a less prominent location would be “extraordinarily harmful” not only to the general’s family but to the “public interest.”

Power mostly restored after massive blackout in Argentina, but questions remain
Power returned to much of Argentina and two neighbouring countries following a massive blackout that left tens of millions in the dark on Sunday, but Argentine President Mauricio Macri said the cause of the “unprecedented” outage was still unclear.

2 of Europe's biggest militaries just signed up to produce their own fighter jet, as they try to reduce their dependence on the US
France, Germany and Spain agreed Monday to develop a European fighter jet and air combat system, as they bolster efforts to reduce their dependency on the US.

Iran says it dismantled a U.S. cyber espionage network
Iran said on Monday it had exposed a large cyber espionage network it alleged was run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and that several U.S. spies had been arrested in different countries as the result of this action.

Environmental Crimes Cost Russia $187M in 2018 – Prosecutors
Violations of Russia’s environmental protection laws cost the country more than $187 million in 2018, a reduction from previous years, officials from the Prosecutor General's Office said on Monday.

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Pompeo tries rallying foreign leaders in alleged oil attacks
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is reaching out to wary foreign leaders to frame alleged Iranian attacks in a Middle East oil shipping route as a problem for the world at large, especially for Asian countries vitally dependent on that oil.

Supreme Court allows Flint resident to sue officials involved in water crisis
Lawsuits against a group of officials from the city of Flint in Michigan officials, which was hit by a water crisis in 2014, will move forward after the US Supreme Court denied a request from their attorneys to put them on hold as they pursued an appeal.

Gunman, killed after opening fire in Dallas courtroom, earlier posed on Facebook in plate armor with rifle and anime waifu pillow
22-year-old Brian Isaack Clyde reportedly opened fire in Dallas's federal courthouse today and was killed by cops shortly thereafter. Gone are the good times, when he posed with his rifle in medieval armor, his anime waifu bodypillow nestled in one arm, on his meme-strewn Facebook.

Trump suggested his supporters want him to serve more than 2 terms as president, which would violate the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution
President Donald Trump seemed to be at odds with the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution in a series of tweets on Sunday that questioned presidential term limits and suggested his supporters "would demand that I stay longer" than 2024, which is when he would leave office if he won the 2020 presidential election.

Teen Vogue blasted for ‘promoting sex work’ as ‘real work’ to young girls
Teen Vogue is facing backlash for “promoting prostitution” after publishing an article which advertises sex work as “real work” to its audience, which is made up mostly of girls between the ages of 12 and 18.

Fed under pressure to indicate cut in interest rates
The decision of the US Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) on monetary policy, to be announced after a two-day meeting on Wednesday, will come under close scrutiny from financial markets, which are demanding continued action to maintain Wall Street’s surge.

This chart shows just how much Facebook, Google, and Amazon dominate the digital economy
Google, Facebook, and Amazon are among the most valuable tech companies in the world. And as shown in this chart, based on data from eMarketer, the three companies utterly dominate certain segments of the online economy in the US.


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top fucking lel

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What a fucking lad

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Waifu a shit though

Cuba’s generosity after Chernobyl
Millions have watched Chernobyl, the TV series about the 1986 nuclear meltdown, and your coverage has been extensive (Report, 13 June). But an important related story has not had a mention at this time of renewed interest. Following the catastrophe, the tiny island of Cuba stepped forward and cared for over 20,000 young cancer victims from 1989 to 2011, – medical care, schooling, clothing, food, accommodation, playgrounds – all free of charge. A specialised medical facility was opened to the east of Havana, and Cuban doctors travelled to the affected region to treat patients in their homeland.No other country in the world launched such a massive programme. The Cubans responded – as “an ethical and moral”, not a political question, as it was put at the time, and the programme continued despite changing governments in the Ukraine.

Only Jeremy Corbyn Can Stop Farage
The unending impasse over Brexit has thrown Britain’s Conservative Party as well as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party into turmoil. Both have suffered declines in the polls, and the far right led by Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party is taking full advantage, leading it to victory in the European elections and to the top of opinion polls.Corbyn’s program of redistribution, reversing privatization, boosting public education, and improving public services remains wildly popular. And for a while, promoting this class-based platform against the backdrop of Theresa May’s disastrous handling of Brexit negotiations was a boon for Labour. But the European elections, and the impending possibility of a no-deal Brexit, has put the European Union at the center of British politics. This throws up challenges for a Labour Party whose base is still divided between Leave and Remain. Here, Jacobin contributor Ashley Smith speaks to Salvage editor Richard Seymour about this volatile situation, how the far right stands to benefit from the breakdown of the Tories, and what the Left can do about it.

Remember the Vincennes? The US’s Long History of Provoking Iran
Remember the Vincennes?That’s the name of the U.S. Navy warship that shot down an Iranian airliner with missiles in 1988, killing all 290 people aboard that airplane.That shootdown, where 60 children perished, was an accident, according to the U.S. Navy’s official report. However, many, including military personnel, considered that report a whitewash.That U.S. military attack on a civilian airliner occurred during a time when the administration of then U.S. President Ronald Reagan was all but openly supporting Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who had launched a war of aggression against Iran – the nation now in the crosshairs of the President Donald Trump Administration.The Vincennes incident is instructive as the Trump Administration is seemingly searching for a ripe moment to launch a war against Iran, an action long sought by right-wing forces in the United States along with U.S. Middle East allies Israel and Saudi Arabia.

This Week in Fascism #14: The Alt-Right Will Never Be Anti-Capitalist
Welcome, fellow anti-fascists! This week, we’ve got an explainer on how the Alt-Right will never be anti-capitalist, Proud Boys getting milkshaked at New Orleans Pride, a longtime Houston white nationalist organizer exposed, and how you can help get a Proud Boy fired. Without further ado, let’s begin!

socialists and communists need to bring up Cuba's massive health initiatives more often. It just objectively shows that Cuba is the closest thing the world stage has to a "good guy".

I'm more angry that Merkel won again than happy over the fact that AFD lost.

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Why did he do what he did

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Just as shit as their waifu

Someone has read Nick Land

Was an anti-government libertarian reactionary who was probably becoming a fascist anymore. You can tell he was disillusioned with his life and the status quo so he thought he could resolve it with nihilistic violence. Truly a memelord who will only be remembered for getting pwned by state. The quintessential ANCAP terrorist. Wonder if the right is gonna claim false flag on this one?

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Glad he was killed tbh. Imagine not even getting a single kill though. That's the real kicker.

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He can't keep getting away with this!!!

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The JPost article in the tanker thread quotes Trump's supposed reluctance to give Pompeo full reign over the issue as though the guy is a mad dog.

Germany still expects Iran to honor the enrichment agreement and Iran's refusal to back down, shit's so fucked.

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honestly he does look a bit like him in that balaclava

thanks news user

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Anyone know his incentive yet? Was he a Trump Q-user fag or just retarded?

Clyde Cash

MFW what the hell

We bring it up constantly. You can find dozens of extensive articles on how Cuban healthcare is phenomenal.

Probably both.

And this is what happens when you celebrate lumpenhood.

Just merge them already.

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why is this board so fucking stupid

honestly I find it fucking baffling that Franco's family is legally allowed to exist