How do we stop the radlibs?

Marxism is a child of the Enlightenment, yet more and more I see tolerance, support or even adoption of hokey superstitions like astrology, fetishization of the past (bonus woke points if you’re fetishizing a pre-colonial non-white society), woke Volkisch, alternative medicine and spiritualism crap, so on and so forth. This is supposed to be a scientific movement for the liberation of the masses, not a hangout for fringe weirdos and literally any asshat dissolutions with the status quo for literally any reason, at least so long as they’re not *white male* reactionaries. If the radlibs just stayed in their corner, we could just ignore them, but more and more so they claim to be socialists, communists and even Marxists. What do we do?

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Explain them everything.

If you wanted to respond to my religious schizopost in /leftytrash/ you could've done that. No need for a new thread that distracts from previously-existing threads. I like spirituality, but i don't see any reason why it takes priority over achieving Socialism. Whoever you're talking to needs a healthy dose of reality. You could probably tell them to stop being spooked Stirner-style or something.

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Its simple. We kill idpol and hoard the grain from kulaks.

This so much. The esoteric bullshit is the worst kind of reactionary shit that could possibly infest our movement.

Cmon now.

Being a Human Sacrificing Communist sounds awesome.

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We can have one Porky survive and breed him and have a yearly sacrifice of Porkies.


I mean like, have them have a business. Like a ceremony of what was the past.

From my experience though, the right wing is generally far more into astrology, spiritual healing etc. than the left.

It’s shitty optics.

according to evangelical americans, yes. Why should I shatter their worldview or belief system?

fuck optics

And fuck your ritualism.

Radlibs/trots/other garbage fringe currents aren't even considered communists in places where traditional communist parties exist. In Greece, these people don't dare call themselves communists, they just use the generic "leftist" which tbh has meant nothing since the 2nd international. The problem isn't petty-bourg "leftists", it's the lack of solid M-L organizations in first-world countries (esp in the US). At least in Europe, KKE is trying to organize and help communist parties in Sweden/Italy/Spain. The US is a fucking nightmare though, american/french postmodernism has become indistinguishable to Marxism to these people, to the point that they don't see the difference between Bernie and socialism. They call Bernie a socialist and would gladly applaud imperialist intervention in the DPRK because it's "totalitarian". Honestly, US "communists" are nothing better than hardline republicans at the end of the day as far as the global proletariat is concerned, with their support of US imperialism and fucked up postmodern ideology

Doesn't KKE work with CPUSA through the IMCWP?

Most of the intellectual key to breaking down radlibs can actually be found by actually reading the literature.

bell hooks for example, if you actually read her books, you'll see that she is not a radlib at all.


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i dont know but we need to they are making me go fucking insane. and the worst part about discussing this here is that it brings reactionaries out of the woodwork. we need some way to condemn identity politics that explicitly refers to prioritizing class solidarity and also recognizes adjacent gender/race/national struggles as legitemate struggles but derived from the basic class antagonism. we dont need these fucking idiots saying to ban rap music or being gay we just need to escape this awful awful paradigm where the most absurd identitarian provocations are algorithm-catupulted into the top priorities of the left via our only real viable existing infrastructure which is social media (any IRL organizing is still mediated thru social media whether it's twitter or whatsapp, and ppeople are coming to meetings with politics and attitudes at least mediated by and often wholly formed by interaction on the internet

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how many leavals of retardation are you on?

Yeah, CPUSA.

You're clearly the one who needs to read a book, if you think that ML parties are legitimate anywhere in the world

λ ο λ
I've voted for the KKE too many times but you tankies need to get serious at some point.

The radlib meme is coming to an end. Neolibs will corral them.

Completely agree. These intersectionalist that believe that we can't focus on class simply because it won't destroy insitutional racism is wrong. This whole, "we gotta juggle 50 some struggles at once and be a jumbled mess that could only at best hold political rallies" is cancer. This shit will be so much easier once we have control of the state or built a large state apparatus to enforce anti-racism and form anti-racist cops that arn't made to fucking shoot anything that moves. "But oh no, we can't build dual power like that without planting 500 million trees and paying reparations to Native americans by leaving America and giving it all back and become slaves to blacks duvalier style while giving ship loads of flatbread to Mexicans and … first! Abolishing class won't abolish my myriade of other oppressions that totally doesn't stem from that one issue, no sir-ee."
Fuck noncompete and fuck batko. These people distract you from the main cause and are the ones Marx kicked out from the international because they are useful instruments to the bourgeois by fracturing the left into doing inconsequential bullcrap. The are radlibs and you should identify them and educate them or kick them out.

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For some reason CPUSA has this apparently bad reputation or are just called police informants or whatever if you talk to leftists in the U.S. but everything I've seen from them seems like straightforward ML stuff so I don't see what the problem is. Or they are accused of endorsing Hillary (which they didn't do beyond repeating an 80-year-old Popular Front line which Trots hate).

Right Wing: evil people are controlling the world
Liberal: nah silly, checks and balances
Left Wing: people are controlling the world because of the structures of power than enable them to do so.“Horseshoe-Theory”-Is-Horse-Manure-The-Canyon-Of-Difference-Between-Right-Left-Conceptions-Of-The-Elite

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The CPUSA prefers to organize trannies then organize workers. However he SEP does organize workers,which is what makes them the Vanguard Party in America.

CPUSA is actually pretty involved in the American labor movement. I haven’t heard of SEP labor organizing.

The SEP is explicitly against labor organizing because they think all unions are bad except ones they directly control (which is zero) aye lmaooo

And the SEP supremo North's printing shop isn't unionized.

CPUSA let's you choose bomber Hillary under a "popular front" against ebil DRUMPHS fascism.

And you would suggest… the United Front? Goofy.

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Mabey in the thirties

Trotsky doesn’t believe any of this.

I'm not the user you were talking to beforeAnarchists had gulags in Catalonia, I believe vanguards are natural, as seen by "anti-authoritarian's" gulags/structures being used to help the revolution. Sorry for ranting about my beliefs that wouldn't be out of place in the IWW, I guess

"Trotsky doesn’t believe any of this!"
(he says while causing a split in every U.S party)

Have you read People’s World, their news website? They report on labor activity all the time. In fact, much more so than most lefty organizations I know, including AFL-CIO meetings.

I've been looking around for an ML party to join and honestly leaning toward CPUSA over PSL. I met some of them at a thing and got some lit and it's all really good stuff. But PSL is good too :-)

Also it's the 100th anniversary of the CPUSA. Happy birthday, comrades!

Sorry sweetie, y'all brocialist are canceled.

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Good luck with your "revolution" trying to cater to every single identity imaginable while the state sends the thousandth rwds since you didn't dispose of it yet because intersectionalism.

Is this guy a Kultural Marksist? I'm completely serious with this question.
What does even "social capital" mean?

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It means you use your friends to make money.

Can you elaborate on the Hillary endorsement debacle? It's at least defensible to tell people to vote for the lesser evil in the general, but I don't remember that's what the CPUSA did. Instead, I remember that they actually endorsed Hillary against Bernie. Which is completely inexcusable.

Is that genuinely what he says? Sounds like he hasn't read anything by Marx.

how does one combat an idpol irl?

No such thing as "cultural Marxism". Definitely a soy boy though.

I'm not a member can't really, but I've heard all these attacks on the CPUSA that they "endorsed" Hillary which, as far as I've been able to tell, is a complete fabrication. There were some statements from John Bachtell, the party's general secretary, that were old popfront stuff about why the workers should unite to defeat Trump and the far right that I think started all of this – but in an article from the (terrible) US News and World Report which had a headline of "Communist Party Leader Voted for Sanders, Will Back Clinton"

Anyways, if anyone can point to where the CPUSA "endorsed" Hillary, I'd like to see it. Because I haven't seen it. What I've actually seen from the CPUSA has been pretty solid and generally falls in line with what I believe, which is probably why I will sign up with them soon. PSL is good too though.

Most idpol operates by self-referencing
For example it is common for identitarians to begin a sentence with

"As a liberal-sex-identity" , "As a national identity" , "As a religious-identy", "As tribal-group-member-based-on-skin-tone", ….

This is a variation of the appeal to authority fallacy. Self-identifying as member of a certain group does not automatically give you expert knowledge, you could reference authoritatively.

You can appeal to an authority when said authority has demonstrated knowledge based on empirical evidence and scientific rigueur. The scientific process has been very successful at finding operative truths, and hence , there has formed a societal convention to prioritise the scientific objective discourse, over the subjective discourse. Idpol, is part of a backlash against this, it's an infantile linguistic masturbation to bully people into accepting subjective views even against empirical evidence. Basically they analysed how language is used by scientists to convey their knowledge authoritatively, and use it as a rhetorical trick to make it harder for you to disagree with them. in addition to this it allows them to misconstrue disagreement as personal attacks. Appearing like a Victim while bullying.

Rule1. never uses the words they made up, instead use objective descriptive ones, for example like i did above with "liberal-sex-identity"

Rule2. If somebody self-references, ignore the topic and repeat back at them their behaviour in form of a question, For example "Why did you reference your sexuality, religious believes, nationality, skin tone,… "

Another aspect that needs to be brought up is the formation of cultural hierarchies, where intersectionality means a competition for cultural rank. It's the left-wing of the neo-liberal clergy, that builds theocratic power that is subserviant to large corporations and finance.
The mission-statement of intersectionality is excluding class from political discourse in favor of particularism and class-collaborationist oppression-identities. Consider that sex-identites, tribal-group-membership-based-on-skin-tone, religious identity,…, can be shared by the capitalist class, and hence allows for divide and conquer of the working class.

Rule3. Always make a class analysis, ask what class the person making intersectional noises belong to, for example they might belong the labour aristocracy (or aspiring to, like students), focus on the class contradictions, like for example the compromising aspects of private money sources for funding research.

Rule4. Stear every conversation towards class contradictions, and material conditions.

Rule5. Accusations of oppression function as mode for establishing rank. Note that identitarians usually are liberals or conservatives that either hate poor people or are indifferent towards poor people, you should use this and lable them as oppressor.

There is the corrosive discourse, consider that people will attempt to cause you somatic stress, by suggesting you need to agree to them or be ostracised from the community.

Rule6. find out the psychological weaknesses of the inquisition, and bully back as hard as you can, no mercy.
Equate all identitarians as the same. Somebody screaming zishatwytemail = sombody screaming about nuggers (u->i). Accusations of brocoly-ism = labeling women as fem-droids. Accusations of trance-fobia = medieval church excommunications based on heresy…. Pay attention to arguments tend to become circular, for ingroup outgroup exculsion-apologism, point that out.

Lastly if you are in an organisation you should conspire to keep indentitarians from positions of power. The people focused on idpol tend to be self-absorbed, and can wreck your organisation not only by turning it into an idpol cess pool, but also will likely sacrifice your organisation and it's goals for personal gains.

Rule7. observe people, quantify how much of their political energy is focused on economics vs idpol, prioritise those that prioritise economics.

If you are being pressured to self-identify as a member of a particularist group, you are being asked to submit.

Rule8 Never self-identify, if it cannot be helped, you should identify as homo-sapiens-sapiens or as universal human being. You can accuse people of Species-ism or attempting to dehumanise you, if they continue to bug you after that.

Radlibs have a mental blindspot, that is their arrogant default assumption about being the most intelligent person in the room. So if you do not want to antagonize them, hand out intelligence-flattery-cookies when ever they agree with you, and respond with pity them when they disagree with you. This doesn't work with conservatives, and capitalists have figured this out aeons ago, so don't be the rooky that challenges the master.

I don't browse here much anymore but just these past few months I've seen more moralfaggotry than in the past few years of browsing.

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Why would you want to join the FBI?

If you want to pay 1,000 dollar due then sure, join.

Not being ML™

cringe incarnate